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This cosy hostel is more like a do-it-yourself efficiency than a barren hostel student setting. People come from all areas across the globe as well as all ages. There is a large common area, bar area, and many tables for you to sit at after you make your own dinner or fix a snack in the nearby kitchen. There is even food that other fellow hostelers leave for you to munch on if you are really scrounging for money.

The common areas are fairly clean as you have to clean up after yourself. Some do, and some of course leave it like their mother is going to clean up after they leave, but altogether, the hostel is pretty clean and orderly.

For breakfast, you get a wholesome meal -- well, compared to what Europeaners eat for breakfast. There is bread and crackers with marmalade, cavair paste, cheese, meat, vegetables, and of course butter and eggs. Additionally, you have a few varieties of yogurt and cereal and certainly coffee and tea. Breakfast is served from 8-10 AM, although if you would need it earlier, the staff are very flexable as well as friendly and helpful.

The rooms are either doubles, tripples, or eight bed dorms. They are clean and the beds are larger than any single, however not the luxury of a double. There are lockers in the rooms for you to lock your valuables in for a price. Bring bed sheets as they are expensive to rent. Internet is available as well in the large main reception area.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
November 2004
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4   Comfy place to stay in the middle of the city Pro -- Located right in the middle of the city. Very strategic place, with a subway station just down the street and within walking distance to the central station and other touristic places in the city. For this price, they also serve you breakfast. While it is not a 5-star-hotel type of breakfast, the modest breakfast is still enough to fill you until your next meal. Cons -- Shared bathroom. And since the name is shared, you cannot expect much about the toilet and shower rooms. The shower rooms are quite nice and clean, but the same can't be said about the toilet. Like others have mentioned, the place lack of ventilation is suffocating. Overall -- Considering the price and the location, I guess the place is not really a bad place to stay. But if you are a neat freak, you probably can't stand being in this place.  , age 25, Malaysian ()
1  My advice to you -- do not stay in the forty-bed summer annex. I have stayed in places with really large dorm rooms before, but they didn't seem so big and bothersome. Here it was forty old squeaky beds, so when one person rolled over, the bed would shake and everyone would wake up because it was so loud. That's if you could get to sleep with all the snoring and bright fluoro lights being left on. When we stayed there were two power plugs in the whole room working for forty people! You are not allowed to use the kitchen, although we were allowed to sit in the common room. Luckily, you can still get breakfast as this is the only decent thing about our stay there. The men's showers were prison style, although the women's did offer slightly more privacy. We left Stockholm early because we couldn't wait to leave this hostel. Luckily they were happy to refund our money.  ()
2  Stayed there for three nights. Well, I'm not some kind of weirdo, travel a lot, and seen a lot of hostels. Nothing cheap in Scandinavia so when I saw the price – breakfast included, consider it as a bargain, but it isn't, it's a hatch. That is why I consider that you have to keep this hostel as your last option. Pay more and get to a real hostel! The hostel is situated in the basement of a building. There are no windows and ventilation is rather insufficient, it is based to machine. I stayed in eight-person dorm and the room was really small for such a lot of people. Lockers available are average (need a pad) -- can put a small backpack probably. Funny thing, in my room there were six lockers for eight persons! Facilities are insufficient. Small kitchen also hosts the washing machine(!) and military type of showers (all together!) and few bathrooms. Community room practically connected with the dorm rooms, so you cannot do much because after 11 p.m. -- you have to close everything, turn off lights, and stop speaking. Breakfast included in prize (rare in Scandinavia) and is sufficient, but don't know if this plus can cover all the disadvantages. If you choose bed in the large dormitory (forty persons) or in the summer annex (I dont know if this two are the same) you cannot use the kitchen(!) and you are not allowed to sit in the community room(!) and you are allowed to use showers in specific hours! Add to that that is situated to another building. Locationwise, it is near to the center, but you need to walk a bit to get in Old Town. Near to the hostel you can find supermarkets and fast-foods twenty-four/seven.  ()
4  It is definitely a good place to stay for young people some days. There are no windows so do not expect anything beautiful. But at this price I was really impressed of the nice and friendly staff and a very rich breakfast. You enter and feel at home (they describe themselves as a "cosy place" and it is no lie). For me it is worth four stars!  ()
5  I stayed at this hostel last summer, but I expect that not much has changed. Having stayed in many hostels in my life I can honestly say this is one of the best. It was clean (including the bathrooms), the breakfast was great and I have never met so many other travelers as I did there. It's in a great location where you can walk to the center in 20 minutes, saving yourself the Metro ticket price. There is a supermarket around the corner and a kitchen that you can use if you stay in the main building. To those who are offered a stay in the Annex (where I did not stay, but visited) — be prepared. The price is rock bottom but if you are not prepared to share a room with 50 other people and the hostel is full, you'd better go to a different one, because you will hate it and then post a bad review for a great hostel. A couple more things: —The staff, especially Nick, come with their own special sense of humor, but if you let yourself enjoy it, you will really enjoy it. —Bring earplugs even if you stay in the main building. The walls are thin and you will be thankful you have them.  ()
4  I like the room where I stayed. It was clean and cozy. The staff were friendly and conversed in good English (a very important concern for non-Swedish backpackers). The buffet breakfast was great (the Swedish bread in particular). I will be back next summer.  ()
5  The location is perfect and the staff were quite friendly and helpful. I will definitely stay here again!  ()
5  This is the nicest hostel I have ever stayed in. SO CLEAN, and the free breakfast is amazing! Muesli, juice, yogurt, eggs, three kinds of bread...the list goes on. This place rocks, and the showers are not even gross! Friendly staff as well.  ()

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