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Hostel Sweet Hostel is a relatively basic hostel -- it's not a bad place to stay, but don’t hold high hopes for fancy rooms or big parties.

The Location

Puerto Iguazu is not a large town, and has multiple hostels within throwing distance of each either. Hostel Sweet Hostel is located just one block from the bus terminal, and around the corner from the Brazilian Consulate, for those needing to apply for a visa. Slightly off the main drag, it’s about a block walk to restaurants, ATM, internet café, and supermarket.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The main dorm room seems overcrowded, with little space between bunks. Rooms are not dirty, but also are not regularly cleaned (excluding bed linen). There are no lockers or cupboards, and the door to the main dorm at the front of the hostel does not close properly. The dorm room would benefit from more power points, with just three or four to a twelve-person dorm. The working air conditioner is a welcome addition in the hot and humid weather of Puerto Iguazu. The bathroom inside the dorm room looks old and rundown, but the shower consistently provides heat and pressure, and is relatively clean. There’s an additional bathroom (toilet/shower) next to the kitchen, bar, and pool, but it’s a little far from the rooms, especially the big dorm room.

Common Spaces

Communal areas include a decent-sized swimming pool and a bar (no outside alcohol allowed). There’s a pool table, but as it's located in reception rather than near the bar, it sees little use. The kitchen is small, and whilst lacking a few things, is practical for a night or two. We found that during the off season, this hostel lacks atmosphere -- whilst there are people (everyone from backpackers to older couples to families), most keep to themselves.

The included breakfast is substantial, with some variety (no medialunas) and no limitations. It's only on from 7 to 9 a.m.; this may seem a little early, but it is ideal timing for anyone heading to the falls, which means most guests. The hostel does not have computers for internet access, however there is functional Wi-Fi. In rooms, we found limited connections -- it was possible to connect, but with a weak signal that occasionally drops out. Closer to reception, the connection is excellent.


For the price, we would expect a little more from this hostel (keep in mind rooms are significantly cheaper if booked online). Staff speak English as well as Spanish.

by Meg
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
May 2013

10 Bed DormView from the Street10 Bed Dorm
10 Bed DormDorm BathroomPool
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1   Mildew in the dorm Don't go there, the walls of the dorm are full with mildew, in the bathroom the same! The dorm is to small for 6 bunk beds, you can't turn around without adjoin something and you can't leave your stuff somewhere because there are no lockers or place to put your backpack! I turned on my heels and went to another hostel.  , Germany ()

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