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Hostel-Posty is a hostel for people who want to have a good night's sleep and enjoy the city. It has a very good location, despite being on the fourth floor of a "lift-less" building. And above all, it has a very very helpful staff and a very clean atmosphere, making it suitable even for families. Rascals are not welcome!

The Location

The hostel is located in the fourth floor of a building very close to the main train station. Within a five-minute walk, you can find everything -- a supermarket, pubs, clubs, restaurants, almost all bus and tram stops, and the beginning of the old city center. There's a parking place on the basement floor (but you do have to pay). The only problem is that there is no lift to the fourth floor, so it's not suitable for disabled people or those who don't want to walk up all those stairs.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are several types of rooms, from one- to six-person bedrooms. The collective rooms are small, so they all contain bunk beds. There is a sink in every room, but unfortunately no lockers. The environment is kept always very quiet and clean, there seems to be a "pre-selection" before "getting accepted" in the hostel, because everyone is very calm and trustable, so leaving our luggage during the day in the room was not a problem at all, at the end of the day everything was there.

There are two showers per bathroom (one bathroom per gender), with a great shower -- the water comes with a lot of pressure (feels like a massage on the body) and in a very pleasant temperature, but it turns off every twenty seconds or so. It's not an issue after all. There is a chair inside the shower room so that you can place your clothes and other objects, and even a very comfortable chair on the external part (with spaces for beer cans!) for those waiting for their turn in the shower. Soap is provided for washing the hands in the sink, but not for taking a shower.

Common Spaces

There are many options in the hostel in case the weather is bad or people get tired -- a TV room with a DVD player and many DVDs to choose from; several books and magazines (in languages like Finnish, Japanese, Portuguese, and of course English); a lovely terrace from which you can see part of the Bürgerpark and the central station, perfect for chilling out on open air. A computer is provided for internet, and Wi-Fi is also available in the whole hostel. Don't expect noise and people talking, it seems people prefer chatting outside the hostel. There is a fully equipped kitchen in which breakfast is served and you can also cook food. Breakfast of bread, margarine, jam, tea, and coffee is included in the price.


This is one of the best hostels we have ever stayed, thanks to the cleanliness of the place and to the owners, who are always there and ready to help. It's a great option for those who want to stay in Bremen.
by Vinicius Tragante Staff Reviewer
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An der Weide 50c, Bremen, Bremen State, Germany
53.081099, 8.816892 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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  Good place, the hostel has in good location because it is to 2 minutes from train station. Owners are very good people!!!
Age 27, Spain
Clean place to stay, close to town and train station
It is close to the railway station and a short distance into town, so good location. A lift up the 4 flights of stairs would be helpful as it is quite a trek up, especially with luggage. Supermarket next door is useful. Clean but could maybe be a bit more comfortable/quirky/homely/personal. Long wide corridor and there is a box with slippers to wear, some books and DVDs and a sitting area, also has a kitchen for making tea and maybe heating a soup. Rooms are small, but bathroom is nice with some privacy and chair and hooks to put your things on. Don't like the plastic flowers, they just catch dust, either have some real flowers on occasion (green plants would also be nice) or none at all.
Best hostel I have ever stayed at.
Really clean, lovely owners and extremely helpful. I hope I will go to Bremen again one day and will definitely use Hostel-Posty. A good range of facilities in the kitchen, with free breakfast. Nice common lounge. 5 stars every time despite the number of stairs to climb to get to the hostel.

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