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26 Street International Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Great place The hostel has a new owner and is doing new updates as I speak. a very friendly welcoming place. I would highly recommend the place to anyone, give it a chance.  , age 39, usa ()
1   HOLY F***ING BEDBUGS Dont you f***ing stay here! MOTHER OF GOD HOW IS IT EVEN OPERATING?! The owner was very nice and despite the rundown feel of the place, the random person passed out on the couch next to two beers, and the sketchy dude in the living room, I was happy to be out of the cold. After 1 minute of setting my stuff down. I saw one on the floor looked to the bed f***ing 3 huge bugs. Upon closer inspection, I COUNTED 25 LITTLE BABY BUGS SWARMING THE WOOD POST AND BIG ONES RANDOMLY SKIRTING THE FLOOR. got my money back and got the f*** out of there.  , age 20, Alaska ()
4   Long Term Stay, yes there were bedbugs, I helped fix that problem I stayed here twice, for multiple months both times, while getting back on my feet. Alaskan hostels in winter are totally different from summer. I was one of *maybe* 15% of residents with a job, and not on food stamps. The bedbug issue started in winter 2012 and I was only bit a few times but some people were devoured. So we took all the bad mattresses outside. Last I heard, they were going to fumigate. The owner, James is a great guy and he was offering refunds to people who left due to the bugs. While I was there, I helped to renovate the shed in the backyard and we turned it into a smoker's lounge with insulation, electricity and the whole 9 yards. Please note, The guy who used to manage the place is no longer there and neither is his great full breakfast. 26th street tries hard to keep the place clean and decent and we had to kick quite a few people out for using hard drugs. Pot is ok, but not indoors. I myself got kicked out eventually for drinking vodka, but I wasn't worried since I was on my way towards my own apartment in Wasilla anyway. The neighborhood, Spenard, is totally funky and cool with lots of great places to eat and drink. There is some degree of crime in the area (nothing like an east-coast city of similar size) and the hostel is very safe. You don't have to worry about being robbed unless you're actually looking for drugs or something. It's totally safe to be walking back at 2am. Also, very close to the Chester Creek Trail (which connects to the Coastal Trail); A 10min bus ride to downtown (when the bus is on time, which it won't be); We had moose and bald eagles chillin' in the backyard at times.  , age 28, Brooklyn ()
1   I like the hostel BUT there are bedbugs Overall, the hostel is quite comfortable with a comfortable, lived in feel. But I give this hostel 0 stars because it is infested with bedbugs. They are everywhere. In the couches, in the carpet, in the wooden bed frames. I was bitten countless times each time with big red welts all over my body. I cried. The most appalling aspect of this is that when I notified proprietors of the situation, they denied and then later did nothing to fix the situation. In short, this place is infested. Be careful.  , United States ()
4   Adequate Very pleasant atmosphere by the couple that run it, Sing and Roshina. The hostel is an older boarding house that is well worn but adequately maintained and cleaned. The neighborhood was ok and near a significant bus line. Coffee is available from breakfast until it runs out. Breakfast was hard boiled eggs with bagels, cream cheese, jam, and toast. Shoes are taken off at the entry unless you have smooth soles. Two internet PCs plus Wi-Fi were adequate. If you are used to sparkling new hostels, this will be disappointing, but they did well with an older building and I felt safe. No complaints.  , US ()
1   Dirty, Moldy, Smelly, Mice Infested, Rude Managers I had paid for a week in October, and only stayed for four days because I couldn't stand being there anymore. First, the room smelled bad when I arrived. (Room #5) They had opened two windows in the room (I'm assuming the purpose of that was to reduce the smell), but it didn't reduce the smell, it just made the room very cold and also made the wood expand so that I was not able to close them completely, therefore not really helping the cold factor. It was also cold because they didn't turn the heat up above 60 F, even with two blankets I shivered the entire time I was in the room. Second, the bathroom upstairs had an extreme amount of mold; I could see it and smell it. It was all around the top of the shower panels and I'm sure it's made the drywall moldy too. Third, there was at least one mouse in the hostel. It made its way up into my room and took advantage of some of my food and urinated in one of my suitcases. Finally when I told the managers about these issues, they got very defensive and told me to clean the bathroom myself. They couldn't turn up the heat and wouldn't attempt to catch the mouse. They didn't make any effort to correct these wrongs -- they just made excuses and told me that I had expected to stay in a place like the Hilton for a cheap price. I lived in hostels for four months straight and this was the second to worst hostel that I've stayed in (the worst was in Barcelona). The 26 St International Hostel's managers were very rude, very defensive, and very lazy. The whole hostel was dirty -- they never vacuumed or cleaned the kitchen very well either. The nicest thing about this whole experience was that I got the rest of my money back and moved into a Bed and Breakfast that was ten times better for only twice the price. I do not recommend this hostel unless you don't mind mold, mice, and unaccommodating managers.  , USA ()
5   Very well run. Friendly and safe environment for lone women travelers The hostel is ideally situated for a bus route or walk into Anchorage centre. It offers a sense of security along with the excellent travel guidance and advice of the couple who run it who are a young, well traveled couple from Argentina. I stayed there for over ten days back in December 2006. That stay has proved me with extremely fond memories.  , English ()
5  The best hostel I stayed in during my three weeks in Alaska. The owners were great as were the facilities. Sorry about stumbling back drunk at some weird hour of the morning.  ()

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