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I lived there for eighteen months and love the place. The lagoons in Muri and Titikaveka are a little polluted but are still by far the most beautiful place on the island. I would recommend staying there above anywhere else. The snorkeling and swimming around that area is fine. There are particular species of fish you can't eat, just check with the locals first. I love Rarotonga -- I am very well traveled and would have to say it is my favourite place on Earth.
Rarotonga … Vistors should avoid the beaches around Muri and Titikaveka as they are badly polluted.
Rarotonga … I absolutely loved it! It's the most lovely place and very romantic too. It's also very relaxing -- the perfect holiday!
Rarotonga … Heaven on earth! There are great people!
Rarotonga … Idyllic dream world, beaches, lagoons, reefs, seafood galore, friendliness -- what could be more fantastic? What a lie. Dead coral litters the beach, causes what locals call coral rash (and if not cleansed properly, it needs antibiotics). We should have gotten the hint when we didn't see locals fishing, diving, or swimming.
Rarotonga … The lagoon is so polluted, no one fishes there and if you eat fish from the lagoon you will be very sick. The rubbish tip is dumping leachate into ten streams and before too long the whole place will be too polluted to live there. It's a crying shame. What you see is not what you get. The tourism is fine, but the recycling is a joke and the pollution at every level is scary.

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