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55 Aungier Street, ダブリン, Dublin Region, アイルランド
53.339544, -6.266009 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+353 (0)1 475-0001
+353 (0)1 475-0303
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Good people, standard amenities
Avalon house attracts a young and energetic crowd. Great location and connections to local events and tours. Ok bathrooms, kitchen, and locker system. Staff is friendly.
Age 23, United States of America
Ok so, for starters when we arrived early than our booked time the hostel provided a resting area so we could wait to check in. It was super comfortable the only downside to that part was people walking through. The room itself was really good, there was plenty of space in the 12 person room; the only thing bad was that the room was very hot at night. They provide free breakfast which consisted of weetabix or some other cereal, bread both brown and white with a couple of spreads. The kitchen area was very spacious and provided us with salt and other small cooking nessesities we didnt think to bring. Location very good. Customer service excellent.
Age 18, New Zealand
Friendly hostel in central Dublin
I have been staying at this hostel for a few years now. No.complaints. Great facilities. Friendly staff. Good price. I'm five minutes to Grafton Street and buses are regular just outside.
Age 56, Irish
Nice clean rooms, friendly helpful staff, free access to computers
Avalon hostel has enough variety and facilities to suit most peoples needs, with a good kitchen/dining area if you want to self-cater, and a free breakfast (nothing special, but better than nothing). It's in a good location, a short walk from temple bar and grafton st, but far enough away to be a bit quieter which is nice if u plan to stay longer. I don't know whether it was just timing, as hostels can be hit and miss like this, but there wasn't much of a social/party scene happening, as there's lots of families/europeans staying there looking for work, rather than tourists looking to party. The staff were really helpful, did everything they could to answer any q's i had.
Age 24, Australia
Pricey for what it was and decidedly not child friendly
i brought a group of people here for 3 nights recently and picked this hostel as i thought it looked like a fun place and would best suit the range of ages in our group, how wrong i was. we were attending an anime convention nearby and were 4 older teenagers and me (pregnant), my partner and our two year old, so i booked a 4 bed mixed dorm for the teens and a private double room for us for three nights at a cost of around 450euro. it would have cost us 534euro to stay at the 4 star hotel where the convention was, and i wish we had. our room was nice but that was about it. it was on the top 4th floor and the lift was broken nearly all weekend, so being 6 months pregnant and managing a two year old going up 4 flights of stairs all the time was exhausting. then the first morning i was heartily disappointed and felt cheated by the tin of instant coffee being offered as part of the breakfast given by the so called best coffee house in dublin. then during breakfast my two year old decided to lie on the floor, and as i turned to go to my table to get the bread in order to get him to get up and toast it with me, the big bald guy who apparently runs the hostel shouted at me from behind the counter that i wasn't to just leave my child there. i was extremely shocked at the hostility and rudeness of this guy, he was like a big bully bouncer arms folded shouting at me. i understand my two year old shouldn't have been lying on the floor in the middle of the cafe but i had no intention of leaving him there and all that man had to do was ask. i got the impression that children were an issue with this guy. i just picked up my toddler, quite painfully i might add being heavily pregnant, and left the lousy breakfast there on the spot i was so hurt. then the next day at breakfast the girl behind the counter didn't want to let me have a teaspoon from the precious cafe area so my two year old could eat his cornflakes. she said there were plenty of spoons in the free breakfast area but these were all large dessert and soup spoons. i took a teaspoon anyway, and then spotted her hiding the rest of the spoons behind the counter. the spoon had a hole punched in it that a dublin friend of mine told me is so that junkies won't take them for cooking up in. overall there were a couple of friendly faces from the people who clean the rooms, but for the most part i found the staff behind the counters ranged from indifferent to hostile. this place is not child friendly and should state that fact on its website. the broken lift alone should be enough to determine this fact whatever about certain staff's methods of dealing with children's antics. i wouldn't stay in this place again if they paid me.
Good and bad
Good. The hostel is located close to the places we were visiting in Dublin. Housekeeping did clean the bathroom when we checked in and it was dirty. Bad. They could provide communal items in the kitchen such as clingfilm and tin foil. It makes life easier if you are in the hostel for a matter of days and it is not practical to have that stuff. I was VERY annoyed to be fined €5 upon checking out. Admittedly there was noise in the hostel at night but the front desk should have taken the time to knock on my door and see it was not me.
Ronald Grant
200 Euro fine for "noise pollution"
Hostel is very tidy and perfect for a group of girls visiting Dublin. But a noise complaint was made about us when we came home from a night out, we literally walked back in and were talking in the corridor about who had the key card to get in the room. Then, absolutely knackered after dancing the night away, we went straight to sleep. The hostel took the full 200 Euro deposit money off our card with no warning or time for us to argue our case. We spoke to the manager the next day and she explained that as soon as someone makes a complaint they give them their stay free and take them for a meal. So someone had to pay!!! Put a downer on our holiday, if you want to stay in a 265 bed hostel you cant expect it to be deadly silent!
45 euro a night was way too much for this place! (Especially since I was there in March 2008, during the off season.) The people weren't nice, and the whole place was sketchy. "Breakfast" was bread and oj, and the showers were annoying -- no temperature regulation, just a button to turn it on, and it went off every two minutes. The common room was nice, but small, and there were tons of people. The only lockers available were at reception, and cost a euro a day. I wasn't impressed at all. I would avoid staying here again.
(United States)

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