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80 rue Vitruve, 20è - Père Lachaise Cemetery Area, パリ, Île-de-France, フランス共和国
48.859658, 2.407998 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+33 (0)1 40 32 34 56
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It was an awful experience ... I stayed there with my class last year. First I didn't like the place we stayed at ... you could say it was like a ghetto or something. Very weird people wandering around. At night it was pretty loud outside. So when we finally arrived (after a long walk through that weird place) we were "welcomed" by the unfriendly staff. They first didn't pay attention to us and when they finally did, they just acted annoyed. They told us to bring our luggage down to some kind of cinema room (which smelled awfully). I'm glad that nothing had been stolen there, because we let our stuff there the whole day. We came back in the evening to get to our rooms. The rooms were very filthy and there were pubic hair, insects, red and yellow stains. The floor was covered with all kinds of dirt, too. The toilets and the showers were gross. I don't recommend that hostel, better look for another one.
Traumatized for life.You will cry.
I stayed at this hostel over a year ago and the fact that I'm writing about it now proves that the experience still haunts me to this day. I feel a moral obligation to review this hostel in hopes that others will steer clear. I've stayed at other HIs before and had always had great experiences -- until I stayed with this one, obviously. The building itself looks cool but clearly, all of the money was invested into the unnecessary games room downstairs and not into basic, clean amenities. Let's start with the staff. They do not give a damn about anyone and look completely annoyed when approached by guests. In my experience, hostel staff are usually very outgoing, friendly and helpful. The staff at this hostel were not even the least bit polite. The Internet. I imagine that unless you brought your own computer, you had to pay to use the computers there (like I did). You had to purchase an Internet card and then realize that THE INTERNET DID NOT WORK AT ALL and that of course, the staff could not care less about this. They clearly knew that the Internet was a joke and continued to tell guests to purchase Internet cards. And if you ask them where the nearest Internet cafe is you will be met with looks of exasperation. The beds. Paper sheets. Ugh. The bathrooms and showers. Absolutely filthy. Push button showers with no hot water. Vomit in the stalls and pee in the showers DAILY. They even put signs up that said to stop using the showers as bathrooms. *obvs, bring your shower shoes/ full body suit*. When you cannot look forward to a good night sleep or a decent shower, what can you look forward to? No lockers -- unless you want to pay 1 euro a day to put your stuff in a downstairs locker that you can only open once a day (that's right!). You're not allowed to be in your room from 12-4 PM because the staff is "cleaning". That's obviously not what they are doing so its really just a big waste of time for everyone. But in fact, not being allowed in your dirty rooms for a few hours might be a blessing in disguise. Overall -- pick a different hostel or just find a cheap hotel. This one is not worth it to save a single cent!!
The staff ruin the experience
The building itself (except for the washrooms) would be bearable if properly run. It's a bit out of the way, and can be hard to find on your first try. Too far from the centre of town to run back to and get off your feet for a bit before dinner, say. The big problem is the staff -- they act like the guests are just a nuisance to them. No one seems to give a rat's a** about quality of service -- as if they know people will come no matter how rude or indifferent they are. Breakfast was ok, not great. Ultimately, I'd say why bother with this place.
Good, Clean, Nice staff
I have been there in september 2009. I stayed 3 nights and I have to say that I was satisfied of the services which where offered. The bedroom-shower-restroom-bed were clean. The breakfast was enough (cereals, milk, hot chocolate, cafe, orange juice, jam, cheese, ham, chocolate pasta, honey). Staff was ok, helpful. Of course you can't compare to a starred hostel but for me there was a real "good value for money."
No, never
So happy to be back home, away from this Hostel. It was to me the worst ever. No Soup, no toilet paper, and everything was just dirty! Don't go there!
Bad, Bad, Bad
Ok, where do I start? I shared my room with two other girls, who were great. The bed itself was bad, I came home with insect bites all down my arm. I thank god that I brought my own sheets and pillow, because the pillows they had cannot be called a pillow, just hollow bits of cotton stuffed together. The nearest metro is about a ten- to fifteen-minute walk away and is it in the crappiest part of town. I asked a normal looking middle-aged guy for directions to the road where the hostel is at and he said that I had to take the next bus coming. He got talking to me and when we got onto the bus, I knew about ten minutes later that I was going in the wrong direction. I do not speak French, but when I think now about what he was trying to say to me, I realize that he was a pervert who wanted to get me to his house (where he attempted to take me!), get me drunk and into bed. He wasn't amused when I realized I was going the wrong way! The staff at the hostels are not helpful, they just sit around, pass time, and get paid for it. When you approach them, you know they are thinking "dont come to me, leave me alone." Why work in a hostel with that attitude is beyond me. Cater lady at breakfast time attempted to force me to take away and clean another person's dirty tray and was rude as hell. The guys in this area and generally in Paris are perverts. I got hit on so many times by men, twice in front of their wives/girlfriends! What is it with these people? Keep your belongings safeguarded. There are no lockers in the rooms, only an open communal one, where you can, insecurely, leave your stuff. God knows how this hostel got certified as a HI hostel -- which from my understanding, you have to abide by certain standards. This, in my opinion doesnt abide by any standards!
muy funcional y bien equipado, buena higiene
Estuve en Agosto de 2007. El hostal está muy bien ubicado, cerca de todo, y buena locomoción. Todo es muy funcional y completo. El desayuno es muy bueno. Si volviera a París, volvería a quedarme en el hostal seguro. Lo recomiendo.
Horrible! The worst ever!
I had received a recommendation about this hostel from a guy in Brussels at the hostel we stayed at there, so we booked it over the internet. My three friends and I (two guys, one girl) arrived on a friday. They let us into our rooms, let me make sure you see the part it was rooms. We thought it was a little weird that we had been separated especially since we had booked together. So we brushed it off and went off for the day. When we got back, the girls in the guys' room freaked out that they would have to share a room with guys. Us girls had no problem sharing a room with our guy friends but the hostel would do nothing about fixing the situation. The first night we were there people rudely came in and out all night long. The doors slammed all night long. There was no security on our floors, all I saw was a guy sitting at the desk downstairs. There was only one outlet for the nine beds in our room. Things just kept adding up! In the morning, we went downstairs to check out the breakfast. There are illicit instructions of what each guest was allowed to have. I couldn't fit the orange that I wanted on my tray so I decided that I would come back to it later. When I tried to come back later, I was yelled at by the cook. I tried to explain myself but she kept yelling at me so I just took my orange and left. That night when we got back from our adventures, I tried to talk to the front desk about fixing our problems. The girl at the front desk could have cared less about my complaints. I explained to her that they had a zero noise policy and that I expected them to abide by it. That night a crazy, naked women starting screaming in the hallway at 4 a.m. waking me up. I went to get the security and got no reaction from them. The rooms were disgusting. They were greatly unaired. There were two small windows. The rooms smelt like a dirty locker room. The room we stayed in had nine beds, only one outlet and the bathroom that was attached to the girls' rooms didn't have a working shower (the temperature could not be regulated). The security is a joke! They are just some guys in white shirts that just sit around. The breakfast is horrible. Using the internet is way too expensive, 2 euro for a half hour, seriously. The hostel is super far from everything and in a very scary part of town. I almost forgot about the kids. They were everywhere! And they were rude, getting into everyone's way with no regrets. I will never recommend this to anyone and plan on filing a complaint to my credit card company!

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