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Very friendly people, great view, great food. I had a 300 baht room (oct 2006), but there was one very negative experience in my opinion -- the room was full of ants! And not the small, but the big ones. I used some of my spray to keep them away from the bed, but i really hate ants in my bed. Otherwise, this guesthouse would have been great. Maybe I just had bad luck, but I don't really like this.



Hi Jib and Taew!! The Bamboo Guesthouse is AWESOME. Jib makes you feel like family and Taew takes you under her wing as if you were her own. Hows MIM? Their Daughter!! I have stayed at Bamboo several times, the first time I was gonna stay for a couple of nights and ended up staying around 20 nihgts in the dorm (spotless and clean). I have ended up there several times again Everytime is better than the last (if that can be)..Cant wait to stay at the BAMBOO GH again and see my GOOD friends Jib and Taew. The Mekhong is absolutely breath taking, especially the view from the upstairs restaurant. Great job on this Guest House.

Ken Brown (USA)


The Bamboo Riverside Guest House is awesome. It's a great place to pass the days reading as the Mekhong slowly drifts by in front of you. Husband and wife Jib and Taew run the place and Taew makes the most incredible food! Do yourself a favor and order a plate of the Mexican nachos and one of the Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas (Taew's Indian Curry Chicken is also outstanding).



I have stayed at Bamboo several times and would recommend it to anyone. Great location and views of the Mekhong and Laos. Wonderful Mexican and Thai food and very clean rooms.



Great! Absolutely clean and the Mexican food is good. Highly recommended.

Piya S


I stayed here for about 10 days in March 2004. Don't be too quick to jump on that boat over to Laos, stay a while and find the unexplored beauty in the untouched surroundings. You'll find the locals so friendly. I spent most of my days out on the river with the locals, playing bowls, drinking in the evenings and singing Thai songs. I would really like to find out the e-mail address.

Andy Walker - England


I love this place, and stay there whenever I pass through Chiang Khong. December is peak season in Thailand, so of course there are a lot of tourists. And it's great, because otherwise the Bambook Riverside (and every other guesthouse in Thailand or anywhere in the world) couldn't survive without tourists to fill the rooms ....



Stopped by on my way to Laos. I slept in one of the bungalows, which indeed was very clean and very comfortable. Not sure about the Mexican food though, and the whole place felt quite touristy even though it was December. Else waking and seeing the Mekong is great.



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Sorry, this hostel has closed.

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