The Crew House St. Maarten


Private Room
4 bed dorm room



(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "The Crew House St. Maarten" at 69 Airport Road.)


69 Airport Road, Airport, St. Maarten / St. Martin (Sint Maarten), Netherlands Antilles
18.042273, -63.106901 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Go somewhere else.
The only thing going for the "Crew House" is its proximity to the airport and Maho Beach, but sadly the pros section of this review ends there. The hostel was so incredibly dirty! Mold in the showers, the smell of feet everywhere, no toilet paper in the bathroom, and no cleaning in the room -- I'm glad I stayed for no more than 2 days. The owner could not be bothered for anything and seemed rather disinterested in anything except the money. The other places in town may cost you a few $ more but I assure you it's well worth your time and a bit more money. Will not go back, even if it was for free.
Age 25, Canada
Awful stay, left early after the first night
It is very close to the airport, maybe a 4 minute walk, if you walk slow. Shadow was very nice and very accommodating. We stayed in the private room. There was a very moldy smell in the room. We only were given a sheet and one pillow. The bathrooms were dirty and they said they "didn't have money to buy toilet paper" so there wasn't any for the past couple of days. The worst two parts were the lobby/porch were next to where you sleep, so with a group of drunk/high people partying very loudly until 5:30am we could sleep even with earplugs in. And around the same time we had bugs crawling on us. Which isnt the best way to be woken up. I've stayed in hostels all throughout Central America and all over the world and this was the worst hostel I've ever stayed in. We stayed one horrible night and left early the next day.
Age 28, USA
Can't wait to return
Staying at The Crewhouse made our trip so much better. My brother and I spent a week there and were welcomed with open arms by the staff and residents. After my experience at this hostel I don't think I will ever stay in a hotel when traveling abroad. There was a bar/restaurant attached to the hostel that had great food and drinks at awesome prices. We both can't wait to go back.
Age 23, Canada
Finest hostel on the island
The Crew House was a great place for my week-long vacation. The management was friendly and accommodating. There were many interesting people from all over the world -- none of whom were staying there on vacation like my brother and myself, but allowed us to feel at home. The bar directly outside the hostel is always there if you need a Presidente or a cocktail. The bartender is delightful and throws a great barbecue once or twice a week. Expect a comfortable sleep and good atmosphere where it's easy to make friends. Don't expect to have a kitchen full of appliances, but there are two fridges for storing food and enough pots and pans to do some basic cooking on the hot plate. Additionally, the dorm I was sleeping in was cleaned frequently, as was the bathroom, which I find important when staying in a hostel. All of my valuables remained locked in a secure storage locker, for which I brought my own lock, so I was able to rest easy. If I go back to Saint Martin, I'll be staying at the Crew House. For the money I spent, I felt comfortable and surrounded by good people -- staff and patrons altogether.
Mark Poole
Age 24, Canada
Friendly and welcoming
No as good as most hostels I've been to but it's close to the airport, the main marinas and nightlife.
Age 25, Vincentian
No security, missing lightballs and a cranky manager
At our arrival we waited several hours for the manager to come. We were told by other guests that this was very normal. The manager disappear and you never know when he is back -- it may take half an hour up to several hours. All and all very caribbean style. Anyway. He finally arrived and we got installed in our room. There was some discusion about the rentpayment. Apparently they had some problems with reservations and payment over the internet. The manager called the owner, we told him were we made our reservation and the 10% payment for this and in the end everything was allright. We had to pay 80 dollar in deposit though. Well almost allright. The manager couldn't find the keys for the room but promised we would get then in the morning next day. Same night we found there was no light in the restroom, but with the door a little ayar it was still possible to do stuff that was needed to be done. The next morning we were told that the owner would come by with the keys, but since it was uncerten when he would be there, and we wanted to see the island, we where left with no other option than close the door and leave our things unprotected. We also told the manager about the missing light in the bathroom. We stayed 3 nights. The last night we got light in the bathroom. We never got the keys. There is no reception or keys for the frontdoor, so everybody can walk in and take your stuff, but there are some lockers, so bring your own lock. The frigde was full of spoilt fruits and a big ant family has moved in one of the fridge. and if you pay for a room deluxe with terrace, so don't expect that you get a room with terrace, but sure you pay the price for the room with terrace ... and don't expect a receipt. This hostel has a serious security and hygienic problem.
Age 48, Denmark
Its main draw is its location and price
SXM is an expensive place so if you're on a tight (backpacker/flashpacker) budget you can't beat the Crew House as a place to stay while there. It's main draw is its closeness to the airport. When you arrive go to the "bar/restaurant" and not the main building (a trailer) as the famous "Shadow" who helps run the place and owns the bar is the one to check you in. No other staff on site nor did I see any cleaning stuff the entire 4 days I was there even though the bathrooms were cleaned (sporadically). But for the price I paid -- hey -- my expectations were not too high anyway. The view of the bay is obscured by a huge boat ... they need to remove it or sell it as you cannot see anything. Also, they also share the lot with the Ferry to Anguilla. DO NOT TAKE IT if you plan to go to Anguilla as it is way more expensive. Just take the 'bus' (they are frequent and plentiful and cheap- $1 to $2 or so per trip) to Philipsburg, catch another to Marigot at Back street (where all the buses depart from) and then catch the ferry from Marigot to Anguilla. I think it cost me $30 round trip for a day trip and it was well worth it! Another tip on taking the 'buses' they stop anywhere so you can hail one down from any road and when you get in say hello ... its expected ... and then you only pay (the driver) as you get off at your stop. If you need help as to your destination ask the driver and they will assist (SXM'rs are all very friendly indeed). If I could do it over I would not have walked all the way from the hostel to Maho Market -- a nice affordable convenience store near Maho Beach and on the same road as the airport, where you can buy all sorts of snacks, detergent, soap, cookies at reasonable prices IF YOU SHOP SMART. I saw plenty of outrageously priced stuff but plenty of budget items too ... like a gallon of water for $2 which is a STEAL in SXM, trust me. I would have just taken the $1 bus back and forth as I started doing two days into my vacation. The Welcome to SXM sign is right in front of Maho Market and the beach is just a few hundred feet away as well. Exploring SXM is definitely doable by bus but looking back I think renting a car could have been even better as I could not get to Orient Beach and other parts of SXM and St Martin due to lack of buses that went to those places. I however think I did a pretty decent job of seeing SXM/st martin while I was there. I also climbed to the top of Fort Louis -- amazing view. Also, watch out for Komodo dragon lookalike mini lizards all over the place! They are harmless but a bit creepy at first sight. Also everything they said about having to chase your deposit is true. 'shadow" is a nice guy but he can be 'hard to trace' during checkout time so make sure you have a way to call the number on the wall by the checkin office to contact the owner if he is not around and you need your deposit back.
Age 35, USA
Simple little hostel, great location.
It's pretty easy to summarize the Crew House. It's a tiny little hostel (just a few rooms), and it's located maybe a couple hundred meters from the entrance to the airport. So it's super-convenient to walk over to the hostel when you arrive. (Don't worry, the airport closes at night, so there won't be noisy planes keeping you awake at night.) The hostel is also an easy walk from some very nice beaches. There's nothing spectacular about the hostel itself, but it's clean and it has a little common area room with a couch, TV, and kitchen. There were just a few people staying there when we there there in the summer, so it may or may not be a social hostel depending on who happens to be there. But if you're looking for a cheap place to stay for a while in St. Martin, this is a good place to stay.
Age 28, USA

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