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London Connection Hostel is about five blocks from the train station and twenty blocks from the port of Marseille.

The Location

It´s well located, and although the neighborhood doesn´t look very nice, the hostel is clean. You have to remove your footwear everytime you come from outside, so that´s a way to keep floor clean.

Rooms and Bathrooms

It has three rooms that are big enough to sleep and have your stuff around. One bedroom has five bunk beds and the other two bedrooms have three bunk beds. They are mixed rooms, but as long as people are reasonable, you won´t have any problem. In the bedrooms it's hard to find sockets, so it might be an inconvenience if everybody wants to plug in laptops or cell phones. The sheets are also clean and they are changed when new guests arrive.

As it is not a very big hostel, you won´t have problems with security. There is no curfew. The guy gives you a key to the front door of the building and a code to unlock the door of the hostel. Inside the building you go upstairs to the second floor to get to the hostel (unfortunately there is no elevator). Once inside you are able to move around freely (not too much because it´s a small place). There are no lockers so you have to leave your stuff next to your bed.

The bathrooms, which are cleaned everyday, have two separate showers (you can have a shower as long as you want) and two separate toilets. There is a big mirror with plenty of light and sockets around the mirror, so you can use a hairdryer (take it with you because you don´t have one there).

Common Spaces

You can only meet people in your bedroom. You can sit on your bed and talk to whoever is sharing the bedroom with you at the time of your stay. There is a kitchen, which is quite clean, and everything is quite new. The fridge is big enough for everybody and it also has a big freezer (too bad you can´t drink alcohol inside the hostel! But one beer is allowed). It has a new microwave oven and two new laundry machines. The only problem is that you don´t have a nice and comfortable table to eat at or do whatever you want -- they only have a breakfast bar. The hostel doesn't have internet access.


The guy that gives you the "welcome" seems not too friendly at the beginning, but when you talk to him a few more times, you get his "nice guy" out of him. He doesn´t speak English fluently, but he understands you everything and tries hard so you understand him. The guy at the reception (reception is in fact this guy's bedroom) leaves his door open most of the time (except at night, when he´s sleeping of course!).
by federico sanchez Staff Reviewer
November 2009


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "London Connection B&B" at 22, boulevard Camille Flammarion.)


22, boulevard Camille Flammarion, Marseille (Marseilles), Provence, France
43.302068, 5.385434 (accuracy not guaranteed)
None (if you know the URL of their website, tell us and we'll add it)
+33 699014149
+44 207 112 3551
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Not a great hostel
Overall I did not like this hostel. First, the rooms were small and had triple bunk beds. The beds were very squeaky and offered little head room (I would estimate that I had 2.5 feet of headroom in the top bunk. Second, the common room closes at 20:00, which was way too early in my opinion. Third, it was somewhat dirty. Fourth, the location is not very good. I didn't feel unsafe (but I am a 25 yr old male), but there was little to do. At the current price point I thought the hostel was way overpriced. I would not stay there again.
Age 25, USA

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