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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "The Brewery Hostel" at 22/23 Thomas Street.)


22/23 Thomas Street, ダブリン, Dublin Region, アイルランド
53.343147, -6.282291 (accuracy not guaranteed)
00 353 1 453 8600
(01) 453 8616
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Had a paranormal experience at the brewery hostel
i had some very odd occurrences happen to me one night while staying at the hostel. Im sure being hungover and sick had something to do with it but strange and believable all the same. anyways, i found myself floating above the bed at one point, voices of girls giggling and such. After a couple of our fathers i was released. Upon finding myself able to rest again the same night i awoke to the room being arrange differently with a pink backpack resting on the floor in front of the door. the voices said, "shes right behind you" i turned and saw the outline of a figure laying down on another bunk. i kinda freaked out and glided back to my bed. The last happening that night happened after my friends came back from the bars. i awoke to being stuck on my side facing the wall. i heard quick and loud foot steps coming up the stair well. the door opening and a struggle behind me. like some one was being choked. after another prayer i was able to and turn around to witness nothing. the air smelt extra sweet that night afterwords although the factory puts out its own sweet scents, this one was stronger.
Pretty nice
I wasn't quite sure what to expect but in the end I was pleasantly surprised. The place was clean and the folks working there were friendly except one short guy seemed a bit gruff at times but he bought me a beer later on so it's all good. All in all I had a pretty fun time staying here and when I was bored I had free wi-fi to use to kill some time on the net as well, so all smiles.
A recommended place to stay!
The Brewery Hostel is a very good place to stay. The staff is friendly and helpful (locals, who know everything about their town!) and the house itself is centrally located -- it's only ten minutes' walk to Temple Bar. The rooms are spacious and clean (compared to other hostels I've been even very clean) and on Thursdays you're offered a free barbecue -- great chance to meet other travelers, don't miss! Stayed here in August -- Dublin is really beautiful in summertime. If you make it to Dublin, The Brewery Hostel is the place to stay!
Dangerous and Dishonest -- stay away!
The verdict on this place is simple -- don't stay here! The hostel is not only far from the city (fifteen- to twenty-minute walk from O'Connell Street) but also in the worst street in Dublin (Thomas Street), which is full of criminal elements. I know this because the Garda (Irish Police) told me outside! Just take a look at the locals and the environment around. I stayed here when reviewing hostels and many people were unhappy about the service. The security is poor -- things went missing/stolen and staff merely said security cameras aren't working and ignored it. The staff are rude -- especially the black-haired chick who snarls at people when they are taking breakfast in the morning and shouts at them. "She's been like that for years" say Reception, and allow it. And worse still, Brewery Hostel has another building next door which is simply a slum. They check backpackers in here! It's surely illegal and has been reported to Dublin Tourism Authorities. In short, this place is dodgy. It is the shame of Dublin hostels. Avoid, avoid, avoid.
Backpacker Reviewer (Media)
  Unfortunately it is a reality in hostels that sometimes people steal. We offer a free lock up service at the reception desk, which everyone who checks in is told about and which there are signs posted about. Sometimes people choose not to do this and things go missing. One thing I can guarantee is that it certainly is not my staff that takes these things. They have far easier access to far more valuable things than an individual camera for instance and most of them have been working here for between six months and two and a half years. Think about it. If you have a good stay somewhere and we tell you about bus tours and bicycle routes and call restaurants for you and show you directions around the city you say "Bye! Thanks for everything, you guys are awesome! See you again next year!" and off you merrily go. But if something goes wrong for you, you get out your poison pen and go hunting for internet sites. And sometimes you add extra problems that you never reported to the front desk because they never happened. Thanks to computers I can see that from when I started in mid-April through Saturday, Oct. 14th, fourteen thousand, six hundred thirty-three beds have been booked here. With an average two-day stay that's seven thousand, three hundred sixteen people. You do the math on who's been happy and who's not. You're always welcome to come and see the facilities here at the hostel for yourself. We have many repeat customers and many who stay for long periods of time. Please keep in mind that just because an individual backpacker has written a review, this does not mean it's an unbiased or truthful review. Chris Brewery Hostel [This is a management response]
Chris, management response
  I had a very good time in this hostel. I was positively surprised of the cleanliness (rooms, bathroom, kitchen), which was definitely over average! In the night it was quiet, so we could sleep very good! Although everybody could come and go the whole night long. The free internet access is great! The included breakfast was more than enough. The staff was especially friendly! I forgot my glasses in my room and they didn't hesitate to send it back to me to Germany! If I will be again in Dublin I will stay at the brewery hostel again!
Hannah from Germany
  We have been in several hostels in the past, but this is the worst place we have ever been. It is very dirty, especially the rooms (I was beaten by bugs in the linen), the water supply is really poor and frequently cut, the room smelled awful (guinness factory very close), they robbed our cameras in the room (with the doors closed, so the staff is suspicious). A place to take to the court.
  The inside of the hostel was clean, and there was free breakfast, a kitchen, social area and Internet. The long termers there, though, took over everything and didn't make anyone else feel welcome, (unless you were blonde, female, 18 years old etc.). It's a 10 to 15-minute walk to Temple Bar, and four minutes to the Guinness Factory. If you can avoid going out the back do it, because you won't like what you see. A very large rubbish dump in the backyard, it was disgusting, but that is also where the cars and Shamrocker Buses park. Other than that the rest of the hostel is clean.

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