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Kabul Backpackers Hostel

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This is one of the top fun/party hostels in Europe. It's located in Placa Reial, a popular Gaudi-designed square just off of Las Ramblas, Barcelona's main drag. It has a pool table, a nice view of the square, and vending machines offering everything from beer to grilled ham and cheese.

The crowd can sometimes run a little on the frat-boy side, but there is usually enough of a variety of people about to find intereresting people to hang out with. There's no curfew or lockout, but you also don't have to get up early to reserve your bed for another day if you decide to lengthen your stay. If you sleep past checkout, they assume you're staying another day and you just have to pay sometime during the day.

It isn't cheap and the showers are the minimalist type, with no curtains. And if you're the type that likes to sleep at night, earplugs might be a good idea since people get back from clubs at all hours, straight through to morning. Try to get an online reservation, but if the online beds are taken they don't take reservations any other way, so arrive early to get on the waiting list and expect to wait around until early afternoon before you can actually check-in.

For young backpackers looking to have a good time in Barcelona, this hostel is a great choice.

by David
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Good party hostel! Cramped room ... Kabul was a very fun hostel. Simple dinner of pasta with some variety of sauce served every night at 8:30. Club outing organized every night which provides free entry and skipped lines to some of the best clubs in Barcelona. My only complaint is that I booked my room 3 months in advance, and I ended up in the world's squishiest 8-bed dorm, when other people who booked later had a spacious 8-bed dorm.  , age 23, Canada ()
2   Overrated, cramped and dirty Chose this hostel because of a reputation of being a social hostel and it had good reviews. I stayed in a 20 person room. First of all, the pros -- they have a very cool key system which uses a magnetic key to open the front door and their spacious lockers in the rooms. Also they offer free lunch and dinner if youre there at exactly the time its served. Cons -- where do i start. The beds are cramped together and dirty, the room has poor ventilation, i saw cockroaches in the lobby area, the wifi was very spotty, there are no plugs in the rooms so everyone is just sitting next to their phone all day in the lobby waiting for them to charge, the showers have this annoying push button system where you have to press the button every 15 seconds or else the water turns off. The so called social atmosphere was nonexistent because of the previously mentioned problem of everyone being chained to their phone being plugged in, and most people are there with school groups or another large group of people looking to rage together and not talk to anyone else, so overall not good for a solo traveler looking to meet new people. Price is somewhat cheap, and the location is close to the city center, but there are plenty of much better hostels that meet these criteria in barcelona.  , age 22, USA ()
4   Very young and lively atmosphere I loved my stay at the Kabul -- it's location is amazing and puts you right in the middle of all the action, however a lot of that action (during the night at least) involves prostitutes and lots of pick pockets. Keep your stuff safe. And I'm talking not your front pocket but like inside your shoe. They pretend like they're handing out cards to promote clubs but really they just want you to come closer so they can access your pockets easier. Don't walk down las ramblas (the beaches) during the night either -- I got hassled by two men that didn't leave us alone for 10 minutes -- it's scary down there. If you're safe, this is the place to stay. The actual hostel is very nice and modern -- their food isn't that great but it's free and you get a lot of it. My only complaint really about the hostel is that there aren't plug ins in the rooms and they won't let you charge your phone in the bathrooms for some reason. But there's plenty of plug ins in the lounge area and then you can mingle anyway. I met a ton of people from all over the world.  , age 19, United States of America ()
4   Good value for money for party lovers Excellent location in the heart of the city. Large hostel with a bar located at the first floor, which is a great place for meeting others, drinking and going out together. Clean enough. Good service. Three very simple meals during the day included in the price (if you are on time). You can take a free guided tour, which is nice, take a bar crawl at 10 PM (I didn't like it as it was too commercial) and go out to a club with the others at 1:15 AM (which was fun). Enjoy!  , Poland ()
5   Lively place. Excellent tours of the city included Intense place to be, as is the whole of Barcelona. Here you're located right off the main drag, La Ramblas, and right in the Gothic quarter. Always parties or something going on at this hostel. On a Monday night they were organizing a group outing to a club -- you meet in the lobby area first, at two in the morning! Really slick security system whereby you're given this tiny key looking thing which is actually a unique microchip which unlocks the front door, your dorm room door, and also your own locker. There are no outlets in the room but you can have your electronics charged at the front desk by staff. They'll just put a label on your device and you come and get it whenever. No outlets in the room because I guess enough people were getting their phones and cameras stolen as they were charging. Breakfast is included and, while I was there, a complimentary dinner. Nothing special, but it should keep you full for awhile. Excellent guided tours of the city are included. You sign up the day before usually. There was a fabulous tour of the Gothic quarter given by this funny and cute girl named Jo. One of the best guided tours I've ever had. Thanks Kabul!  , Quebec ()
5   Very good very good location (fifty metres away from las ramblas, half an hour walk from the beach, view on a beautiful plaza). very clean (rooms cleaned everyday), very clean toilets and rooms. very friendly staff (good advice on where to go and how to go somewhere), staff always happy to help. organized nights to go clubbing for free (every night). comfortable rooms (quiet except for the people in your room). very big lockers. free connection to the internet. good prices.  , French ()
3  Just turned thirty and felt a bit on the older side staying here. Many young "frat-boys" is quite an adequate expression. A bit noisy, if you are not partying. Excellent location. Cheap beer. No free internet. A decent hostel. Staff probably a bit overworked.  , Finland ()
2   Noisy, took my deposit! I checked out on time, and my room was left just as I left it. However, I didn't get my deposit (15 Euros) back when I gave in my key, and when I emailed the next day they said I couldn't get it back as I should have asked at the time. I guess this happens a lot, and I wonder how much extra money they make from this and whether the staff member or the hostel kept it? They didn't answer that email! Other than that, its difficult to charge phones as there's no electric in the room. There's internet access, but not enough computers (compared to other hostels), and a lot of these are very uncomfortable to sit at. It's very noisy, loud music that you can hear through earplugs comes from the common room until past 1 a.m., even if you have a quieter room. It's noisy in the day too, as there's building work going on in the halls, so it's hard to make up for the lack of sleep with a siesta! The staff are nowhere near as friendly as other hostels and are often quite rude/intimidating/unhelpful. Though I must say the guy that served breakfast was lovely and even taught me some catalan. Other than that the lockers are good as you open them with your room key (though after reading the posts below I'm a bit more concerned with leaving valuables in there than I was). he bunk beds are high with very narrow ladders too, I got stuck/nearly fell off a few times, which has never happened in other hostels!  , UK ()

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