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300 Wellington Street, パース (Perth City), Western Australia, オーストラリア
-31.952994, 115.864073 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (8) 9287-3333
+61 (8) 9287-3344
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Different vibe to be expected at bigger/city hostels
I arrived early to stay for only one night. Check-in wasn't until 1 but they stored my bag and let me roam around the lounge areas which were pretty nice. But the people didn't have that open and friendly attitude where they want to meet you or have a chat like most other places I've stayed. Maybe it's because it's a big city. It also had way more middle-aged people than I've ever seen at a hostel (usually at 30 I'm the oldest) I had a 4-share female room that smelled horribly like feet (don't know if it was the room or the other backpacker) the air-con didn't blow any cold air so we had a window open to let in train noise all night. The bed was a big, thick mattress (too soft for my liking) and they had little bed lights for each person, which was a nice touch.
Age 30, USA
Good location
Stayed for six nights, got used to the train noise very easily but found the weekend bar noise awful -- yes I'm over fifty! but it went on til the early hours. Having said that the place was friendly, clean, and the kitchen ok -- a bit small but that meant you got talking to people which is a good thing.
Good but beware of long term residents
upsides -- handy location, reasonably clean, plenty of facilities, 24 hour check in. downside -- this is best illustrated by an incident i had with a long-term resident. i was sitting in their "reading room" quietly using my laptop, when this guy comes in and informs me that i am not allowed to use my laptop in the "reading room," you are only allowed to "read." judging from his accent, this guy appears to be a "local", probably in his mid to late thirties. his appearance is unkempt, his build is scrawny, and his behaviour is creepy. anyway, after informing me of this nonsensical and probably nonexistent "rule," he fully expects me to get up and move, even though i was the only person in the reading room. i ask him if he works here, he says no, but he's been here a long time. apparently he thinks that gives him the right to run the place! he then is offended by my question, and tells me that he was simply telling me of the rules in a polite and friendly way. i tell him that no, what he did was very rude, because there is no possible way to tell somebody that without being antisocial. so here we have a long-termer who not only is unaware of complexities of social interaction, but is outside his jurisdiction. at this point, he becomes extremely emotionally unstable. he starts cursing and pointing at me, and i tell him i will only move if someone from the yha staff tells me that i have to move. he continues to curse like a crazy man, and i repeat myself. finally he leaves and goes to the front desk and starts complaining. one of the kind staff members, comes up to talk to me to see what is going on, then apologises to me for the incident and leaves. then apparently he starts causing a scene in front of the staffers, i don't know exactly what happened because i was still in the reading room. his tantrum causes the staff members to come up to talk to me again, and asks me to move because she's afraid of what he might do, apparently his behaviour is starting to scare her. so then i leave the room. if you can put up with the occasional encounter with the creepy, emotionally unstable, below average intelligence long termer, then this is a great place to stay!
Mostly clean and comfy.
My room was clean and comfy and the facilities, security, and staff are good, however it wouldn't be too good if you are a light sleeper as it is very close to suburban train tracks (however train frequency drops off at night and I didn't have a problem as i'm not a light sleeper). It doesn't have awesome atmosphere and the kitchen can get a bit dirty. Good location in quiet part of town (then again all of perth is quiet!) and close to the train station and inner city attractions. Not a party hostel, which is good or bad depending on who you are. The hostel cafe/bar is tasty and good value. I enjoyed my stay here overall. To stay here you really need to book ahead as it fills up and its not overly cheap. The staff are fantastic though.
(New Zealand)
This place is wonderful.
The huge renovated sandstone Art deco building takes your breath away and as I walked through the sliding glass entrance doors I felt more like I was entering a 5 star hotel. I was in a 4 share dorm which was beautifully clean and had 24 hour remote controlled air conditioning (very much needed in a Perth summer). Swipe card security, a swimming pool, nice modern laundry and many areas to socialize including large verandahs with views of the city. There was none of this crazy plates and cutlery deposit rubbish and there was a whole floor devoted to kitchen and food storage areas and a huge, beautiful dining hall. The location is very central with a Woolworths only a block away. Although it was a large hostel obviously, people staying were friendly and would always make polite conversation. On my day of departure I was able to leave my bags in a security access only baggage room for the day. I can really recommend this one -- the question is, will you ever want to leave!
If in Perth, this is the place to stay
I and my two teenage children arrived here after a two-day journey on the Indian Pacific from Adelaide. This hostel was such a welcome relief as we had been in the coach class, truly a moving dorm experience if there ever was one! We found this hostel to be high quality, very clean and cared for, with a good reception. It did seem to be a bit overpopulated, and some hostelers (not us) complained about stolen food. I was grateful for this fine establishment, and will stay here again in the future as I am a life member of AYH-IYHA. I recommend it. Unfortunately, we had taken a tour to the Pinnacles, which was very nice in itself, but when the driver would not detour three kilometers to visit a site upon my request, I was bitterly upset.
Juanito Hayburg
stayed here one night. it was 30 bucks, and I got the most raging case of bedbug attack. two weeks later and I still have five big welts on my stomach. Everything else was pretty good, good amenities and good crowd. But watch the bugs.
  as a yha life member and someone who has traveled around oz many times staying in all types of hostel accommodation this brand new yha disappoints on all levels. millions spent, but no atmosphere, kitchen facilities totally inadequate for the hostel population, too few showers to go around, and when you do get the chance to use them, they are dirty. old bedding and beds brought over from another yha to save a few bucks, rooms without any storage facilities, which are already looking tatty and tired after limited use, and the biggest question of all is, which idiot decided to open a hostel ten metres from the train tracks! offering earplugs at reception is no answer when you have just paid $75 for a private room. total chaos checking in with staff attitudes bordering on the hostile. i could go on but i wont since perth has plenty of alternative hostels which are better than this, so, my advice is find them and steer clear of perth city yha!
calum mccamley

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