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Poc na Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Poc na Hostel is a really fun hostel and it has a really cool vibe to it.

The Location

Poc na is located only a short walk from where the ferry gets into Isla Mujeres, from the swimming beach and the local shops and restaurants on the main strip. It is the perfect location for your stay on the island. It is an amazingly social and upbeat hostel with most of the awesome nightlife on the island existing here at the hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are multiple area of the hostel with dorms and they differ depending on the type of dorm that you choose. If you can, take the cheaper room with more people in it if you plan on getting any sleep because the six-bed dorms back on to the bar and you will hear music pumping all night long. Keep this in mind when you choose your room and ask for one on the other side of the hostel if this is going to be a problem. Other than that the beds are good quality and the rooms are clean. They all have large lockers that you can put your things into but you need to provide your own lock.

There are many bathrooms around the hostel. There are many separate toilets and showers and then there are some that are combined in different parts of the hostel. They are all cleaned multiple times daily.

Common Spaces

Of the common spaces in Poc na, there is the restaurant area around the reception where people can sit and socialize and gain access to the really flighty internet that constantly cuts in and out. This is also the area where they serve the basic breakfast of toast and fruit in the mornings. The hostel also has a back room with a ping-pong table, other games, a book exchange and a television. Outside of the main wall of the hostel is an area with hammocks and a bar for the evenings and this backs on to the beach where you can go and sit and hang out. There is no kitchen in this hostel, so if cooking your own food is something that you want to do, keep this in mind.


They have free activities during the day including yoga in the mornings and Spanish lessons in the evenings. The hostel is affiliated with many of the different companies around the island such as the ferry company and golf buggy hire, so you can get a discount for particular services. They are also affiliated with other hostels on Isla Holbox, Merida, and San Cristobal and they have discounts if you stay for a certain number of nights. Just ask the staff and they should be able to help you out.

by Globetrotter
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
December 2012

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   An acceptable accommodation The room was clean, the shared washroom was a bit dirty. The staff were friendly and helpful. There was a band that started at 10pm but was far enough from our room not to matter. The included breakfast was not good. Toast, coffee, and a couple of citrus fruit in a bowl. The WiFi is inadequate for the volume of users and does not extend to the rooms. Not bad overall.  , age 47, USA ()
5   Best Beach Hostel in Mexico This is more like a resort than a hostel. Very cool/unusual setup. It's huge. My room had aircon and the beds were really neat, built into the wall. Excellent location in a really cool neighborhood that's close to everything. Like everyone else said, the beach bar parties are HOT. My friend had sex in a hammock on the beach, so there ya go!  , USA ()
3   Nice but very cliquey Nice place but it is run exclusively by and for Israelis really which means that it is very cliquey. If you are from elsewhere the welcome is cold and indifferent unfortunately unless you tip heavily at the bar! The facilities are really great, close to the beach, nice beach bar where the parties go on late, clean and safe. Nice communal common area and ok food from the restaurant. Annoying that you have to pay $5 for the water, which is the only place in Mexico that I have done so! The breakfast is merely 2 slices of toast and one piece of toast too which is a bit scroungy, if you are Israeli tho you will be treated to eggs of your choice but this is not extended to other travelers!!! Would I stay there again, most likely but only because there is not much other choice on the island!!  , Australia ()
4   Lovely place to stay Great place run overwhelmingly by people who are largely a friendly bunch so long as you integrate with the party atmosphere. Free classes there and ok food. Shame there is no communal kitchen however and filling up your water bottle costs $5 for a litre which is a bit tight considering a 20Ltr bottle costs only $20 or so!!! Near to the beach and the bars!  , UK ()
5   Perfect This place has it all!! Cards, games, good food, good staff, party. A very social and friendly place! Best place I've ever been to!!  , Sweden ()
5  Poc Na is a great hostel, a little noisy at times, but an amazing place to relax and meet people -- definitely a party hostel. Beware the beach bar -- it doesn't shut until you leave!  ()
1  Dire, awful, loud and filthy, these are just a few of the words I would use to describe this place. We stayed on the basis of the Lonely Planet review which described it as a "Club Med style hostel" -- this it most definitely is not. Stay somewhere else, sleep on the street if you must but dont give these people your hard earned cash.  ()
4  This place is great. Incredibly laid back, only US9 per night in a clean dorm with a big locker (bring your own lock tho), decent young crowd, relaxed staff, breakfast included (tho it's only toast and coffee), very close to surely some of the best beaches in the world. Bathrooms and showers were not so great. Otherwise, highly recommended.  ()

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