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75-77 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge, パース (Perth City), Western Australia, オーストラリア
-31.946984, 115.859223 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (8) 92282909
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Bad ...
only good thing about this hostel was that it was located within the city. i stayed in a 8 bedroom dorm. room was dirty and messy. i was on the top bunk and there was no ladder to climb up so i had to use my suitcase to climb up to my bed. there is some kind of dance club right next to the dormitories so it was impossible to sleep cause of the music and drunk retards walking in and out of the room. washrooms are very small. only two showers and two toilets for all the guys (not sure about womens toilets) but the washroom was clean. kitchen was the nicest and cleanest area of the hostel. stay here only if you plan on staying for 1 or 2 nights, otherwise it would be wiser to look elsewhere.
Age 27, canada
Worst experience ever.
Reserved a room back in May for September 2013. Confirmed by the manager in writing that a "single room with en suite" had been reserved for me. Arrived to find no recorded booking and worse, they have no such rooms. Manager not contactable at time. I was told, that, being an older person I should find somewhere else to stay. Never again ... would not recommend this place to anyone. Misadvertising.
Rather stay at a dogs home
ive stayed here, im no toff, but the place was crawling with bedbugs. ive stayed at many hostels around the world, but honestly this place is truly the pits. do not stay here if dont wanna be eaten at night. its dirty and the staff are lazy. my partner and i were asked to leave the bar at 11 pm as they were closing. we booked out after only 2 nights, please dont stay here. ive had better accommodation at the scrubs.
Nice hostel
were made really at home by the staff, great people staying here, clean and best of all was very central location. no free carparking was a negative, and weekends you can hear some noise from the bar next door but in reality no one was in bed on a fri or sat before midnite anyway! great front lounge.
Peter Lo
Looks can be deceiving
Wouldn't recommend this place unless you want to share your bed with bed bugs and your room with cockroaches. This place looked ok at first, but on closer inspection was pretty dirty, the bed linen didn't look as though it had been changed from the previous guest, there was rubbish still in the bin, pretty obvious the floor hadn't been swept for a while, not even any toiled paper in the bathroom. Got worse when I turned the lights out and felt the bugs crawling on me in the bed, turned the lights on to find not only was the bed crawling with bugs but also the walls. Pulled the sheets off the bed and used my sleeping bag, mattress was disgusting, and had holes in it. Next morning staff didn't seem fazed when told about the bugs and gave me a can of spray, asked for fresh bedding, but didn't get any. I know hostels are cheap accommodation, but when you pay $70/night for a room and book for five nights, you expect it to be at least clean, and no bugs in your bed. Was pretty hot when I was here, you could hardly feel the air con. working, that wouldn't have been so bad if there had been a window in room! Don't like bagging places but then again don't like being ripped off either. The staff may not have been interested in the bugs but the health department seemed pretty interested. This place needs to be fumigated to get rid of the bugs (cans of spray won't get rid of bedbugs) and maybe change your cleaning staff, then it might be a half decent place to stay.
Ho hum.
Bit pricier than a lot of the others and not worth the extra coin. Place is rapidly falling into disrepair crawling with bedbugs and grotty. No security. Weird bloke off the street ended up in my bed (while I was in it!!) and did management give a damn? The hell they did. Didn't batter an eyelid. Having said that very jolly scene and lovely people but I'd never go back there.
Great Hostel -- one of my favourite in Oz
fantastic place! the friday night party in the front lounge is amazing with really good djs and a few free drinks, but best part is you can BYO. not a huge hostel so easy to meet new friends and lots of gorgeous girls staying here, no strange locals, and great staff. one of my 5 best places in australia i stayed in.
(Germany - Austria)
Meet cracker people but the place was crawling!!
We went to this hostel after seeing such nice pics on the net. when we arrived the front of house looked really well however when we were showed to our dorm i near had heart failure. the duvet and quilt were stripped so you could see the last maybe hundred people to sleep in that beds drool and slobbers! yuk! and the bunk bed had no ladders. also they felt as though they were going to collapse! the back entry is just left open at night so anyone can pop in and out of hostel! we didnt even need a key! there are four showers that smell like fusty damp crap with bins in them. millions of ants crawling in the sinks! But i must say the people and staff in this hostel make it brilliant music before you hit the town really friendly. so if you dont mind a bit of filth and the odd weirdo maybe lurking about its grand!
sarah and louise

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