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Dortmund Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
This hostel is a like a hotel for the price and name of a hostel. It's in the center of Dortmund and is a very clean and well kept hostel.

To begin with, it's located in the center of the city so you will not have to walk a distance or take public transportation out of town to go to sleep after a night out. And the best part is that when you come back to the hostel to sleep, you don't have the annoyance of being quiet while others are sleeping or stumbling over other people things as there are only rooms of two. If you are travelling alone, you may even have the advantage of having your own room, inclusive of your own sink and mirror. One downfall is that if you are travelling with more than two you will have to split up and sleep in different rooms.

The bathrooms are small, clean, and in typical German style, quality over appearance. They are well equipped with good running hot water, a sink, and mirrors. They are small, however, so you might want to get dressed in your own room.

There is a common area in this hostel, however this is not a place to expect to meet tons of people or veg out on the couch and have other fellow hostellers come and join you. Most people that use this hostel are in Dortmund for a reason. Rarely do these travellers stay here to sight see and meet other fellow travellers; it's generally just used as a sleeping place. Overall, this hostel is in a great location in the center, easy to get to, clean with good bathrooms, and comfortable.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
June 2005
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
3   Good but with some problems Good, but poor infrastructure on common toilets and showers. The price is also high enough to have free internet. The people in service were really gentile.  , Chile ()
5  Probably one of the best hostels you'll ever find. I was there during the World Cup, and there had an amazing structure and vacant rooms. I was able to stay by myself on a two-bed room, which was huge, with a double cupboard with a key. Everything is very clean and organized, the people at the desk are very helpful, and breakfast is amazing! (Seriously, is one of the best breakfasts I've ever had in many hostels and hotels as well.) Great location, right in town, near eveything, very close to the train station.  ()
5  Great place! It was literally right in town, near all the shops ;o) It was REALLY easy to get to from the main train station from here. The hostel was clean, and the room (we stayed in a twin private) was big. We had a double cupboard each, that locked, and the breakfast was excellent! We had a great time!  ()

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