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6 Westborough Street, Scarborough, パース (Perth City), Western Australia, オーストラリア
-31.894825, 115.763970 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (8) 9245-1624 or +61 427 177 475
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Relaxing stay in scarborough
Location is about 10min walking to beach. Bus stop is close to there. So people are very helpful and nice. Kitchen, table is not really clean but ok. Sometimes bit noisy but fine. I wanna go back there.
The worst experience of my life
I pray to God and sunny Jesus that you are never exposed to the horror that is western beach lodge. I stayed in this hostel and called it home for 3 and a half months. I had some of the best times of my life and made some of the best friends I could ask for. But the spirit of western beach lodge died when Robin and Paula left. The new owner mark is malignant, malevolent, devious, cunning, and very dangerous to be around! After pouring 3 thousand dollars into the organisation, I lost my job and fell 2 days behind on rent. Robin and Paula (the previous owners), were always very understanding if ever this happened. They believed in the sanctity of a relationship with their customers. As one of the most expensive accommodation options in Perth, people come to Western Beach Lodge for the company and the great environment, which Mark has sucked the place dry of within a month of taking the place on. After the 2 days he said to me "If you can't pay you can't stay, I am not a charity organisation. Look at me in the eyes when I'm talking to you and don't be so f*cking cheeky." These altercations also took place with many of my friends who were staying there for long time periods. I can assure you, wholeheartedly, that I was never cheeky to Mark. I always treated him with the respect of an authority figure always being as polite and friendly as I could. Of course I wasn't expecting charity but I needed a day or two's grace as I had money coming in on the next day. But after 3 thousand dollars and countless hours of unpaid labor on my days off out of nothing but respect (making beds sweeping leaves, assembling cupboards and wardrobes with him, attaching gates and netting), I was nothing more than a number on a sheet. Feeling offended I said nothing, payed the 2 days and promptly moved out to a cheaper share house. The majority of my friend group still living there, I still called over to the hostel for the next day or 2, as is customary and most guests do if still in the area, but in an effort to keep my cool I ignored him these 2 days after moving out whenever he addressed me as I felt that if I were to talk to him I would have to express how offended I had been by his earlier statements and I didn't want to cause a ruckus. He came in and found me sitting at the computer after 2 days and out of nowhere and entirely unprovoked, he screamed at me that the computer was for customer use and to get the f*ck off his property before he f*cked me up. I responded that i had poured a lot of money into the place and he was being downright ungrateful and he said "I don't give a f*cking sh*t!" I told him that I came for the company of my friends, as many people did, but his response to this was a drawn out bellowing of curse words and cut throat threats and offenses. This man has no idea how to run a business. Aside from the general neglect of humanity, I have witnessed him, on several occasions, straighten out used bed sheets instead of changing them to fresh ones as he struggles to change them and it takes him a long time. When one of my great friends, an man who had lived there for over 4 months, was due to leave to go back home, he said "I cant wait for him to leave, he's so fat and he stinks so f*cking bad." He abuses his staff for duties that are not listed in their job description for little to no pay, forcing them to awake in the middle of the night for such duties or come home from their day off when they are not scheduled to work, often so that he can go for a coffee with a friend or some other equally frivolous endeavor. One friend of mine held the position of the night manager at the hostel and, prior to the holding of this position, he had always payed for his stay in advance. He was incredibly committed to is job and went above and beyond the call of duty in helping Mark, at his own personal sacrifice. On moving out, this friend received a text that he could only ever come back to the hostel if he payed 2 weeks in advance as "this is a business, not a charity organisation." Within days of his taking of the helm, the place was covered in signs and heated warnings. "NO NOISE! NO COOKING AFTER 9! NO MESS! NO PAY NO STAY!" A once vibrant and buzzing hostel, the walls now hang heavy with despair and hopelessness. The place is a harrowing 21st century echo of a despicable concentration camp, and by the end I feared for my safety in a similar capacity. Book Western Beach Lodge at your own deep misfortune. It has been usurped by a functioning sociopath!

Response from the accommodation: I inherited Alex when I bought the hostel. The previous owner informed me that he was a liability and his parents had to pay his rent as could not pay and needed to be aware of this. Whilst he was at the hostel, Alex never was in advance with his rent. He had four jobs and left the first three jobs as they were too hard and the last for being drunk on duty and stealing. He left the hostel for some farm work early December, which lasted 1 day, when I heard he was coming back to the hostel I informed him he had to be in advance or he could not stay. He moved in to a house next door to the hostel and visited every day using all the facilities and provisions, I informed him this was not acceptable. Read reviews on HostelWorld.com to get a more accurate view of Western Beach. This is a case of Sour Grapes from an immature young man who is not in touch with reality.
Age 21, ireland
Good, friendly hostel overall
Nice lodge generally. Homey and friendly staff, particularly the owner.It's an advantage being back from the sea. Pity the owner allows alcohol onto the premises. I had a single room, which was fine, but it was very noisy from inside and outside. And when are lodges (not just this one) going to make their outdoor areas smoking free? The assistant also had to clean up the kitchen area each evening coz the residents couldn't be bothered properly to do it themselves. In other areas -- outside -- it was full of cigarette butts and bottles in the mornings. The owner needs a bit more control over what's going on. She's too nice and accommodating. Nice clean bathrooms and internet was free on the desk top. It had to be paid for in the other 2 lodges I stayed in in Perth.
Age 49, UK living Indonesia
Just brilliant
its a good hostel, has free tea, coffee and bread, the owners are very helpful and the hostel is clean, if you want to party theres always someone having a drink out the back, but its never to wild, which is a good thing as if you want to relax you can also. really is a home away from home, dont hesitate just book yourself in and enjoy.
christopher bennett
A home from home! Decent honest staff. Really enjoyed my stay!
Stayed in Western Beach Lodge for a couple of weeks back in nov 2010, loved it!! Staff so, So friendly! Back-packers excellent, it's a quiet location, but mins from an awesome beach! And for a quiet location the resident lodgers. well they're mad in de head. Krazy times!!! Highly recommend it.
Gerry Hynes
Best Hostel Ever
If you just see pictures of the hostel, you may think it's an ordinary hostel, but I had the best time there and so did the others, the people and the staff make this place so special!
Very Good
We stayed in this hostel in Jan 2007 and loved it, had two of my best weeks in Australia here, loved it! would recommend it to everyone.
  Great hostel, great people, great atmosphere -- made to feel very welcome by everyone there. Iceman the cat rocks too!

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