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3 Ducks Hostel is perfect for the sociable traveler who wants to make friends and party with interesting people.

The Location

This hostel is located about fifteen minutes from the Eiffel Tower on foot. There are several taxis available in the area but they tend to be expensive. The metro station is also located about two blocks from the hostel, which allows for easy access to the rest of Paris. There is no space for parking except along the street. This neighborhood has a variety of restaurants and grocery stores to shop at within walking distance as well.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are no private rooms available at this hostel but there are a lot of four-, six-, and eight-person dormitories. The rooms are very small and the beds are extremely uncomfortable. The rooms have a sink, table, beds, and chairs. All bathrooms are located in the open courtyard on the ground floor of the hostel. The hostel does not provide towels or soap but they do have blankets that you can rent. The hostel is two floors so may of the rooms are located on the second floor.

We found the bathroom situation very inconvenient. The bathrooms that are available on the bottom floor are tiny and not very clean. They face the courtyard, which also means there will most likely be people sitting around outside of your shower.

Common Spaces

The common area of the hostel looks normal during the day, lots of travelers talking or eating outside. It is very brightly colored and there are a lot of tables. It is located in the center of the hostel and it is open-air. At night, the reception area of the hostel is actually a bar that is open until 2 a.m. This allows for a very fun and inviting nightlife scene where many people get together and dance and drink in the bar and in the courtyard. We found that this hostel had the most unique and laid back nightlife around. There is a kitchen area that provides all necessary appliances but no towels or soaps. There is also a storage area to leave your bags if you check in early, which is good because check-in is 4 p.m.


In summary, 3 Ducks Hostel is a great place if you are interested in meeting new people and having a good time. We would not recommend this hostel for anyone who has to be up early in the morning because the party seems to last all night.
by Victoria Pfordresher
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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6 Place Étienne Pernet, 15è - Montparnasse/Eiffel Tower Area, Paris, Île-de-France, France
48.843496, 2.292443 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+33 (0)1 48 42 04 05
+33 (0)1 48 42 99 99
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

Great stay
The hostel atmosphere makes it really easy to meet people and make friends. Great location and a 20 minute walk away from the Eiffel Tower. Staff is very helpful as well. Overall, I'll recommend it to anybody visiting paris. There's also a nice bar at the bottom.
Age 24, USA
Great place!
The hostel is very orgenized and clean. The staff is very helpful, the bar is cool to hang at and the area is safe and nice. Highly recommended.
Age 31, Israel
THE WORST HOSTEL IN EUROPE. DONT BE DECEIVED. It's actually scary how bad this hostel is. At first you wonder, how bad can a hostel be? Then you get an answer -- Very, very bad. I repeat, 3 ducks hostel in Paris is very, very bad. Every single employee here is an asshole and treats guests horribly. Honestly, I've traveled through Europe for 2 months and have stayed in many hostels, and I can genuinely say this is the WORST HOSTEL IVE STAYED IN. There's this odd concept here that you, as the customer, are somehow in fact the employee instead of a customer -- there are deposits for everything that seem like punishments being laid out, annoyingly authoritarian attitudes, and the mistaken sentiment that you owe them even though you paid for an overpriced hostel. Nothing makes a hostel special like good service, and nothing makes a bad hostel dreadful quite like terrible service. Here you get terrible service, and I mean terrible. They try to make money off you at every step. They are truly the epitome of a bad hostel. Cest la vie, but never ever go here.
Age 23, USA
Overpriced. Also didn't realize it was part of the bartending staff's job to attempt to hook up with its guest. I believe in karma. The bartender from Chicago will get his. I've ended my relationship due to this. manager is a psycho, very emotionally unstable.
Judd Remy
This hostel is a complete fraud. The rooms are small, dingy, and dark. The "low" priced bar is a sham with $4 beers and the showers shouldnt even be called such. Mildew and a sketch crowd are about the only things to look forward to at this hell hole.
The hostel is horrible
Bad bad bad. My experience with this hostel is very bad. The room and bathroom were bad and dirty. The worst thing was around 5 a.m. two stranger guys could suddenly entered the room through the windows which is mean the hostels is not safe at all. You must not allow a stranger unless in your bar. I will not use this hostel again. You are supposed to have a better hostel at your price. Improve your security system, fix your bathroom, toilet, room, and even the area. It is more like a slum than a hostel.
Worse than terrible
toilets and showers are on the fresh air (very fresh in winter). rooms are poor, dirty, and small. it is not worth to stay there for it's price. Their website does not show the true picture of accommodation they offer and they ask you to pay in advance for the whole stay. it was the most terrible hostel I have ever been to.
Not up to standards! Terrible!
This is the worst hostel i have ever stayed in (and i do not consider myself to be a difficult person). All I can say is that this hostel does not even come close to meeting basic hostel standards! First off, the rooms are way over cramped with too many beds -- there is simply no room to do anything in there, even changing is difficult. The hostel is also very dirty, even though they have a lockout time every day for many hours. It is a small hostel, cleaning should not have been a problem with the hostel being empty. It is a beaten down hostel, windows and doors half broken, offering no peace of mind for security. (we got some stuff stolen too!). It is impossible to sleep as they do not limit the noise inside the rooms as they should. I really do not recommend this place, not even for meeting people.

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