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La Tosca Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Hostel La Tosca is a nice place to stay, whether for a couple of nights or for long term. It's a nice place to meet people with a small common area and large sitting area of four large tables. The walls are all brick, which gives it a warm atmosphere. The staff are very friendly and willing to give any information about the area and arrange tours as well. The owners live in the hostel and if you are lucky, they will prepare you a typical Argentinean flan desert for your first night there.

The Location

The hostel is located in a good area, in between the bus station and the beach promenade within a few blocks from the main city. It is five blocks from the beach and a block away from a large supermarket. The hostel is set back off the street with a nice garden with a hammock, lounge chairs, and a table to eat out on with good weather.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorms and private rooms are good, clean and have some space for your things. Security is good as long as you lock your rooms. The bathrooms and showers are separate from the rooms and there is no problem with waiting for a shower or bathroom. On the whole it is very nice and homey.

Common Spaces

The common areas are nice and help people to meet or share in watching one of the many DVDs they offer to their guests. There's a large common area consisting of four tables, a couch, two chairs and TV, DVD and 1 computer for guests to use free which is conveniently available for guests. Breakfast is served by an employee, waitress style, consisting of coffee or tea and medialunas (Argentinean croissants).

The kitchen is big and clean, with everything you need. However there is one problem with cooking at La Tosca. There are kitchen restrictions on using the kitchen from 5 to 8 p.m. In these times the owner cooks meals for guests, which you are able to eat as well for a price. Although the owner states that the kitchen is free after 7 or 8 p.m., she is usually taking up the whole kitchen cooking for her family for dinner. This is very uncomfortable for the other guests who would like to cook in the evening as well. The owner is not friendly when you are in her kitchen and makes the atmosphere uneasy between her and the other guests.


Overall, we like this hostel. The atmosphere is nice and it is clean, tidy, fun, secure, friendly, and in a good location -- everything you need in a hostel. Besides the kitchen situation and lack of space to cook, this hostel is a good pick.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
December 2007

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Warm, helpful and friendly A great place to stay. Eduardo is sweet, friendly and helpful, and is very patient when you try to practice your Spanish! He also makes a very delicious flan in the evenings, which he is always keen to share. The hostel has two spacious kitchens with plenty of utensils. The trips from here are excellent and you get a discount for doing all three. We found the 'semi-private' bathrooms a bit awkward (the bathroom is in between two private rooms with access from each room, so you have to knock before entering in case you walk in on a complete stranger), but everything else about the hostel is great. When we checked out I left my ring in the room and Mariano sent it on the bus to the bus station for me and checked to make sure I had received it. I'd recommend La Tosca on that alone!  , Britain ()
5   Fantastic place to stay! La Tosca, with its open courtyard and kitchen/lounge was an excellent place to mingle with other travelers. The owners were very friendly and helpful. Although not extremely roomy, accommodations were more than adequate, with big lockers, and very clean rooms. I would certainly stay here again!  , United States ()

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