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An average hostel in a good location. The entrance looks really nice and modern, but unfortunately the rest of the hostel isn't nearly as impressive. The condition and cleanliness of the rest of the hostel is perhaps average at best, but the cost is more than most other Barcelona hostels. There is a small common area with computers for internet access. There is a two night minimum stay, which usually indicates that it's the kind of place where people want to leave after just one night. There are no fans or A/C in the rooms.
by David
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Ideal Youth Hostel" at Carrer Unió, 10 - 12.)


Carrer Unió, 10 - 12, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
41.379708, 2.173502
idealhostel88@portal.dormproject.ch, ideal@idealhostel.com
+34 933 426 177
+34 934 123 848
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Cheap, Great location, Good accommodation
The hostel is in side alley of La Rambla (a big street with lots of shops and stands which takes you right to port). Rooms are opened by cards (5euro refundable deposit for each card). There are lockers in your room (bring your Padlock). Bathrooms and toilets are shared by whole floor. Kitchen and fridge is shared by whole hostel. Great terrace on the roof accessible all day and night. The staff is also very friendly and nice (We were 7 people and reserved beds in room for 12 because it was cheaper than in room for 8 ... when we arrived we were given beds in for 8 without any additional fee and they didn't give anyone else to us). Con -- wifi only on ground floor. Hostel is about 20 minutes walk or 5 min by underground from beach and the way to beach is very nice (you walk past stands, past the port, through a park). You can buy food in Carrefour about 400 away (Rambla de los Estudios, 113) or Caprabo (cheaper shop) about 100m away (Carrer Nou de Sadurní, 9). I would not recommend going further in side alleys alone if you're a woman. I would definitely recommend this hostel for young people and probably also for families (there were mostly young people but they weren't noisy).
Age 20, Czech Republic
Very Large hostel
People everywhere. Rooms are kinda small but you get what you pay for. Be careful where you keep your stuff while you sleep. Staff is helpful.
Age 22, USA
Excellent location but everything else was pretty much horrible
Pros -- Excellent location. Friendly male staff (not the female staff ...). Decent sized showers. Cons -- Very small and stuffy rooms. Dirty sheets. No AC. Tiny bathrooms. Sinks were always clogged and bathrooms never cleaned. Wifi only on main floor. Alleyway to enter hostel is very unsafe at night.
Age 22, Canada
Miserable! Horrible! Unfriendly and aggressive!
I've been there for three nights with my girlfriend. The room was dirty. The toilet/ bath was unsanitary; it was never cleaned during our stay. The staff was unfriendly, partly aggressive (an indian coworker even shook his fist at me). They even cheated us (they cashed 35 EUR as refund for the magnetic keycard, but they just payed us 30 EUR back!). They refused to give us the remaining 5 EUR back and didn't engage with discussion). So if you want to have a nice and relaxed time in Barcelona, you should avoid this hostel! I cannot recommend it and would disadvise everybody from booking a room there!
Ron S
The worst hostel I've never been
I had a private room en-suite, and I couldn't use my bathroom most of the time because there was a leak (and the staff didnt apologize for that, and nobody told us to use another bathroom or to change the room), the staff entered the room without asking at any time (we could be changing our clothes or having a shower or sleeping, and they simply entered the room), one day when we returned to the room after the staff cleaned it, the door was completely open!
Well situated in the center of Barcelona and affordable
I had nice time staying there. The rooms were cleaned daily and everything worked well. Price/quality comparison was great. The staff were nice and helpful.
  I really think that it isn't so bad. i've read this about the hostel that isn't true. there are no bugs and there are sheets. you just have to see it for yourself.
  The Ideal Youth Hostel is deifinately not ideal, but it wasn't awful either. We stayed for two nights in April, drawn to booking here for the location and inexpensive price. We did get bumped up from a sixteen-person dorm to a four-person en-suite room with a balcony, but it was still kind of gross. No sheets or pillows or even a covering on mattresses and they squeak so loudly you can't move at night or risk waking the entire building. Breakfast was tiny, but at least they provided something. I would suggest emailing for more specific directions to the hostel because they're very vague and you can easily go in the opposite direction from the building. We had to find an English-speaking guy to help us find it. I probably wouldn't stay here again, but if you're a budget traveler it isn't that bad.

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