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Aivengo Youth Hostel is a very basic, centrally located, reasonably priced hostel. You get what you pay for and is adequate for a couple of nights' stay.


The Hostel is a less-than-two-minute walk from central station. The street runs parallel with the main shopping street running down to Dam Square, which is less than a ten-minute walk away. It is very central with plenty of restaurants and coffee shops nearby. Across the road from the hostel you can jump on a tram and go anywhere within the city.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel consists of two big dorm rooms with about twelve bunk beds in each. A blanket is provided however the mattresses are quite thin. The rooms are locked and a six-digit code is needed to get in each time. In between the two rooms, opposite the lobby area lies the toilets, sinks, and showers. There are four isolated toilets and showers in which people from both rooms are able to access. The showers are surprisingly impressive!

Within each of the rooms are small lockers in which to lock away valuables. There is a deposit requested for a locker. There isn't a great space to get changed or hooks for clothes apart form the showers. No toiletries such as soap or towels are supplied, which is usual for a hostel.

Common Spaces

There is no kitchen, TV room, outside seating, or the like. There are two computers in the entrance lobby offering free internet access and a waiting area with a sofa. Luggage storage is in the form of a small locked toilet. Given the layout of the hostel, there is very little opportunity to socialise with any other backpackers. The hostel primarily just offers a bed for the night, nothing more.


Overall, we'd give the hostel a seven out of ten and we would have given it a six if not for the very helpful and friendly female staff member and the showers! The other staff were not particularly friendly and it isn't a place you can spend a lot of time in -- that is, unless you're sleeping. However, our stay there was satisfactory and we would recommend it.
by Conor Fitzpatrick Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Aivengo Hostel" at Spuistraat 6.)


Spuistraat 6, Centrum, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.377244, 4.893948 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+31 2 04213670
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73% Guest Reviews

Great location and friendly staff!
Upon arrival we were greeted by a very friendly receptionist who showed us to our room. We stayed in the 10 person female dorm which included a towel and hair dryer (kept in shared bathroom). The room had an en suite bathroom, but the shared bathroom and reception is actually next door. The location is absolutely amazing though. Heavier curtains would be nice to keep the light out in the mornings.
Scarlett A
Very good! I'd recommend to my friends
This hostel was so fantastic! Super easy to find and the location was fantastic. The staff were lovely. Rooms were clean and the showers hot! And free wifi too! I'll be back again to stay!
Age 23, New Zealand
Very good
This hostel was a blessing. Kinda staff. Reasonable rates for everything. Beautifully decorated and in a great location. The only flaw is the lack of a larger kitchen or common room but it didn't even matter due to the wonderful location. Mere steps from the red light district and tons Of shops. It was extremely easy to find. All the guests were young and friendly people an the atmosphere was very trusting. This hostel was not out for a scam and seemed to want to provide a nice place to stay and it do exactly that. I would recommend to anyone.
Age 21, USA
I have stayed at many hostels throughout my backpacking experience and this one is by far the WORST I have ever stayed at. We were unfortunately there 3 nights and tried moving hostels but there was no availability day of once we were there, so we were stuck there. We stayed in the 20 person room and the main problem was the disgusting RODENT PROBLEM they have. When I asked the person working the desk if they did indeed have a rodent problem, he replied yes we do and were trying to take care of it. By taking care of it they left the lights on all night and constantly have traps set up. The bathrooms were dirty with hair and grim everywhere. If you have any choice DO NOT stay at this hotel, unless you like to sleep with scurrying right next to you. There are plenty of other good hostels/apartments/hotels that can be purchased that are right around the same price and dont have to deal with all the loud people/dirtiness of the facility.
Good place! Just 5 minutes from Central Station. Staff is very friendly, rooms and showers are clean. Cheap!! Free Wi-Fi!
We like it
We have stayed here last week. The place is clean, location is good. Free internet.
I can't express strongly enough how horrendous this place is. Single most miserable place I've ever stayed in, and I'm really not picky. If it weren't for the need for running water I would have gladly moved out and slept under the stars. It was disgusting in both smell and appearance, they blatantly lied about what was included and tried to steal an extra dollar wherever they could, the bed was downright painful to the point that i would have slept on the floor if i wasn't worried about what was living there. FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY AND WELLBEING STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.
For Your Safety
my friend wanted to stay here and when we got there i could of been sick on the floor. it made me physically sick! the rooms were smelling and i would NEVER recommend this again. i told my friend before we went that we shouldnt stay there so dont give in like i did and go there!! it is not worth 10p!!

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