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A hostel located 10 minutes from the main train station of Geneva. A couple minutes more will bring you to Lake Geneva. The hostel has a feeling of institutionalism; it is abnormally clean and very concrete (literally). Other then being rather souless, you surely must encounter some strange folk given the 350 beds available. The hostel offers a plethora of services including; a TV room receiving cable, arcade game, pool table, kitchen, laundromat, private parking, paying internet access, playground, and meeting rooms/classrooms. Bathrooms are on every floor, which could use maintenance a little more often. Swiss army knives are sold at discount, and lockers are provided for a small charge of 2 CHF (the keys are sold in the vending machine). Older people, families, children, and backpackers all share the floor, which may mean some guests won't be as tolerant as some backpackers are. For instance, they may be a bit more intolerant to subtle behaviour like entering a room a little too noisy after they have retired early.

by David
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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5   Outstanding It is safe (electronic-secured big lockers, entry only to entitled persons), clean, good service, and after all affordable. For the price of ca. 35$ you get breakfast, free wifi, a day-ticket for Geneva-Transportation system (including a boat-tour with the yellow boats). Summary -- simple and outstanding.  , age 55, Germany ()
5   Great place to stay A modern hostel located in a nice safe area, only few minutes walk to the main station and the famous Geneva Lake, it is well equipped, clean, and the best part about it is the Breakfast. Well there are only two hostels in the city to choose from. It is highly recommended.  , age 46, US ()
4   Not too shabby Really enjoyed the inexpensive stay. I don't have too much to say here other than I have no real complaints. The breakfast wasn't all too great, but then it only cost 45 CHF/night so I'm not complaining.  , age 24, USA ()
4   Excellent breakfast Wish it could be cheaper. Free transportation is nice.  ()
1   Worst Hostel of the Trip After staying in eight other hostels, this one was by far the worst. The staff was rude when trying to ask questions and split our group up into two separate rooms saying we had only reserved beds and not a room for the hostel. On top of that, the room we stayed in had bugs everywhere. I am glad we only had to be there one night.  ()
2   Noisy and stinky I have just got home after staying three nights in this hostel. I have traveled to lots of countries and always stayed in hostels. Never before I stayed in a place so noisy like this one. I paid for a private room, so you figure how dorms will be. The place is huge and attracts big groups. The noise level increases after midnight when the reception closes. Groups tend to stay talking very loudly in the floors and doors slam all the time. Drunk guys tend to knock on the doors just for "fun." This happened twice when I was there. Basically no one respects that is already very late and some people would like to sleep. The hostel is clean, but there is a very bad smell in the lifts and in the bathrooms. That's really disgusting and lots of people were complaining about that. It seems like there is something rotten somewhere, but, as I said, the bathrooms were clean. perhaps very old pipes that needed urgent cleaning? The good part is the breakfast which is very good. You get cereals, yoghurt, bread, juice, and something hot to drink.  , Switzerland ()
4  Admittedly, stayed here with our family. I reserved a room for four with bathroom facilities on the phone. When we arrived we were assigned a room for six without bathroom facilities. It is clean here, and the breakfast is ok. But the staff doesn't seem particularly thrilled to be working here. Everything is under lock and key -- a swipe card (key), that is. That means that doors slam shut round the clock at seemingly ten-second intervals. This kept my husband and me awake -- our two sons didn't hear anything. We weren't able to get a parking space because their parking lot was full, but for 10 swiss francs could park in a locked garage. Not a bad deal. The location is very good. The rooms are extremely austere. The staff gave us a map of the city and we were each given a pass to use on the public transportation system for the two days we were in town -- quite a good deal, I think.  , American but live in Germany ()
4  Stayed here for one night. Pretty nice place that is absolutely huge. The outside has the feeling of a cold cement complex but the room are very pleasant with wood floors and huge windows. Also very close to the center of Geneva with walking distance from the train station and the lake. The lockers are huge located outside your room so you don't trouble roomies with too much noise. There is one huge bathroom per sex per floor. The shower is a little strange with short bursts of water but it's ok I guess for not allowing wastage. Only two recommendations. The kitchen is definitely very helpful and a good way to meet people. However, you must use one Swiss Franc to buy a token from the front desk in order to use the stove top (no oven) which sort of sucks. Also, to any traveler, pack earplugs in case you get roomed with a snorer. Enjoy your stay!  ()
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