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Small hostel with a small eating area with some tables and chairs. Smoking is allowed inside and so it gets smoky inside and the hostel is neither clean nor modern. There's one bathroom per floor. Breakfast is served in the morning and there is a daytime lockout period.

Warning: It has been reported that this hostel may be infested with bed bugs. If you stayed there, you should disinfect your clothing and all travel gear before moving to another hostel to avoid carrying bed bugs or their eggs with you and potentially spreading them to other hostels. Moderately hot water will kill them, and gear that can't be washed can be disinfected by putting it in a freezer for a few hours.
by David
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Auberge Internationale des Jeunes (AIJ)" at 10 rue Trousseau.)


10 rue Trousseau, 11è - Bastille/République Area, Paris, Île-de-France, France
48.851055, 2.378727
+33 (0)1 47 00 62 00
+33 (0)1 47 00 33 16
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Rude staff, bedbugs, dirty.
Clean, cheap and friendly staff
The hostel is ok, the location is quite good and staff is really friendly. It's clean and rooms are very simple. If you want to save money for other things in Paris -- it's the best.
Terrible This hostel was the worst hostel I have stayed at.
Terrible. This hostel was the worst hostel I have stayed at. DISHONEST STAFF, A TOTAL NIGHTMARE, bad place, please forget it.
It's very noisy, but I can deal with it. What I can't bear is they removed all my belongings. At first they told me it's a mistake and they would find my stuff, but on the next day they told me they couldn't find anything. I hate these dishonest people.
I suggest to everyone use this opportunity cheap.
comfortable and friendly staff. Thanks to Abel for maxi care İ feel myself like at home.
I travel a lot and have been in many hostel. this one is for sure the worst. I've made 2 reservations, 2 disasters! waiting time at the reception -- more than 1h30. staff unpleasant, service 0! 1st reservation, was not booking from there side. 2nd, book 3 beds in a room of 4 -- we have been separated in 2 different rooms, one of them was full. I called the manager, how tell me I told lies and if i was not pleased i should go in hotel -- ok!
I would not recommend it
first, when me and my friend got there, we had a big surprise! We had to pay a little more than the price that was written when we booked this hostels (5 or 6 euros I think). When we asked why we had to pay more, the guy just said that this price was displayed on his silly computer screen, he did not try to see where the mistake came from, he did not gave us any reasonable explanation (maybe it corresponds to the resort tax but I swear that when we booked online it was not mentioned, and if it's anything else they've just robbed us). Second, shared toilet, but just one for each floor. Same thing for the showers (two only).Third, beware when if you have booked a room on the ground floor, the toilet is at the end of the court and when it's raining in winter, it's just perfect to get a cold! For the breakfast it's just a hot drink with bread, butter, and jam on plastic chairs. The staff is not so cool, depends on who attends you. So yes it's very cheap and the cheapest in paris in fact but don't be expecting quality and services!
This hostel was the worst hostel I have stayed at. It was so bad, in fact, that I decided to leave after the first night after realizing how terrible it was! First of all, the staff is unhelpful and rude. The luggage storage room is in basement, but water leaks down there and after only three hours, my luggage and its contents were very damp and smelled moldy. The room has an en-suite bathroom, but there is no soap, the shower does not work, and it is tiny and grungy. if you decide to forgo the en-suite, your other option is a shower room with showers without stalls or curtains and without a bathroom door, so anyone walking down the hall can see you in entirety, bathing. Those showers are also quite disgusting. There was also only one power outlet in a room for four people, and it was near the ceiling. The breakfast is a baguette and tea, there arent enough seats in lobby for even one floor to stay on (I believe there's four floors), so its awfully crowded and you'd have to take your food elsewhere. The people in my dorm were older -- not "jeune." there's only one key so i had to wake up my suitemates to get in and also the website says there is no curfew but they lock the doors at midnight. As if that is not enough to convince you not to stay, here is the kicker. They do not change the sheets between guests there! And there are many rumors of bedbugs and two guys from there had visible red marks! This is July 2009. Just don't do it! I've stayed at ten hostels, and this one is simply unlivable. I didnt have high expectations for hostels, and Ive stayed in many but this is simply uninhabitable. Purely. Also, they charge you the first night of each booking, even though i canceled over a week in advance! I wouldnt stay there if they let me in for free.

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