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A&O Berlin Friedrichshain

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Hostelz.com's Review
A large hostel with five floors. The rooms are and bathrooms have all the basics, but no extra frills or colorful decoration. There is a kitchen and cafeteria and a TV room. Out front there is a separate little office building where you check-in. The most social area of the hostel is the large lawn with a sand volleyball court, beer garden, and other activities.

by David
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1  Very disappointing. The staff are unhelpful. Everything in this Hostel is about squeezing a little more money out of you. You have to pay (and usually ridiculous prices) for lockers, bed linen, the internet. It is at the east end of Friedrichshain nowhere near Kreuzberg. The prices vary supposedly according to demand. I had to pay a high price due to high demand even though only 40% of the rooms were occupied. I would not only not recommend this hostel I would definitely advise people to look elsewhere!  ()
1  Mostly unhelpful, unfriendly, apathetic staff, who do not provide you with information unless requested (eg, did not tell me about check-out time, cost of linen, luggage room, safebox until I asked). Paid internet connection is buggy. Breakfast is not worth it (I had the same stuff included in the hostel price in another berlin hostel). Location isn't great, on your ten-minute walk from the train station to the hostel, you'll pass by another hostel which is only two-minute walk from the train station and you'll bang your head for not booking there cause it looks so much better. If I'm not wrong, the only attraction which is nearby is the East Side Gallery. There are no hooks in the female toilet, which was denitely a first in so many of the european hostels I have stayed in. Didn't catch much sleep cause there were a huge group of drunk kids making a hell lot of noise in the courtyard which was just beside my first floor room. The only interesting part about my stay here was seeing two really drunk dudes walking around in the underpants and making a big fool out of themselves.  ()
4  It is a good value. This hostel is near a Metro station and it is not so expensive for Berlin.  ()
3  A very social hostel, just like all the neighbourhood! I really liked staying here. The beds aren't very comfortable, but the bathrooms and showers are very clean and spacious! I think that Friedrichshain is the best place to stay in Berlin.  ()
3  The hostel was fine. It was a place to sleep and at night it was pretty social. The bar area is very fun. The bathrooms and showers are clean and it's well-run. It's pretty far, just on the edge of East Berlin, so keep that in mind.  ()
4  The rooms were clean and the staff was great, only problem there are no shutters just a see-through curtain! Sun at 6 am is not pleasant!  ()
4  It was not very individual, but the staff was very friendly and helpful. Bedding was ok, the rooms clean and the shower had great pressure. The weather was just better than last week in Italy!  ()
1  It was very unpleasant to have stayed there! The rooms were nothing like the picture on the internet we had OLD beds which fell apart and also the rooms were not clean as there was rubbish still left from people who stayed there before us! Our room was full of unplesant insects and also smelt very bad! The showers, shower floors and also shower curtains were moldy. We didn't get a choice of meals! And the staff were not helpful or patient at all! Out of 38 people i went with only 4 liked it because they had the new beds!  ()

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