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Hostal Condor Pass

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Hostelz.com's Review
Hostal Condor Pass is conventiently located close to the centre of Salta. Finding it is relatively easy, simply locate Avenue San Martin from the bus station, walk down for about six or seven blocks then turn right for two block until you reach Urquiza, turn left and walk down until you see it at number 675. Alternatively, follow the instructions given in the listing above and catch a bus or taxi, both of which are relatively inexpensive.

The hostel comprises rooms in a range of sizes, from a five bed dormitory, to a least one double room. The beds are comfortable and the rooms relatively spacious.

Facilities include a kitchen and internet. There is no lounge or space to otherwise chillout, other than in the kitchen, which only has space to seat four people, maybe six at a squeeze. The internet facilities are excellent, five computers, however the cost per hour is double that available at the many internet cafes which are readily found nearby.

There are three bathrooms, which vary from spacious (complete with full size bath) to extremely cramped, such that your clothes are likely to get wet if you dare to take them in with you if you shower. The bathrooms are however generally clean, as is the hostel as a whole. One should note however that the hostel is also home to a dog and birds. The birds are caged, so don't pose a problem, but the dog, who belongs to the owners, lives indoors and has free run of the house, including the bedrooms. For people allergic to animals, this could pose a problem.

The hostel also has a laundry service. Care is however needed when negotiating prices as our experience was that the prices quoted tended to be half of what they actually charged, which poses problems if you're on a tight budget. To their credit, the hostel did back down when challenged them on this one, but similar discrepancies were observed several times during our visit so we don't believe this to be an isolated incident. With luck, this problem will disappear in future.

The hostel has plans to expand in the future. Unfortunately, their future plans still don't allow for a lounge or any sort of relaxed communal space. That's a shame as this is probably the biggest downside for this hostel, which consequently has a fairly down-beat atmosphere and, in our eyes at least, doesn't qualify as being a good place to meet other travellers. That said, it's certainly a cost-effective and comfortable place to stay for a short time while visiting Salta.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
September 2005
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5  Very very friendly place to stay! Laid back, accommodating, helpful guys who run the hostel and they have lots of knowledge about (and love for) the region. It's right in the middle of the downtown area but amazingly quiet inside. The water in the shower was always hot and the share kitchen is actually functional and inviting - the guys who run the place use it too which is always a good sign. Good size rooms, the toilets are share but there's three between the hostel's six rooms. This place is like staying in a really nice share house. Oh yeah, and there's a terrace and 5 computers for internet access... and it's secure - helped by Jenny the resident pooch (who is also friendly and laidback)... Thanks guys!  ()
5  This is easily the best hostel that I stayed in while I was in Argentina. The host was superb, and allowed for privacy. The facility is probably the most technologically-advanced out of all of the hostels I used. Backpackers might be the big-name hostel, but this is the big-value one. Congratulations, Condor Pass, and thank you for everything.  ()

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