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Locanda David

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Special Note from Hostelz.com: Locanda David is no longer listed in any of the hostel booking systems. There is a good chance they may have closed down. If you have any information about it, please let us know with the Listing Update Form.

For alternative options in Florence, see the Florence Hostels list.

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Big Blood sucking bug problems! First impression it was ok, but when we slept that night I realised there were small bugs crawling and hiding under the beds! The bites itches like hell! The manager told us it wasnt their problem and blamed the outsiders! Do not go there!  , Ireland ()
1  The rooms are decent, but there is one bathroom for EVERYONE and the service is HORRIBLE! You have to call to get in, which is very inconvenient if you are a tourist and don't have a cell phone that works in Europe. (There is no pay phone nearby, and even if there was, you'd need a phone card.) When the owner finally arrived he was VERY rude. He is getting away with running around from one hotel for another (he runs all the 'Locandas'), making people wait, being rude when he finally arrives--because, lo and behold, he already has your credit card number, so why should he worry? Don't give this man business.  ()
2  Not bad, but we had to stand outside for over half an hour until some other guests let us in, even though the owner was there. Don't expect anything near fluent English from reception, and don't try to pay with a credit card. It's in a sketchy neighborhood but is very close to the train station and close enough to the sights. Only one bathroom for between 16 and 20 people, and it wasn't the best bathroom I've used. Not horrible accomodations, but not worth the price.  ()

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