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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Chengdu Sam's Hostel & Guesthouse" at 130 Shanxijie Street.)


130 Shanxijie Street, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
30.654545, 104.061443
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Excellent value for money -- gives all you need, and more than some.
Almost every time I have had to stay in Chengdu, accommodation was booked for me @ Sam's Guest House. I have stayed in at least 5 different rooms there on different occasions. The linen on the beds was clean and a duvet provided. Could have done with an extra pillow, but that's me. Towel, soap, shampoo and even toothbrush provided as well as WiFi, Cable TV and Aircon (that has heating mode for Winter). Its the little extras, like a power strip that takes a variety of plugs (including UK3 pin 13A type). The Mozzy killer pad & heater. The large insulated jug of hot water and English Instructions on how to use the Cable TV and the Aircon, as well as Password for the WiFi. Ok so the bathroom is well not luxurious and the plumbing would not win any prizes for neat aesthetic installation. It also takes time for the water to get hot (Tip: run the sink Tap, at the same time as the bath/shower (seems the flow rate is increased which triggers remote gas heater to work better or something?). Sam's Cafe is also not always open, especially late in the evening. But there is local restaurant across the road that is. The location is very handy also. I wanted to use Skype on the PC in Sam's Tours Reception. They said it was not working. Being an Engineer, I took a quick look at it and from the BIOS Beeps, seemed like a RAM problem. Asked for a tissue, removed the RAM Module, wiped the edge connectors, blew dust from the socket using a plastic straw, reinserted carefully, switched on and it booted up ok. The staff there were grateful, and I was pleased to help as I wanted to call my wife in the Philippines, having already checked out of my room. Finally, one actually Registers in the Hotel next door, who don't speak good English. Sam's Guest House staff (who speak English) show you where to go, and take care of it, and even then show you how to find the room. There is RMB100 refundable Deposit, that Sam's Gust House give you back, on returning the Room Card.
Age 57, UK
  Sam's guesthouse -- if you are ever in Chengdu then this is the place to stay. The rooms are big, clean, and airy and they are situated around a beautiful little garden courtyard with an abundance of trees and water. Suffice to say it was a great suprise to see such a thing in the middle of the city, also a great reason to stay here. But above all, the best thing about the hostel is the staff. They are kind and friendly and make you feel at home. They will help you with anything you need, and what's more, as they are all young people, you can have a great time chatting with them.
Tom Saunders
  I am really happy to spend many times in this nice hotel and also I like the people here, because they are very kind.
Colosio Maria
  very clean and and well situated place, although in the city centre a quiet atmosphere.
  Nice setting but beware, they do not always honor your reservation.
  I have stayed now at Holly's and Sam's many times now and for sure the rooms are a bit older (this is China where maintenance is not a high priority) and could do with a refurbish but the bedding is always clean and the service/friendliness rates 4 star to me. If they can they will do the world for you. Here's a tip for free: if you arrive with an arrogant Western demanding attitude (that's anywhere in China), then you will find yourself not getting a lot of help. Be friendly, explain carefully and WITHOUT EMOTION any problems you have and you will find they take you very seriously and will help to their best ability. I see too many backpackers thinking they are still in a service-orientated western country. China isn't like this so treat them like your equal friends and not your servants if you want a good time here.
Mark from OZ living in China
  Sam's Guesthouse is not very clean. I stayed at three hostels in China, and this one was just as bad as Feng Long in Beijing. No elevator, mold in the room, flying bugs, and I am not sure if the sheets were changed, because there was still hair on them. The location is good but I can't say much for its cleanliness.

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