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Tiare Village

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Unfriendly, suspicious owner, and overpriced! Stayed here for two nights. For some reason it's the only bad experience I've had in the Cook Islands. Dirty floors and carpets, chickens everywhere, a flee's paradise. Adrienne, the owner, is indeed quite rude and suspicious towards the guests. Bikes are hazardous and should not be rented out in the condition they're in.  , age 29, Swedish ()
1   Owner's Daughter a THIEF! DO NOT STAY HERE! I roomed with the owner's daughter for 3 nights before I realized that she had violated my personal space and belongings by rooting through every nook and cranny to steal all my emergency money I had on hand. When I reported the theft to the police they informed me that she is known for this type of behavior and had been reprimanded in the past. I thought of all people to feel safest with it would have been a family member representing a safe environment. Instead I was taken for $300 cash. Expensive lesson to learn but I wanted to warn other unsuspecting travelers. There are many other hostel options on Rarotonga. Stay elsewhere! OH! and they have like 10 roosters that crow at every hour of the day. NOT QUIET!
Response from the accommodation: Kia Orana I do not and will not tolerate “theft” period! It was me whom advised you to go to the police. An interview was held and nothing came from their investigation and your views unfounded. As you well know there were 2 girls sharing your dorm during your stay and you befriended both. If there was proof without a doubt I would certainly have sort for an arrest irrelevant the relationship. When a review of this manner is placed on line it is with the intent to cause damage for the hurt this caused you. This I understand. But to defaime my daughter without proof is slander. Tiare Village is important to me. Safety and security as commonsense prevails is the responsibility of mine to advise and my guest to take up the advice/recommendation. I am sure after 3 years since this happened you have become more mindful of the unfortunate pitfuls. Although this was a one-off situation in the 10 years I have managed the Village I am vigilant of security surrounding my guests even to the point of been told to stop nagging. Tiare Village has a good reputation which I work very hard at. Posted reviews whether positive or negative is good. The negative is also welcome as I prefer to view this as a need to revisit / upgrade or maintain aspects of the business for the betterment of future guests. I hope probable travelers keep reading the following reviews posted. Kia Manuia..  , USA ()
5   Nice quiet and clean The place was tidy and clean, amazing gardens, was cool to be able go pick bananas from the yard around the chalet. Pool was mint and the location is really close to town. Would recommend this place for sure!  , New Zealand ()
4  Stayed for two nights and really recommend anyone to stay. The lady running the hostel is friendly and helpful. Everything you need is available and we found it to be clean.  ()
5  The friendliest and best hostel in Rarotonga! I checked out three others but none matched the freedom and friendliness at Tiare Village. Very clean, walking distance to town, and you can rent a scooter and snorkeling gear from there. The fruit trees provided an excellent breakfast every morning. I highly recommend this place!  ()
5  I stayed here back in July 2000 for three months and loved it so much that I am planning to go back in a year's time. I just hope Lily and Poco are still there, as they are the most helpful staff you could ever meet. Thanks for everything and see you soon.  ()
5  These guys were great. They provided excellent, friendly service. The rates are reasonable and the place was spotless. All in all, it was a great place to stay, especially with the luxury of a pool.  ()
4  These guys looked after me when another hostel messed up my booking and left me (a lone female) stranded at the airport with no bed at 1 a.m. The staff here were very friendly; they even helped with getting a scooter. I found the hostel cosy and clean, and I would recommend it.  ()

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