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1809 Patterson Street, ナッシュビル, テネシー州, アメリカ合衆国
36.156553, -86.799631 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (615) 692-1277
+1 (509) 692-1278
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87% Guest Reviews

Nice place, loud at times, clean, friendly staff!
Huge place, excellent security although a IH member I spoke to said most IH hostels have small security lockers and this one does not. My stuff wasn't bothered however. No chairs or cabinets to put your stuff on or to sit on. No wifi in rooms, but it worked well otherwise. Good system for cooking and washing dishes. Laundry service available. All in all a really good experience.
Beautiful place
The people there ara very kind, always happy to help. The place is quiet, and not far from downtown, 25 minutes by walk. If you love music, you can always find people just like you there. It is a beautiful place.
Seemed nice, but needs to figure out what a hostel is for.
Seems like a very nice place. My contact was not staying here. They do have a policy that you have to have a Credit Card or Passport to stay. I am a lifelong hosteler, however I was trying to help another young man on his first "adventure." He has been responsible enough not to get a credit card, so he was not allowed to stay. We offered alternate ID, or anything else that would suffice. They said it is for safety, but I guess I have never felt safer knowing the office has a credit card number on file. It is a disappointment as a lifelong hosteler to have someone put up a hostel shingle, and not believe in trying to get young people out traveling. That's what hosteling is about, making travel affordable. I applaud the kid for not going into debt, and being willing to offer anything he could as an alternate ID. Anyway, my review is of the reservation and check in policies. As for the reservation. They were very quick to email back. They were mostly very friendly in replies. They just are not helpful in trying to find a way for this kid to use the facility, and once I got the feeling they would rather not be bothered. Overall, if you can overcome their exclusion policy I think they would be ok. In the end, from the dealings I had with this hostel, if you are an older person it might be ok. If you are younger, or want to show support for someone that is more true to the spirit of hosteling, there are other places in Nashville.
Vagabonder Mike
the hostel is very clean and very comfortable, lively in the evening and very peaceful at night. the staff are very nice and very helpful. the hostel is located in a very pleasant area at walking distance from downtown and the park. it's just about the right place where to chill out and enjoy the weather. Top notch!
Had a fantastic time here -- Would highly recommend it.
I had an absolute ball here. Booked in for a week and stayed for two. Met some of the most amazing people ever. Ron, Tracey, and Hope are very helpful and really want to ensure that you have a great time while in Nashville. It is a very clean hostel with great cooking facilities. Would Highly Recommend This Hostel.
Clean, close to downtown, good people, warm. Overall very impressed.
I've stayed in many hostels over the last five months and this one would be one of the nicest yet. The staff are attentive and will always give you the time and help you need. They know the good spots in Nashville to visit (in which there are many) and there are always people around to join you in your adventures. The rooms are clean, beds are very comfortable, and the sheets are clean. Overall, the facilities are more than adequate. In conclusion, Nashville is a very charming, with plenty to do and the The Music City Hostel facilitated one of the best times of my trip.
Ben McLaren
Music City Hostel is after thirteen years of traveling the best place I have stayed. Ron and Tracey take you in as an extended member of the family and Hope ensures no one is left out. The trio work the crowd well and everyone can benefit from the relaxed and homey feel generated. The dorms are clean, as are the bathrooms. The beds very comfy and the whole place is really safe and accommodating. No one goes hungry, with communal meals on offer and Ron and Tracey's outings to various restaurants and shops. I highly recommend the place for anyone of any age. I arrived for a week and left after three! Best time ever -- well done guys.
Very good
I stayed at the Music City Hostel for three nights during December 2007. I was surprised to discover a very clean (probably the cleanest I have seen at U.S. hostels) and friendly hostel. The rooms, toilets, and showers are all well kept and all together project good atmosphere. It seems that the owner and the staff try hard to make backpackers' time pleasant at the hostel. There is also a kitchen fully equipped that is used by backpackers and staff. At the time I stayed at the hostel there was a bowl full of different tea bags free to use! An extension of the kitchen is the part of the room in with two computers for internet (it was relatively cheap..I don't remember exactly how much. there was free wireless for those who got their own computer). The space in between the kitchen and the computer accommodates a big table used for dining and also used as a reception (actually, when I first got there I had the impression that this is a kind of office until I asked if it is allowed to eat on this table -- yes it is). The only improvement I can think of to the hostel is providing a more distinct corner with a couch or two to hang out and meet other visitors. As for the location, it is about twenty to twenty-five minutes' walk from the downtown (the street with all the bars and music) which is not perfect. But you can always take a short taxi drive on the way back in the evening. At the time I was there, I didn't find many visitors in the hostel, but I still could find cool people to hang out with. In general, there is not too much to do in Nashville, but I would certainly recommend a visit there and the city is more authentic compared to other touristic locations that crowded with tourist. You will enjoy the music for sure. Also, try to get there on Sunday and go the Station Inn for a free bluegrass (when I was there, Hope, a cool staff member took me and some other guys there). So to sum it up, certainly recommended!

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