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Hostel Erottajanpuisto

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Hostelz.com's Review
Hostel Erottajanpuisto is located on Uudenmankatu street, which is very close to the central train station, and just past the Stockman department store. It's remarkably cosy place, which is unusual for an HI affiliated hostel.

The dorms have six or eight beds each, and they're comfortable and large. Unlike the dorms, the showers are a little cramped. The showers are small enclosures that can be barely squeezed into, but they are at least functional and usually clean.

The common room is very comfortable and sociable, with large tables, nice couches, and an internet terminal. There are also quite a few cooking utensils and a range, microwave, and two fridges.

The staff is quite friendly and helpful. It isn't a party hostel, but it is a social hostel, and it's a good place to meet travellers. For a price which is average by Helsinki standards, and a convenient location and good vibe, this hostel is highly recommended.

by that1guy
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
July 2005
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Really good experience, GREAT location, internet was the only problem When looking into hostels, it came down to this and another one. both had pretty good reviews, but this one offered free wi fi. Bingo, it won. Being overseas, I really wasn't using my cell phone so as to not get a huge phone bill, so the internet was extremely necessary to be able to use skype to make calls and emails to communicate. It was my only means so internet was pretty important however during my 7 day stay, the internet was extremely dodgy. It worked enough to send emails (although sometimes you had to keep trying to connect, or wait a few hours) and the service was a little better in the kitchen, but I don't feel that I should have had to go into the kitchen to use the internet, especially if i want to make a private call via skype. However other than that, the hostel was pretty nice, it was quiet, and the rooms were big enough (I stayed in a single) the kitchen was nice, and for the most part the staff seemed really friendly and willing to help. Bathrooms are small, but separate from the shower facility which is set up as a one person shower (I had thought it would be dorm style) so that was nice also. I felt safe here and I am a female that was traveling alone. Also GREAT location. Close to all the trams and a 5 minute walk or less to Aleksanterinkatu. Definitely recommended.  , United States ()
2   Ouch, ouch, ouch! To be fair, I have to say this one bit. You can't beat the location! Smack in the middle of central Helsinki! A short walk to the railway station and metro lines. Incredibly easy to get anywhere you need to be. However, the hostel itself was the worst I stayed in during my trip around Europe. There was construction and dust everywhere. The place has potential. High ceilings and big rooms, but the hostel was very dark and grungy in general. Bathrooms are incredibly small. It was also the place where I had my very first encounter with bedbugs! I understand it may not be the fault of the hostel itself if other people bring them in, but that soured my experience quite a bit.  , U.S.A. ()
2   Dilapidated I could not get past the fact that clearly this facility was once something nice. Beautiful tall ceilings, original doors and moulding. Could be something special. I'm thinking renovate! Scrape off the many dingy layers of chipping dirty paint and repaint. I'm thinking lighting. The dim lighting only adds to the seediness. The beds were so uncomfortable. Couldn't get past the yellow, forty-year-old stinky pillow. I wadded up my wool coat for a less dodgy pillow. Ick. was surprised by the only shiny spot -- a bright, shiny, white Mac with free internet access. The brightest spot was the breakfast which was very surprisingly nice. The young American man serving was the most personable staff member we encountered.  , American living in Europe ()
4   Great Place This hostel is in a great location, central to most things in the city. It was clean, and the staff were friendly. It should be noted, however, that this really isnt a party hostel, so if that is what you are looking for, this might not be for you. I saw a sign that said quiet after 11. But if you are looking for a comfy place that is near to all and clean, I would recommend this place. Only downside was that the WCs were very, very small.  , US ()
4  A very good hostel in a central location. The staff were probably the most friendly of any hostel a visited (out of ten). Tiny, tiny bathrooms. Overall good experience.  ()
3  The bunk beds were unnecessarily tall. It was okay. It's just a hostel. Stay there if you're into meeting really old people. It was clean but the bathrooms are ridiculously small.  ()
5  This is truly the best hostel in Helsinki. The staff are so friendly (they like hearing about your travel stories), and they are very helpful - especially if you're stuck for things to do. The living room/kitchen area has a lot of character, and the people are very sociable. And you can't forget this hostel's lovely rooms, hot showers, and great location.  ()
4  Service was great and the rooms were clean.  ()

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