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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Ostello Villa Olmo" at Via Bellinzona 2.)


Via Bellinzona 2, コモ, Lombardy, イタリア共和国
45.818121, 9.064035 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Know before you go
I really liked this hostel. It was clean and the staff were really friendly and helpful, the manager gave me a map and details about the city's attractions, and a discounted ticket to the funicular. The rooms are huge dorms and I was lucky that when I stayed there were only 4 other girls in the dorm. The shower wasn't fantastic (there was nowhere to hang my clothes and I can't imagine how it would cope with 30+ people in the room) but it was manageable and most importantly -- clean! My advice of know before you go means yes -- there is a lockout (but really, are you in Como to stay in your room all day?) so just plan around this. The 3 course meal isn't the best I've had in Italy but it was tasty and a great price. There isn't a huge amount to do in Como, but there's a ferry you can take to Bellagio and beyond, and the hostel is in a great location to walk around the lake to the city centre. I'd say its fine for short stays, I would definitely stay there again and recommend it to friends.
Age 33, Australia
Nice hostel
This is a nice hostel. We stayed here for one night. It is really close to the lake. Como itself is not that interesting, but the lake is beautiful. The staff are nice and friendly and willing tot give information. The rooms are a bit damp, but it was very warm, and the showers are small, but clean! We had a nice stay. Breakfast is included and is ok.
Ok, I went backpacking thirty-eight days to only Italy and visited more than fifteen cities staying in lots of hostels and seriously this is the worst hostel of all the fifteen-plus that I stayed in. Ok where to start, First the closing hours are so stupid, they close six hours in the middle of the day and maybe you think that it is not a problem and all the hostels do that and that is not true, only two of the fifteen-plus hostels that I stayed in did this and the other only close like two hours, this one closes six hours, so If you need to go back, If you forgot something, If it gets cold and you need your sweater, whatever reason, you are stuck in como just watching your watch and wait until they open, it is so annoying, this happened a few times. Then not only do they close six hours in midday, they also close at midnight, but they seriously close, we couldn't get any nightlife because of this rule, until we had to beg a guy we met there to let us sleep in his house, so we could go out, how pathetic is that? then we got back to the hostel and they charged us an extra night because we got there ten minutes after the checkout rule that was at 10 a.m., but they close at 10 a.m., so if you get a bit late you're stranded outside with your dirty clothes and you have to wander in that small city for six hours until they open, they say they close to clean but really they dont clean anything, seriously this was the worst hostel of all italy, the staff was ok, but the rules sucked ass so bad, the beds are nothing special. i hated this hostel so much, please go somewhere else.
Pedro Vazquez
We had a very busy and hot time in Rome and than we came in Como. It was really nice! The hostel people were very friendly and helpful and also funny. the warm welcome every time when we returned was so nice! it was feeling like home!
Gerdie vd W
This hostel is everything a hostel should be. A big warm welcome, a plethora of information from the staff, great value meals, and warm spacious dorms and a great location.
  I was going to Milan to meet a man I had met on the internet. He was supposed to be a manager of a human resource department for IBM. He and I have chatted on the internet for over a year and talked on the phone. When I arrive in Milan, I am supposed to stay at his guesthouse with him. He meets me at the airport, then says "Sorry, I am not interested in you, you are not what I expected, you are very overweight." So I was left stranded at the airport. I went to a casino nearby and gambled playing blackjack and won over $60,000. So I decided to cheer myself up by going to Lake Como. I arrived at the hostel and a lady said I looked sad. I told her what happened. She felt sorry for me. We enjoyed an espresso together then she said to take her private room stay for a week, enjoy Lake Como and regroup before going back to New York. I told her thanks. She brought me healthy meals to my room everyday like Mediterranean salads with Feta cheeese and green tea. She made me take sixty-minute walks everyday and told me that I need to keep it up when I return to New York. She said that when I lose two hundred pounds, the next man I meet over the internet will not turn me away when I go to meet him.
michelle michini
  This hostel is unreliable and dishonest. During my recent visit my friend and I had clearly made reservations, our names taken and arrival time noted. When we arrived in Como, the hostel claimed that we did not have reservations because they had given our spaces away. I believe they take fake reservations just to insure full booking. Arriving late at night, we were stranded in Como with no place to go because of their dishonesty.
  Three stars for the 10 till 4 lock out (they lock you out of the entire premises, not just the bedrooms). The staff are reasonably helpful except when you need the slightest favor or exception to one of the many rules which are numerous. It was clean enough and the evening meals were good but get here on the wrong night and you may end up sharing the 36-bed female dorm with a group of giggling schoolgirls.

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