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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Baxpax Downtown Hostel/Hotel" at Ziegelstrasse 28.)


Ziegelstrasse 28, Pankow, ベルリン, Berlin State, ドイツ連邦共和国
52.523740, 13.390950 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (30) 27 87 48 80
+49 (30) 27 87 48 899
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83% Guest Reviews

Bad staff make stay miserable
I booked an all female room and emailed to confirm it. The staff gave my bed away the first night, with no apology and put me in a dorm larger than what I had paid for and with mixed gender. (They gave my friend's bed away entirely -- she had to find another place to stay that night despite her reservation!). It was eventually resolved, but the overall hostile attitude of some staff (ignoring us, being rude and generally unfriendly) as well as their inability to do their jobs properly really made this hostel miserable for me. Otherwise it was a nice place in a nice location, but the staff rudeness really ruined it for me.
Age 21, USA
Great location, great hostel
Very nice, clean rooms. Large lockers, free wifi. The hostel bar/smoking patio were always lively and a great place to meet people and then go out. I would definitely recommend staying here in Berlin.
Age 19, USA
Very sociable and a great way to meet people
We stayed in the hostel for 3 nights at the beginning of August and absolutely loved it. There was 7 of us in total and we stopped in the 50 bed mixed dorm. The dorm was fairly standard, shower area was okay and 3 for both men and women. The lights were always dimmed though which made it very difficult getting changed and sorting out your things. The hostel is very safe though with a locker facility available for everyone inside a luggage room which requires a key to get in so it's very secure. People seem to sleep all through the day and we were told off a few times for talking whilst in the room. However, in the bar area there is seating, both inside near the bar, a roofed terraced area and then an outside area which covers all weathers. There are also TV's showing sport all day and because the area is large it gives you plenty of chance to meet people for all countries. The location is also very good and the walk in to town is not far. Accessible to and from the train station and plenty of eating places nearby. The staff behind the bar and reception were all very helpful and gave us lots of recommendations as to where to go both in the day and at night. We all really enjoyed our time at BaxPax and would definitely book again.
Extremely modern and clean-looking, which is great. Bright walls and hallways makes the place really cheery and fun. I paid 42 euro for a single room with its own shower and toilet, so pretty good for the price. The toilet is in it's own little room in the hall next to your room, so I guess you could share that and save a few bucks. The place was so nice, everything looked very clean, and I rented some sheets that smelled like they were washed with real detergent. You have to pay for the breakfast which is only so-so but overall an excellent experience. It's downtown so it's pretty close (or a u-bahn ride away), but it's tucked away in an alley so you don't hear any street noise but is still next to a major street which makes you still feel like you're in an urban setting. I forgot my outlet converter and asked the really nice girl at the front where I could buy one and she gave me one to borrow from the lost and found. The staff is really nice and helpful, I would come back in a heartbeat.
It's big and feels like it, but good for east berlin.
Stayed here three nights. had to change rooms every day, thanks reception. that one cost you a star. it's a big hostel and feels like it. but considering some of the others in berlin it's not that bad. especially for the eastern side. its not far from a hidden party-garden and the main pub street, but miles from the main station. the place is clean and well kept. the only thing that annoyed me is you need a keycard to get into the bathroom. if you're drunk and have to pee in the night and forget the keycard you can find yourself in the hallway with no means to get in either the bathroom or your own room. also the auto-off shower heads are the worst thing ever invented. Directions from main station -- (the big shiny new one). hop on sbahn at the top of the station going east. one stop. get off. head up the road (to the north). it's the side road right before the opera house (over the bridge). go down it, signs everywhere on the hostel you cant miss it. dont try walking it. there's a dock yard and you have to go around. its a forty-minute walk. not a good idea.
Excellent, one of the best hostels I've stayed in
I have stayed in this hostel both in September and November this year. And plan to again in a few months. Stayed in the thirty-bed dorm in September, and an eight-bed dorm in November. It's a great hostel. Friendly bilingual staff. The dorms are very clean and spacious. Clean bathrooms. Good bar and cafe onsite. All in all, great hostel. And one of the best I've stayed in. My only slight disappointment with the hostel is that the onsite sauna isn't open. Despite it being mentioned on various hostel booking websites that it will be open in Winter 2007/2008. Was advised by a staff member that it won't be opening till about mid-late January. Shame about that. As was looking forward to using it each day after a day's sightseeing. Maybe it'll open when I return again soon. It's rare for any hostels to have an onsite sauna anyway. So it's no great loss. Excellent hostel though as I said. Has my recommendation!

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