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Away with the Fairies

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Hostelz.com's Review
Away with the Fairies is a wonderful hostel located in the mountains of Hogsback, South Africa. As soon as you arrive in Hogsback, the place already has a magical feel to it, and once you enter the themed hostel, it adds the final touch to make this place seem truly enchanted. The lodge caters to overlanders (no four-wheel-drive required), campers, people who want a dorm bed, as well as those who want their own room.

The Location

As far as Hogsback goes, Away with the Fairies is centrally located, only a five-minute walk from the town center and restaurants; the town itself is quite small, with only a simple grocery store and a handful of restaurants from which to choose. That being said, it's easier to bring in your own supplies than it is to buy them there, if you can.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms in Away with the Fairies are fairly simple, cleaned daily, and pretty standard as far as hostels go. The bathrooms are a bit small, and also have hot water that is heated by solar panels.

Common Spaces

There are a number of common spaces throughout the lodge, and almost all of them have a fireplace to take away the bite on cold nights. The lodge itself is broken up into two main buildings. The first houses the staff kitchen, the bar area, and a big common area. The second houses the dorm rooms, a kitchen for the guests, as well as another large living room.

The lodge offers free Wi-Fi and a very friendly atmosphere. In addition, the hostel has a fifteen-meter-high treehouse that offers wonderful views looking over the valley below. If climbing the treehouse isn't your thing, there is also a unique outdoor bathtub, complete with hot water, that overlooks a cliff's edge and down towards the valley below. There is also an abundance of hiking trails to view the waterfalls of the area, one of which departs directly from Away with the Fairies.


Away with the Fairies is a wonderful hostel in Hogsback that adds to the charm of the area. With an ample supply of outdoor things to do, from hiking, abseiling, horseback riding, and relaxing, Away with the Fairies is the perfect choice for a place to stay.

by Richard Ballentine
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
December 2013

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Been there 4 times & still theres so much we havent done, wow The Venue is Absolutely Good, U get that outdoors feeling ínside' Always that "excited" feeling when u arrive, & u can b sure of finding a lavender flower on ur cushion evryday as long as u stay. Very clean rooms & bedding, Sitting by the Fireplace in the huge lounge makin new traveler friend, even sharing the kitchen with Others Is a great joy. Then we all leave for Adventure round 9am & return late. The coffee shops in town are really nice, friendly, nice food, not expensive, love the vibe in town. u dont need ur car!! nothing better than walking & smelling the fresh air in the mountains & the Spring Festival is a must! its awesome!  , Eastern Cape ()
5   Friendly, helpful, amazing -- awesome location, just fantastic I visited here towards the end of March 2010 for a night, and ended up staying for 3 nights. What an amazing location!! The staff were very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I can't comment on their hostel facilities for sleeping as we had a tent, but the kitchen and bathroom facilities were just fine. My experience in Hogsback & Away With the Fairies is very high up in my top five South African experiences, and I plan to revisit for a week next year. The party atmosphere of the bar, should you choose to partake, was fun with a great variety of people to chat too. The places I stayed after this experience left me feeling very let and disappointed over the month of my visit.  , New Zealand ()
2   Friendly owners but be prepared I did enjoy my time at away with the fairies. The staff was very friendly and I had a great time in the bar, but I think that one needs to know what I saw there. In the bar, people were passing pills around in plain sight, and the barman and one of the staffers were openly discussing which drugs were the best. Therefore I think that families should avoid the place. If you wish to party, go there. Do not go there for peace and quiet. Another thing I disliked was the cleaning staff. They occupied the lounge area and communal kitchen for most of the day. I couldn't really cook and then enjoy my food in the lounge as it was taken by them.  ()
5   Couldn't be better Had the pleasure of staying a couple of nights in november. Great place, great food, and even better people. Frodo's room has incredible view and a fireplace.  , usa ()
5   Jagermeistertastic The best I've ever known.  , SA ()
5   Awesome I stayed here in Dec. 2007 after hiking the Amatola Trail. Excellent. Cosy lounge with fireplace, clean rooms, beautiful garden with a kickass tree house (serious bonus points), nice bar area. The only downside is that there isn't much to do in Hogsback, so I reckon after a few days you'd get bored. Apparently some nights can get quite wild; the night we were there it was very peaceful. And the chef will make you the best supper you've ever had in a backpackers, for about R40 (about US$6).  , South African ()
1  We spent the weekend camping at "Away with the fairies"and would like to share a few thoughts with you. You have the makings of a wonderful venue. The best part is the Hot water and the new basins. Other than that things leave much to be desired. There appears to be a total lack of maintenance. For example, your septic tank cover is broken and is a health hazard. When one visualizes "Away with the fairies" as portrayed by your web site, one expects peace and tranquility, not constant barking dogs Plus Dog-mines)and disco music until 1/4 to 4 in the morning.Not to mention wandering cattle. As a camping venue it does not rate more than 2 out of a possible 10. It is shocking. I'm afraid your fairies are truly away.  ()
5  One of the best backpackers in South Africa, i have had one of the best new years parties in 2005, i decided to go back in 2006, still the best, excellent chef, and overall, staff that make you feel at home. i miss the mountains and the mist....  ()

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