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Euro Student Home

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Hostelz.com's Review
Euro Student Home is a good place to stay if you are planning to stay in Florence for a short amount of time. It is reasonably priced, has a comfortable atmosphere, and is conveniently located and clean.

The Location

The hostel is in a great location in the historical center of Florence, right in front of Piazza della Repubblica. It is close to all the main attractions Florence has to offer. It is in the second or third story of the building and there's no elevator so, if you have a lot of luggage, be prepared for the work out. It is at walking distance from Santa Maria Novella train station. It is a little difficult to find since it is inside a building and it is not advertised in the outside, but manageable.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are clean and neat. There is neither a lot of storage nor lockers or anyplace to lock up your belongings. The room we stayed in had three twin beds and was very spacious. There are two common bathrooms, and a small kitchen. The bathrooms clean and are well maintained. The room has extra heaters, clean sheets, and comfortable pillows.

Common Spaces

There is only one common space with a computer available. The atmosphere is friendly and social to those backpackers who want to join in conversation. There is no effort from the hostel to create any kind of social atmosphere. It is a small hostel that feels safe and is clean.


The hostel has free Wi-Fi and friendly staff that speak English and Italian. Overall, it is a comfortable and clean place to rest, but might not be the best if you expect to get more out of it than just a place to sleep.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
March 2011
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Terrible Pretty much agree with everyone else. Bedbugs and the 10am-5pm daily lock out make this one of the worst places I've stayed. Staff are rubbish too.  , age 28, New Zealand ()
1   Got robbed, Bedbugs, and Horrible Staff When we arrived, we were not informed of a 10-5 daily lock out time, so we had to leave our belongings in a communal room and leave immediately. They did not have my reservation in their books and assumed we were only staying one night instead of the 7 we arranged online (thank goodness for my printout). Upon our second night staying there, my room was raided and MY ROOMMATE AND I WERE ROBBED BY SOMEONE WHO DIDN'T STAY IN OR WORK FOR THE HOSTEL. The doors to the bedrooms themselves don't lock, and luckily only our cell phones were taken, but the staff didn't believe me when I said I didn't know who the person was. So they get nothing for safety. They moved us into a two bedroom space with our own bathroom but it was another 2 flights up and then another flight up inside the apartment; we essentially lived in the top of the building. This room and bathroom was barely my height, and I'm 5'7''. Additionally, we found out they turn off the internet and water 10-5 every day and the staff is also very rude. One questioned me as to why I had keys for the main hostel even though they moved us and gave us those keys as a convenience. Never staying here again and am glad I'm leaving tomorrow.  , age 21, USA ()
3   Average This place was fairly nice for the price, if incredibly disorganized. You can't get in before 5 and even then there's a wait. You need a passport even if you're traveling within Italy. The staff was adequate but not particularly friendly or helpful. The rooms are located at the top of a building so plan on walking up a minimum of four floors -- our room was on the sixth floor. The building was pretty cold (February). We signed up for a 12-bed room but ended up in a 4-bed with private bath which was nice. The blankets and pillows were comfortable. The room had bunk beds, but no ladder. We asked for one and he mentioned a stool but never came back. It was very cheap and I would stay again, but don't expect anything beyond the bare minimum.  , USA ()
2   Not amazing. The location is good and they have free wi fi, but besides that I can't find anything great to say about this place. 24 hours access, map of florence, lockers in the room, I haven't seen any of that! The staff isn't that great, you get kicked out in between 11am and 4pm, they had 1 functioning bathroom, ( the other was broken for quite a few days), for way too many people at the time(about 30), there was a line up most of the time for the not so clean shower and some people had troubles with bed bugs. Even if i really wasn't feeling well during my stay in Florence, they made it clear I wasn't allowed in there during the afternoon because they're "cleaning" -- I was probably in the way laying on my bed. And the hostel is on the 4th floor and believe me it's extremely hot during the summer with no fan in a small 10 bed room. (We finally got one after asking too many times). If you can't find anywhere to stay and end up there, ask for a key before you go out, because they won't give you one when you check in and you might not get an answer if you knock on the door. And the doorbell was obviously broken too when I was there.  , canada ()
1   Wtf, what a sh*t show. Says you can use a card to pay and have towels available, both lies. The guts working there are idiots and annoying. Two guys work there, one is just a tool, the other tries to be nice buy is pretty fake about it. And they both live there, kind of weird. Good location but start the heck away. Worst hostel in my 6 weeks of travel!  , Usa ()
2   It has bedbugs The hostel seemed fine to begin with and we were handed clean sheets. However in the morning I woke up with bites, to begin with thinking they were mosquito bites. We left that day and went to continue our travels and realized I had very bad bedbugs. Location seemed reasonably good but would not recommend hostel as bedbugs.  , UK ()
2   Lousy, complete ripoff This hostel is to be avoided. Despite the above description, this place is not twenty-four hours. We arrived in Florence at 2 a.m. on 6/28/08 and didn't get to the hostel until 3 a.m. Having reported an arrival time of 11 p.m. on 6/27/08, this was well within the six-hour arrival window stipulated in the contract. No one was on duty to let us into the hostel. After banging on the door for fifteen minutes, we gave up and found a hotel for that night. The next morning, we went back and spoke with Nino, the manager, who informed us that despite the total lack of any staff on duty the previous night, we still owed him the full 90 euro fee for a two night stay! Argued for twenty minutes or so over this and finally relented. Included dinner was plain spaghetti with olive oil and pepper with no plates, only forks. No wine. Didn't stick around for the included breakfast. Two single-person bathrooms, hugely inadequate for the twenty-plus this place sleeps. Good news is that they seem to have the bedbug problem under control, all sheets came in plastic wrapping and we unwrapped them ourselves. Location is pretty good. Other than that, no real reason to stay here unless you are hard, and I mean hard up for a place to stay in Florence.  , USA ()
1  The three of us all got terrible bedbugs and they traveled back with us. A waste of money, the place was too expensive for its terrible condition -- the worst bed I've ever been in, gross unclean sheets and blanket, and inconsistent staff. But most of all, it will cost you more to have to clean everything you own to get rid of the bugs, let alone a 7 euro bottle of anti-itch cream.  , USA ()

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