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Le Sous-bois

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Hostelz.com's Review
Le Sous-bois is a fair hostel if you're looking to spend little but still live in a clean place with working showers, toilets, and sinks. They give out free breakfast each morning and have a refrigerator that can be used by the guests. Breakfast often consisted of little bagels and a variety of toppings (jams, peanut butter, butter). Two computers are located within the eating room and internet use is free. However, as they are free, do not expect 100% service daily. While the keyboards are not French ones, the screen is, so it is best to be accustomed to computers if you do not speak French.


Location is key for staying at Le Sous-bois. It is about five minutes from Vieux Montreal and Vieux Port. It is close to Place Jacques Cartier where there is much entertainment and little shops for tourists and Place d'Armes. Across from Place d'Armes is also La Basilique Notre-Dame. It's best to walk around instead of drive because of the location. If you want to travel somewhere further, such as Nouveau Montreal, you can take a Metro. We found the stop at Champ-de-Mars is the closest to the hostel. From there, you can take it to La Gare Centrale, McGill University, and Ste. Catherine.

We should mention that this hostel is located in an alley, but it is perfectly safe. There is a keycode each individual receives who is staying at Le Sous-bois and if you stay in one of the cottages, you receive a key to lock your room. Le Sous-bois is located within the offices of Le Guilleret, but is less expensive than that hotel. To check in and out, you must go through the office that has a sign saying "Le Guilleret."

What They Offer

We stayed in a double bed room and found nothing wrong with the surroundings. The beds are suitable and although there is only one lamp in the entire room, it shines brightly. The showers are little stalls with curtains and the sinks and toilets are the usual college type. Towels, a washing machine, and dryer are included, as well as sheets for the beds. If you choose to stay in bunks, beware that they are not very private and the men and women are not separated. There are two places full of beds which you may be assigned (upstairs and downstairs). There is a curtain for the bunks upstairs. The ones downstairs are mattresses.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
August 2006

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   The bugs are still there I was foolish enough not to do my research before staying here and have come away with bites all over the exposed parts of my body (face, neck, hands, arms, legs). The Despite the last person's comment, the bugs are still there. Do not stay at this place.  , UK ()
4   Great times, great people, great fun (no more bedbugs)! I stayed here the end of August and had the best time! Instantly clicked with many of the people there, it is definitely a party place so if you like to go to sleep early, don't go here, however if you like to stay up till sunrise after exhausting all the bars in Montreal, this is the place for you. No more bedbugs, I see a number of posts about bedbugs, they have air mattresses now, I asked around and no one there at the time had any problems.  , USA ()
1   Terrible! Bacteria infested! Bacteria or something lives in this place! My friend developed a rash on her face, arms, chest, feet (exposed parts of her body). Even with medical intervention, it has not subsided in the least! After a week, I haven't had any problems (yet), so we don't think it's bedbugs. Aside from this, the hostel isn't great anyway. The bedding is merely sheets and one lousy, thin blanket. We awoke frequently with chattering teeth. The bathroom only has stalls that are shared by men and women, and you can see/smell other people's business if you simply need to wash your hands at the same time. The rooms are huge dorms with bed after bed built together (your feet three inches from somebody else's head). And you walk through sleeping quarters to get to other parts of the house, which is just weird. Whatever you do, pay the extra money and stay somewhere else!  , Canada ()
2   Too many bedbugs, and no sleep. All though it is kind of a cute dorm set up, I found having no privacy very aggravating. Ear plugs were given for free, but the air mattresses were loud, and people were up at all hours of the night. That would make sleeping bad enough, but the place was so so cold that I could hardly sleep, and when I finally did, I woke up in the morning covered in bedbug bites. I have more than fifteen on my hands, and my stomach is covered in them as well. I would not recommend staying here. The worst hostel I have been to by far.  , Canada ()
1   Infested with blood-sucking bedbugs This hostel is infested with bloodsucking vermin. I woke up with more than one hundred bites and I am scared that bugs might spread into my house after having hidden in my clothes or bags (or laid eggs there). There have been complaints about the bugs for months, so the proprietors must know. They seem happy to let people continue getting bitten. I am filing a complaint with the public health authority of the City of Montreal.  , Canadian ()
3   Good times, college kids, treehouse beds I had a great time at this place but I admit the people who run it can be a little anal. We got locked out of the kitchen at night for a week because people weren't cleaning up after themselves properly. Also, beware of the showers -- go too early and they'll be too hot, go too late and they're freezing. The location is alright, most things in Montreal are walking distance but I wouldn't say this is the best area to hang out. I thought the beds were great -- they have little curtains so you feel like you're in a treehouse. Not so much space in between, but its a hostel after all and you have to make these kinds of concessions. And I'm not sure about sections being separate for men/women but from what I can remember that didn't exist -- the dorm is basically one massive room. Lots of college kids go here so if you're older I wouldn't recommend it. It's a cosy, handmade place and much more of an experience than staying at a HI or something generic like that, and they even have a stack of musical instruments you can use.  , Australia ()
1   A load of Rubbish! Noise Noise Noise! I got six hours sleep in two days of staying in this dump! The staff either did not speak english or were arrogant and rude and refused to speak english! I paid for a "private" cabin only to find it was situated in the middle of the courtyard where all the main goings-on were! I got absolutely no sleep and when i complained, the staff did not care and told me to deal with the problem myself! I am sure the deflated air bed we got is covered in bedbugs as i am writing this from the "hostel" now!. Do not stay here. Do not pay to stay here. Stay clear from this hostel. Any complaints you have, no matter how big or small, they will not give a damn or compensate you.  , British ()
3   this place has bed bugs / fleas but is nice apart from that This hostel is really clean and friendly but unfortunately has a bad case of bed bugs / fleas. I was there one night (Oct 2007) and got approx 15-20 bites. I was really surpised because the mattresses are all air mattresses and the linens are clean. But perhaps the bugs live in the blankets that don't get washed daily. So I would not recommend you to stay there at this time.  , Canada ()

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