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50 Green Street, Windsor, Melbourne, Vitória, Austrália
-37.633795, 144.809221 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (3) 9521-5338
+61 (3) 9521-5337
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  Very friendly staff.
Geat for a longer stay in Melbourne!
Back of Chapel Backpackers is one of the better places to stay if your planning to hang with the cool kids of Melbourne for more than just a couple of days. Although the hostel itself doesn't actively help find backpackers find work -- at a guess around 60% people are long-term stayers and employed. This creates a perfect environment for making friends/socializing whilst also being able to get a decent nights kip. On top of that you get free breakfast, free wifi, great location and friendly staff, and all for a more than reasonable price. The location of the hostel is a few steps away from the buzzing Chapel Street. While this is a little away from the CBD (which can be easily reached in 15mins by tram/train), the road itself more than makes up for it by having some of the best places to eat/party in the whole of Melbourne. In fact many people staying in the CBD venture to Chapel street to have a good time instead! You can't stay in Melbourne without eating out often. The temptation will be too much. Near the hostel recommended places are Mad Mex (Mexican), Sea Salt (fish & chips), Spud Bar (a potato! with toppings) and Yo Get It (self serve frozen yoghurt with toppings). The rooms at Back of Chapel are standard size, but have plenty of storage options. There are boxes under the beds into which you can unpack your clothes (not big enough for a while suitcase/backpack to fit into), and also free lockers which can fit, at the very least, a day pack -- so plenty of room for valuables. Bedsheets are a bit worn, but apparently at the time of writing a new batch have been ordered. Rooms are vacuumed at least once a week. Bathroom are enough for the amount of people staying and cleaned daily, though could probably use a revamp pretty soon in the future. The kitchen is small and could use an extra fridge. Also you have to pay a $10 deposit for a set of plates and cutlery which is recommended to be kept in your dorm rooms so you still have it all by then end of your stay. The common room in the hostel is small, but this gets people interacting and is a great place to meet people. There is a TV with foxtel (and DVD player). There is no bar (there used to be), but this just means you can BYO before a great night out on Chapel Street. Free wifi is available throughout the building, however they have an annoying system where by you have to re-login every 20mins. Frustrating, but then again it is free so can't complain too much. Other places people hang are the outside eating area (with BBQ) and if your lucky with which room you're in, a balcony. All in all, this is a great hostel, rough around the edges, but with a great homely vibe that keeps people coming back. The perfect place to find yourself spending much longer at then you ever anticipated!
Age 25, British
Bedbugs, unclean, poor management
Description and photos on the website are not representative of the current state of Back of Chapel whatsoever. The kitchen and bathrooms are not recently renovated or modern.There is also a lack of cups, plates, bowls, and other kitchen utensils. The bathrooms are especially grimy and mostly in need of repair. When I stayed Jan/Feb 2011 there were loose tiles and uncovered spikes where the carpet ends which I cut my foot on on the first day, I wore my shoes at all times after this. You are not allowed to drink any of your own alcohol on the site (you risk being evicted), you must buy it from the bar which has an extremely limited range of alcohol. It is also $1 per 10 minutes to use the internet which is very steep considering most of the other hostels nearby offer free wi-fi. The TV room has a large TV however not enough seating and smells. The air conditioning barely functions, despite the websites claims. I stayed in a private room which had a broken fan, curtains falling off and a TV that didn't work. The bed was certainly not new, could feel every spring and it had bedbugs. When we reported the bites to reception the first time we woke up with them we were told to check for bedbugs and let them know if it happened again, despite being absolutely covered with huge, red itchy welts. The next time we complained to reception (as we were waking up with new bites every morning) they gave us some cream to help with the itching but told we couldn't move rooms and that they "couldn't really do anything about it". We weren't offered compensation or told that anything would be done. The lady at reception said her records showed the "cleaner had been in to sort it out" when they clearly hadn't and we weren't even offered any fresh linen. Regardless, when there is a bedbug issue the room needs to be treated professionally, not by the backpackers cleaner. The owner is clearly only concerned about turning a profit, putting money into the bar renovations to attract more sales when she should be sorting out the repairs and maintenance that are really needed in the rest of the hostel. It is such a shame as it is in a great location and the guests there are so friendly and a pleasure to be around. The owner also seems to be in a constant battle with all the residents, an owner of a backpackers should be a people-person who enjoys interacting with the guests, not someone who seems to despise them. With a lot of TLC and an attitude adjustment of the owner, this place could be great.
I had a great time there in 2006.
Dirty and loud
The facilities in this were not up to scratch. The bathrooms are dirty. The walls/windowsills are grimy, the showers themselves are very dirty, and the toilet seat is broken. It looks like it hasnt had a proper cleaning for a long time. Daily cleaning involves mopping the floor but not much else. The kitchen is well equipped but small, steer clear at peak times, and it is a bit dirty in places too. We stayed over a weekend and it was very loud, despite us being in an upstairs room where they claim is quiet. The residents didnt stop shouting and playing music until past 6 in the morning -- impossible to sleep. That being said, they do have a huge TV, so if that is what you want in a hostel this is the place for you. Otherwise there are better places nearby for similar rates.
  I would stay at this hostel again without hesitation. My only problem was lack of reception staff (this place has a high staff turnover rate by the sounds and looks of it). We stayed at the hostel for about four days and during that time over probably a 24 hour period there was no one on reception (the new girl was in hospital). However the manager did kindly give my friend who arrived during that time a free night for the trouble. This place has character( an older style building), a huge tv, and just great areas to chill out and meet the other backpackers. All the bathrooms were nice and the outdoor area was good. Kitchen is also pretty decent and perfect size for the place. I didn't make much use of it but free breakfast til 11 and a bbq on Sunday which is all free and great. Just of Chapel St so lots of good shopping there. The beds were good, pillows were pretty crappy and storage lockers provided, the locks were a bit hard to open on some though. I think it's the people who were staying at the hostel when our group was there that really made it.

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