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9A Hythe Bridge Street, オックスフォード, Oxfordshire, イギリス
51.753126, -1.266424 (accuracy not guaranteed)
44 (0) 1865 721 761
44 (0) 1865 203 293
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Best hostel within your budget
Well organized, Trustworthy, Cooperative, Helpful.
Age 26, Indian
My bed taken
I came into my room late in the night and there was someone sleeping in my allocated bed. His bed was free so I slept in it instead, but it was just really annoying having to deal with it in the first place. Otherwise all's good.
Age 20, Czech
Too many beds in rooms, bathrooms unclean, bedbugs
Good location close to bars and amenities but too many beds crammed into each small room with the result that rooms were stuffy and I got bedbugs. Amenities were otherwise good with a kitchen and common area. Lots of poor travelers hanging around, certainly not a high standard of accommodation but ok for a budget weekend away if you're going to be out most of the time.
The hostal from HELL
The room stank and the was incredibly hot. At 3 in the morning I was kept awake by the manager playing loud music in the common room. Don't stay here, it's not possible to sleep in peace or comfort.
Bloody awful
Please, I urge everyone not to stay here. My stay was absolutely dreadful -- we checked out after one night. Our first night was awful -- the dorm smelt of feet shavings and poo and do you think we got our money back for the night we didn't want to put up with it anymore? Oh no. Of course not. It was the worst time I have ever experienced in my whole life -- I have told all my friends to never stay here as they'll be bitterly disappointed with the lack of care, hygiene, and quality. Do not stay here, it's awful.
  Not the best experience i'm afraid. I stayed here for a week before I went to backpack around Australia. First I was charged more than was advertised on the internet (I was charged the full £100 instead of the weekly deal advertised) The staff (who were mostly young immature female Australians) were more interested in their sex lives than the welfare of paying guests. The rooms were a bit shabby and the kitchen was way too small and with no air conditioning in the summer all the food was going off. This is the best case of we want your money but not you. The only plus points was the communal area which was well decked out and the two guys in my room who were really nice chaps. Oxford is a lovely city indeed and deserves a better run hostel.
  Sorry for my English but I do not write very well and have taken a translator because I want that the whole world in espanol and in English knows my experience of this lodging. First they charged from us 10 pounds of deposit, I never was in this situation, deposit during one night? In order that? For if we rob a berth? the carpet was turning out to be sticky enough. The sheets were yellow and indicating that they were not clean for every new client, the window obligatorily would to be kept opened always, well for the smell, but fatally for the cold that we pass, I slept dressed and with the long jacket over the quilt or that was it. I like to say that the attention was good but is not completely true either, they were nice but when for the morning they served the breakfast not have sugar, not coffee, not tea, not cutlery, we imagine that we have to enter on kitchen and to look what was absent because nobody give us attention, on having gone away we understood for education that it was nice to give what we used in the bank of the kitchen, though if they serve breakfast it is supposed that also they gather it, but for good education we took the cups and plates and we take them to the kitchen, go out to gather our bags and to recover our 10 pounds of deposit, And one of the employees was running behind ours to say us that we have to wash the cutlery and cups and plate we used. Incredible indeed. Two cups and two plates -- we had to wash it. We know that we aren't in the Hotel Hilton but this was excessive. My valuation for this hostel is very negative. I do not recommend it to anybody.
  I enjoyed being at this hostel, although I was old enough to be most of the other backpackers mother. I stayed for two weeks, hoping to move to Oxford, as many people come looking for a job. At times people were too loud in the hall after the designed quiet after ten p.m. However, after I asked them to be quiet, they were respectful about it. One person was staff and should have known better. I'd prefer if the fragrance or sanitary dispensers had a pleasant smell. The staff was friendly and helpful. The hostel was clean. The kitchen was a little small at times, but I felt at home here even though I didn't fit into the young people who drank at the open bar in the living area and the smokers. I was glad to be there. Repairs were fairly quickly. I thought Nic was a good manager. I'd recommend it. Nice to talk to people around the world.
Anne Centers

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