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Like many of the other Italian Hostelling International hostels, location of this hostel is not good. From the train station to the hostel you need to ride two different subways. And it's not close to any of the major attractions in the city. The nearby neighborhood features a supermarket, a McDonald's and a pizzeria - and that's all.

That being said, the hostel is mostly clean. The bathrooms leave a little to be desired, but they aren't terrible. The dorms rooms are pretty sparse - nothing more than the beds in there. But they do provide you with some very large lockers for free.

There is a snack bar in the hostel with some reasonably priced items, including microwave dinners, to go along with the ice cream and beer they sell. Breakfast is better than most, as they actually have some cereal to go along with you rolls and jam/nutella.

This hostel has a reputation for very unfriendly staff, but the owners say that changes have been made more recently and there does seem to be an improvement.
by Dave Friedman
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
September 2004


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Ostello AIG Piero Rotta" at Via Salmoiraghi, ang. Via Calliano.)


Via Salmoiraghi, ang. Via Calliano, Milan, Lombardy, Italy
45.483966, 9.140518
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milano@aighostels.it, luciachessa@ostellionline.org, milano@ostellionline.org
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Dangerous to stay for a girl
The location is fine. I personally dislike their toilet. They said the toilet is newly renovated but it is so dirty and smelly. It is so noisy at night as well. There are people who knocked the door and laughed loudly in the corridor in the middle of the night as if no one was sleeping at night. It is so dangerous to stay there if you are traveling alone and if you are a GIRL!! I saw a guy entered the female's toilet as if that is normal. And one guy purposely touched my body when I passed by. It was the worst day for me for the whole trip to Italy when staying in this hostel.
Age 22, United Kingdom
Old style hostel with renovations
in july 2012 there are some renovation works to prepare the hostel for the 2015 international fair. It's a building of 1951 and rooms and services are the same in the 60 years of its life. In the basement there is the laundry and the dining room, in which is served the breakfast buffet between 7,30-9,45. In the ground floor the reception, some computers and the common room with TV and free wifi service. Dorm rooms are very poor and WC and showers are of the 50s. Rooms in front of viale salmoiraghi are very noisy for the traffic.
Bad location, good hostel
I really liked this hostel. The location sucks, as has been noted, so if you're into nightlife, it's not the place for you, but I found the rooms very spacious, the beds comfy, the bathrooms clean and modern, and the breakfast ample for a hostel. Only complaints are the loud slamming of lockers at all hours of the night.
Warning: Dangerous for your health
We arrived in the evening. Baby-doll prostitutes lined the streets, and pimps and drug dealers hung out on hostel property right by the front door. Although we'd prepaid for the hostel, after examining the room, we decided not to stay. As we were leaving, a prostitute brought a customer into the building. We never felt safe -- in fact, we didn't even wait for a bus or the subway, but caught the first cab back into the city.
Basic and cheap
I've stayed here three times. Never seen any bedbugs. You get two keys -- one for the door of the room and one for your locker (you also get a lock). They're pretty close to a metro station and there's a supermarket and a cheap (but small) internet place nearby. You can get in during the night, there's no curfew. What I don't like about this hostel is the toilets and the staff. But it's a cheap place to stay.
Do not stay here.
I unfortunately did not listen to the advice of my guidebook when they said not to stay here unless you have to. This is in a very bad neighborhood not near to anything you wan to see in Milan. There are hookers lining the streets at night and walking alone was not a pleasant experience as you have men yelling things at you from their cars as they drive by. You'd be better off sleeping on a bench in the train station.
  This multistory 1960s hostel has never been renovated, and is full of students on bus tours. It is big, loud, dirty, and the women's toilets were practically unusable (standing only). I was there in the weekend, where the halls were filled with loud drunk and sick drunk people. There were only cold showers at any time of the day, and no electrical outlets in the rooms. Location was ok, just a few minutes away from a subway. Street was lined with prostitutes at night.
(US, living in Netherlands)
  excellent Hostel I have ever stayed. very convenient for airplane travelers as QT8 station is on the line of cadrona, starting point of Malpensa express. good breakfast, individual keys, luggage store, nice two bedsheets, and a blanket. I wanted to see the bedbugs but could not find them. stayed there twice and will definitely stay again.

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