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Albergue Inturjoven Sevilla

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Comentarios de los Visitantes de Hostelz.com
4  I stayed at spring 2005. A good stay. Balconies in rooms, especially, are a great "plus," a nice place to meet people. I can remember I met people from Australia, Brazil, other parts of Spain. I would certainly stay again.  ()
4  This was my first trip to the beautiful city of Seville and to this youth hostel. I had a double room with a bathroom and balcony for myself. The breakfast was enough and the taste was ok for a youth hostel and for the price. The personnel at the reception were nice when you were nice to them, too. Some didn't speak English, but it doesn't matter, if you could speak a little Spanish, so you have to learn a little. It's also not very far from the city center (you can walk there in about 20 minutes) but you can take the bus, which comes very frequently (about every 10 minutes). You can get a ticket for ten trips at a press stand for 5 euros; a single trip costs only 1 euro. If I stay in Seville again I will stay at this youth hostel.  ()
4  I've stayed here twice, and really don't know what the fuss is about. Okay, it's not a "party" hostel, and it's out of the city center, BUT the rooms are fantastic. Both times I've stayed I've been in a double room with en suite with my girlfriend. It isn't that far out of town, maybe a 20-minute walk, but it really is a lovely walk. It's not hard to find if you have a map and any sense of direction. The second time I went to Seville I had to stay in a pension the first night, right in the middle of town and it was rubbish. The second night we went straight out to this hostel and it was much, much better. I would stay here every time I went to Seville.  ()
2  The food is crap!!! And when we say crap we mean crap. Our bathroom was flooded two times from a hole, which was in ceiling of the bathroom. And the staff are not so friendly. It's not so far away from different bars and a supermarket is at hand.  ()
1  I traveled all around Europe and this was the worst place I stayed at. The staff are rude and unhelpful — they can speak English but won't. It is boring, quiet, inconveniently located and hard to find.  ()
2  This place is clean and sterile, like a college dorm. It's not so good for meeting people or truly experiencing Sevilla. But if you just need one good night's sleep, this place is comfortable. Then go to the Santa Cruz area.  ()
1  This was the worst place I have ever been to! I've been travelling around Spain and Portugal for the last month, and I was so disappointed with this place. Check out is too early at 10 a.m. The place stinks outside of poo. Our juice at breakfast was sour, and the staff are just so rude. It seems like it would be a perfect place for a school tour or a hospital, but it's not what backpackers are looking for. And no alcohol is allowed!!! In a hostel, that's just weird!! I'm not recommending this place to anyone!!!  ()
2  The rooms in the hostel were fine, but the location isn't great. It's exactly like a hospital, and we found the staff rude and ignorant. There was no kitchen either, and a ban on alcohol. Surely cooking your own meals and meeting other people over a few drinks is the point of hostelling! I would not recommend this place at all.  ()

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