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6 Francis Street, Northbridge, パース (Perth City), Western Australia, オーストラリア
-31.949086, 115.862099 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (8) 9428-0000
+61 (8) 9227-0096
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Bad bad bad! stay away
I have stayed in 24 hostels in Australia and this one is by far the worst one that i have had the misfortune of staying in.
Age 25, british
Dirty, dirty, dirty.
The hostel is really dirty and noisy.
Awful awful awful!
The staff need an attitude makeover.
I felt more like a prisoner than a guest
To start with the positive, the building looks really nice, its location is pretty good and definitely could have a good vibe with the big hall. I had a really good time talking to other prisoners, eeh guests. That's pretty much everything. It started with the unfriendly and not very welcoming staff at reception. some didn't even understand me speaking bad english. Unfortunately I paid for 2 nights in advance. Some more facts I didn't like: provided linen had a lot of hair in it, a couple of holes, and blood sprinkles. they wanted to keep my sleeping bag, so I asked for a sleeping bag deposit, they wouldn't give me one, so I kept it. you had to rent a kitchen pack for 10$, the fridge in the kitchen was so stuffed, I couldn't put my bag in. the provided continental breakfast included coffee, toast, and cornflakes, but it didn't come with milk!! the whole place is covered with signs what you must not do and what might happen if you do it anyway, the worst said you will get evicted, your visa will get taken and you will be removed out of Australia. bathrooms very unhygienic. no air-conditioned rooms, really hot at night, no cool water out of taps -- it's always warm. you must not bring your own alcohol, because there is a bar. otherwise they'll take it and you won't get your key deposit back. internet didn't work -- the machine where you were supposed to buy your login-codes was broken. they clean the rooms with some chemicals once a week to fight bugs. on that day you are not allowed to use your room and you have to pack all your stuff in your lockers, otherwise it gets thrown out. Sorry, but this is for sure the worst hostel I stayed in OZ.
Horrible place
I stayed here for seven weeks, simply because I made good friends here. The hostel itself is rubbish. The Scottish manager is nothing short of arrogant. My friend that was staying there made my booking on my behalf. Due to the fact that I was Irish, he had to pay my first nights accommodation. A few weeks later, I asked to move room. Once again the Scottish manager, amazingly asked me where I came from. As if he didn't recognize the accent. I knew there was a space available in the room I requested, but he fiddled away at the computer and said he had to "check" in the office. There I saw him ask one of his staff, clearly asking if I had put any foot wrong. Only because I was friends with the staff member he wouldn't have changed my room. They still managed to mess up the room transfer anyway. The place is too big, not much of an atmosphere. Plus points would be that it has a good location and they do cheap food deals on some days of the week. that's all though.
Paul T
The management is clueless
I just came back from a week (05 May to 14 May 2009) at the Old Swan Barracks hotel in Perth. I'm still scratching my head, trying to figure out where the management is coming from. The free breakfast of cereal, toast, and coffee does not come with milk. We had to go buy that. We were told people were stealing the milk when it was free. You also have to leave a ten-dollar deposit to use the eating utensils, and you have to take them back to your room everyday after breakfast. Of course, they don't tell you any of this prior to check-in. The place has threatening signs on the walls within public view, predicting eviction and loss of deposits to people who take bread from the kitchen for purposes of making a sandwich later in the day or for various other petty offenses. One morning there was a sign on our door telling us to vacate the room between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. because they were going to spray with insect killer. The sign said we were not allowed to use the room for any purpose during this time. The sign also gave us explicit instructions on how we were to store our belongings so as not to impede their insect killing operation. After I angrily informed them that we had paid to use the room, they took the sign down and instructed their people to leave us alone. They did not spray. The room across the hall from us had a sign on the door, telling the occupant they were going to clean the room that day. The sign stated that anything left sitting on the floor, at the time of cleaning, would be thrown out. It goes on and on. I made the mistake of paying for a week in advance. If not, we would have moved out. I've stayed in many budget hotels in many parts of the world, over many years. Even with my airline and travel agency background, The Old Swan Barracks attitude was a new experience for me. I was told by a staff member that the reason they displayed such a negative attitude towards their guests was because most of the guests were young, and were known to cause trouble. However, they willingly accepted the young people's money. The young people my wife and I encountered in the hotel were very nice and considerate. When it become time to depart, I was told there was no telephone for me to use to call a taxi to the airport. I had to use a public telephone located up the street, about twenty meters. Keep in mind, this is a hotel with a computerized booking/front desk system, internet access, plus the latest video viewing toys, but no telephone for guests to call a taxi. This could go on and on. What an experience. I don't know the manager's business background, if any. He really belongs in some other industry. Other than the above, the hotel is clean, beautiful, and located perfectly. The negative management attitude destroyed what could have been a beautiful experience for us. The place needs a huge injection of hospitality.
(United States)
Hard to say
we were both really looking forward to staying at this hostel and booked via phone two months prior to date of arrival and they took our credit card details. however, upon arrival we were told that they had no booking for us. after a long trip and arriving at 8:30 p.m. we were mega pissed off. the only thing we will say is that after phoning around and finding us alternate accommodation, and paying us the difference in price, that helped a lot. i'm sure this hostel is as brilliant as everyone says it is but we were unlucky to have this happen.
hayley and danny
Not impressed
well I have booked in for one night and am ready to leave after ten minutes! there is no atmosphere here and the place is so rundown and s**t!
(new zealand)

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