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Hostelz.com's Review
The Panda Hostel is located in the seedy part of Vienna, near the strip joints, and about 25 minutes walk from town, or 15 minutes on the metro located 5 minutes away. There is a tram outside the door of the hostel to the major train stations. It is in a block of apartments, on the 3rd floor above some shops.

The hostel has two dorm rooms, one with 3 level bunk beds, the other smaller. It also has a loft to squeeze extra guests in, which you use a ladder to get to. There is only one shower and only one toilet for all the guests to share. The kitchen is small, as is the communal area. There are TVs in each room.

Linen is provided, there are large lockers for bags. There is a strictly enforced lockout period during the day from 10am to 2pm for cleaning. You will be woken up and thrown out during this time (also not easy to use the single shower or toilet around this time). There are laundry, internet and supermarkets across the road from the hostel. They don't accept credit cards.

Staying at the Panda Hostel is more like staying over at a relatives than a hostel. This is largely because it is tiny, only has about 15 guests and is basically unsupervised. There is a secretary there from 8am to 5pm, after that you pick up the keys from the bar across the road, and pay the secretary in the morning. Owners can be contacted via mobile only after hours. There are several threatening messages on the walls about drinking after hours and guest having to pay large fines if the neighbours call the police. Overall it is clean and tidy, but doesn't have a lot of character.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
July 2004
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   This is not a hostel! Don't be fooled, this isn't really a hostel. It's a two room appartment converted into a twenty-some-bed hostel. Beds in every possible corner, it is quite ridiculous. Anyone scared of heights will surely not want to be sleeping on the third level of the homemade bunk beds, nor climb the tiny ladders to get on the home-made love nests in the kitchen and in the rooms. The one toilet, for more than twenty people is the most inconvenient thing ever! Quite frankly, you will feel cramped for your entire stay, there is no room. And getting ready in the morning for the lockout is quite a difficult task with only two showers. Stay elsewhere!  , Canada ()
1   Horrid Beware! This hostel was the worst experience of many in various countries and circumstances. I am not bragging, I am warning. Not only was the hostel unhelpful, uncomfortable, dirty, and had ridiculous rules (you're not allowed to be in the place from 10 a.m. -- yes, a.m. -- until the afternoon. They claim that they clean during this, but I think that the woman who runs the hostel just smokes cigarettes and thinks of new passive-aggressive notes to post to people staying in the hostel.) But the worst part was that after I paid her for our stay in cash, she repeatedly charged my bank card -- which I used to pay the advance deposit -- for the amount. Luckily I had a receipt, but I had to cancel my card while I was still traveling which was very inconvenient. She tried to charge my card four times and was blocked. It ended up costing me almost $100 in bank costs. Horrible with an even worst aftertaste. Avoid, avoid, avoid at all cost.  , usa ()
1  Very very poor. Never ever! Too many people for too little rooms. Only curtain between room and shower, so no private atmosphere if you have a shower. It smells bad. They makes only easy money.  ()
4  I shared an apartment with two others; i did not stay in a dorm. The person who checked us in was a very (!!!) enthusiastic person who told us all the interesting sights of Vienna and how to get there. I never had an better introduction of a city than here. And I have been around. The apartment and the dorms are in the city centre and about fifteen minutes walking from the Ring in Vienna; i guess it was one bus stop. There are two apartments behind one house door. You have to share the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet with the persons in the other apartment. The apartment was clean and everything we needed was there -- good beds, a table to play card on, a table to have breakfast on, and a fridge for the cold drinks.  ()
3  We stayed here two nights in June 2005 and had twin private rooms with a common bathroom. We were located next to some apartment complex known as Alessa. Very clean, decent-sized rooms. Advertising this hostel with phrase "centrally located" must be some kind of Austrian inside joke. Yes, there is tram stop and even a Metro station near by, but it doesn't make this place "centrally located." There was also a note on the door that after 9 p.m. they required guests to "tiptoe and whisper."  ()
1  We don't recommend this hostel for the following 10 good reasons: 1. There's only one toilet and bathroom for up to 22 guests (and the place is often full). 2. It has very unfriendly and rude hosts. 3. The hosts are only there during the morning time (which is good considering point 2). 4. You have to get out of the hostel between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. (no hope of taking a shower after that). 5. Small and uncomfortable beds; ten of them in a small ugly dorm. 6. There are threatening messages all around the place ("don't do this, don't touch that..."). 7. Variable prices (we paid 15 euros for the 10-bed dorm). 8. It's not so cheap, knowing that other hostels charge 16 euros for a dorm with eight beds with an attached bathroom. 9. The location is not so convenient. 10. There are strange smells all over the place (from the hosts' coffee and cigarettes in the morning).  ()
2  We spent three nights in Vienna mid-2003. This place is just too noisy! (Street noise.) Your money is better spent on a dorm bed.  ()
3  The kitchen is only a microwave.  ()

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