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Quebec City is a lovely city!!!
Montreal is such a nice city! There are tons of things to do, you'll never get bored there! Plus people are generally super nice!
Montreal is really cool! Really cool bars and old Montreal is really quaint. I'd recommend Montreal and Quebec City, they're much nicer than Toronto!
I had a very strange experience in Quebec City. I was writing a national licensing exam which was taking place at the main hopital in the city. I arrive at the hopital and asked the receptionist at the emergency reception desk if she she could help me find the location of the exam. She just looked at me with a blank expression on her face! She could not speak a word of English -- not a single word! Other staff members appeared and they could not speak English either! It was very shocking. These people were the admitting staff in a main Canadian hospital. If I were seriously injured I would have been in real trouble.
I'm from Montreal so I don't have any good tips about specific hostels, but I do recommend staying in the Plateau or the Quartier Latin. The areas are much more fun and atmospheric than the western parts of downtown, and there's so much to do, especially in summertime! Be sure to check out our many world-famous festivals including the Jazz Fest, the Comedy Fest, the Film Fest, and more. For scrumptious hot chocolate and sinful desserts, check out a little spot on St-Denis called Juliette et Chocolat. Oh, and be sure to visit Les Deux Pierrots in Old Montreal if you want an authentic Quebecois music night, complete with singalongs.
If you like to party and are in need of a place with a very happening night life then Montreal is the place for you.

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