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Classic Plaza Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
City Plaza Hostel is a good place to stay if on a budget. It is easy to access many of the major sites from the hostel's central location in downtown Cairo. The zebra-print chairs, sofas, and the Egyptian paint murals in the main entrance make this a welcoming environment.

The Location

It can be a bit difficult to locate as the street signs are not provided on the main street. The hostel is also not labeled on the outside of the building and is located on the sixth floor. Don't let the appearance or smell of the stairs be discouraging, it is not a direct reflection of the hostel itself. It is easily accessible to the Ramses Train Station, a five-minute walk to the Metro and to many shops in the downtown area.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are not the largest and the beds are not the most comfortable, but the rooms are clean and inviting. All rooms have locks on the doors and unlocked storage space. The outside traffic noise of downtown Cairo is constant and can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to sleep. There are rooms that have private bathrooms attached along with two bathrooms with showers, one smaller than the other. The showers do have hot water but with little water pressure and no shower curtain. The bath tends to back up and is not very clean. The water from the showers creates a mess on the floor.

Common Spaces

There is a small common area with seating cushions, one computer for internet use, and a television with satellite. Although there is a common area, this is not much of a social hostel. The small kitchen consists of two burners and a small refrigerator. Breakfast is included -- it's limited but good.


This is a fairly new and up and coming hostel. The staff are very helpful and offer assistance as needed including with tours and maps. The price is small and the quality is moderate -- as in many places in Cairo, you get what you pay for.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
February 2009
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