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Auberge Menata

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Hostelz.com's Review
This place is well known by travellers on the overland route and you should hear about it before you get there. It's owned by a French girl Olivia who is very friendly. She came out to Mauritania and fell in love with Nouakchott. She started the guesthouse and runs it with a handful of local staff in a relaxed but organised fashion. There are dorm rooms, private rooms, and a tent on top of the roof with matresses on the floor for sleeping. Alternatively people with cars can park in the compound and sleep in their own tents or roof racks on their cars.

There are numerous bathrooms, access to a kitchen, and washing areas. There are also plenty of sitting areas inside and out, huge maps of Mauritania and other African countries, and the benefit of having other travellers whose brains you can pick for travel info! You can sign up for food. In the morning it was tea/coffee and baguettes. At night there was a three course meal complete with wine or beer.

The Auberge Menata is centrally located in town close to main markets, supermarkets, and the business district. The main garage where you get transport is about 10km so you should negotiate for a good price. Expect to pay about 6,000 CFA to get to the garage for transport to Senegal.

by Jo
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
June 2005

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5   Superb I have stayed on and off at this auberge for nearly two years now. It's a very welcome respite from the vigours of Nouakchott and its special citizens. Here you can truly close the door on the outside world and escape the madness. The house is inviting and friendly and fairly tranquil for the centre of town. The patrons Zeytuna and Maaloum are the perfect hosts and a mind-full of information for all of West Africa -- the perfect tourist information office. Amadou, Mariem, Maqmoud, Said, Swertee and Souma, the friendly staff who make it a pleasure to stop here -- the last two can be a little mad at times, but as they're dogs, we have to give them the benefit of the doubt! The only other place that compares for tranquility in Mauritania is the Sahara desert -- my other favourite place in Mauritania.  , Scottish ()

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