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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Koala Beach Resort - Airlie Beach" at 336 Shute Harbour Road.)


336 Shute Harbour Road, Airlie Beach (Whitsundays Coast), Queensland, オーストラリア
-20.268967, 148.717074 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (7) 4946-6001, 1-800-466-444
+61 (7) 4946-6761
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Cheap but not clean
The staff was friendly and helpful during my stay. I payed $15 per night and I don't think I want to pay more. The kitchen is a joke, nothing is working and there is nothing there. Eating out is the only option. The rooms where not clean and smells urine which is a bit bad. No problems with bedbugs but I heard some rooms had. When I checked in they told me that this is a "quiet and friendly hostel" compared to others. Well, the first night there was a VERY loud party outside my cottage with drunk guys screaming and singing until very late. They where not talking, they where screaming! I did not met any friends there because mostly of the people just wanted to get very drunk and laid. One guy masturbated in my room in the middle of the night, not so nice! Anyway, for $15 per night you can not expect more.
Not good
The staff were unfriendly, not very knowledgeable, and extremely slow! To simply check-in and out we stood for minutes at times without being acknowledged. They acted as though we were a nuisance. Six out of the eight computers were not working (upon my arrival and the day I left). Overflowing garbage in the middle of the the foyer was left for days, complete with rotting vegetables. Rooms smelled like urine. I entered an empty room to find a bunch of leftover food in the fridge and garbage on the floor. Broken towel rack just sitting on the floor in the bathroom (Repairs were heavily need all over the resort!). Pool looked disgusting. I asked one of the staff to check the time my shuttle arrived, and the incorrect time was written down. As a result I missed my shuttle and flight! They acted as though it was the shuttle company's fault (the shuttle company had the correct time logged into their computer). There was no apology, they just shrugged their shoulders and claimed there was "nothing they could do." They did not even offer to give me a room free of charge for the extra night I had to spend there. As a result I had to pay for a new flight. Unbelievable! Worst hostel I have stayed in throughout my travels. Cannot believe what ignorant people they choose to employ at that place.
Private rooms are of a good size, relatively clean, a fair price. only complaint was that the sheets provided were stained. Staff were ok. Morocco's the bar there was pretty good, an event every night. Free meal voucher provided on arrival for use at the bar. Overall a good stay, place just needs a bit of a tidy up as things are getting a bit rundown. Not sure what the dorms are like through.
Filthy, and awful staff!
Don't even know where to start. The kitchen is a joke -- filthy and tiny and really badly equipped. You have to pay for bed sheets. The rooms were filthy (we stayed in two different ones). Bedbugs. Huge cockroaches everywhere. Morrocco's, the bar, is an awful, tacky place with no amount of class whatsoever. The pool is dirty. And don't even get me started on the staff. They were all rude and didnt have a clue what they were doing, but one particular blonde girl on reception was the worst. She was only about eighteen years old and didn't care about her job at all, and made us feel like a complete nuisance when all we wanted to do was check in. They were all so rude and unfriendly and unhelpful. When we were trying to check in the transaction was mucked up by the clueless girl on reception, and then this other guy (Justin from Canada) came along to fix the mess she had made. He seemed to know what he was doing, and checked us into another room, and we were happy with that. Now here comes the best bit. Later that evening I got out of the shower to discover he had checked us into his own room! How convenient! He spent that night desperately trying to chat up first one of us and then the other, and pretty much completely ignored us the following day when he realised we werent up for constantly drinking with him. Lovely behaviour from the staff of a hostel! It's a pity about the state of the place, because it has a lovely layout and could be lovely if it wanted to -- as it is I'd just say avoid at all costs. Also avoid their boat on the Whitsundays, the Pride of Airlie -- just do yourself a favour and go elsewhere. we didnt get to see much of the Whitsundays at all, because all the crew were interested in doing was getting drunk, and the food was disgusting. Cheers for that lads!
Do not stay here, unless you are a fan of bedbugs, cockroaches, and rats! It is by far the dirtiest hostel i've stayed in! I was eaten alive by bedbugs, the room was filthy, there were dead insects everywhere, and one poor girl literally had her bag eaten to bits by rats. I know hostels are cheap and you don't expect it to be the ritz but there is no need for a hostel to be that dirty, particularly when i have stayed in some really clean hostels!
Filthy, rude staff, and not worth the money
Warning to all -- do not stay in this filthy, cockroach- and bedbug-ridden hole! This is putting it politely. Rooms are filthy, even the doubles which you pay quite a lot for are infested with cockroaches and god knows what else, plus broken glass on the floor (which we nearly trod on) and on complaining to the so called manager, we were told, "so what, I have cockroaches in my room." Absolutely disgusting service from reception staff (I would suggest a customer service course for all members). We were then allocated another room and on opening the door, we were greeted with an even filthier dorm (bearing in mind that we had paid for a double) and the stench of urine, not to mention the pile of soiled mattresses, on top of a bunk bed, which was falling apart. This place is a serious health hazard, we wish now that we had photographed the rooms and reported Koala's to health and safety. Stay well away, as far away as possible.
faye and steve
  Koala thoroughly let us down. The rotting fruit and stale beer smell meets you at reception and the whole outside area is messy and unkempt. The pool resembles a pond in colour and is out of order. Rooms dire. Most beds in our room had holes in the middle and therefore were very uncomfortable. Door also not on hinges! Had to pay for everything from a washing fee for linen to hiring pots and pans in addition to cutlery and crockery and a key deposit. Kitchen filthy too. Grossly understaffed all round and the people we had were not helpful.
  Took days to walk to my room, smelled like piss, & bathroom was yuck. The kitchen facilities were a joke .You have to hire all dishes ($20 for 1 butter knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 plate, 1 bowl) then if thats not annoying enough you also have to put deposits down per pot or pan, you end up putting down $50 deposit just so you can have a basic meal & even them you don't get a chopping board or any sharp knife to cut with. The laundry was a joke -- a couple of old broken washing machines dumped outside, had to use the laundromat. It sucked!

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