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PK 27.100 C/O Mer Tiahura Haapiti, Moorea (Moorea Island), Polinesia francese
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Cheap option on Moorea -- no kitchen, no amenities
This seems to have changed since it was reviewed here -- there is no kitchen (the building is still there but blocked off and falling apart), nothing even to boil water, and now each dorm has three beds, the toilets are in ok condition but smell uncleaned. When I upgraded to a private room to have a fan in the room (the dorm was very hot without one), plugging my laptop into the powerpoint gave me a mild electric shock. This is ok to stay at if you are really on a budget, probably best if you bring a tent and camp. There is wifi available when the owner is in the office, about 8h - 12h and 13.30h - 16.30h. There are power plugs in the private rooms but be careful, wear rubber shoes! Or if you are in a dorm you can pay 50c/hour to have him charge your device in the office while he is there. He charged me a different amount than he quoted me over email but refunded me when I pointed that out. You must pay in cash and they sometimes have trouble changing large bills.
  Basic rooms but location is ideal. Great snorkeling less than ten metres away. There is even better sea life approximately two hundred metres down the coast where you will be almost guaranteed to see reef sharks, rays, and barracudas if you're unlucky. Great place to visit. Paradise! Visited June 2005.
Kevin Ryan & Helen Gregory
  The grounds are in an excellent location and in really good condition. The prices are dirt cheap for campers and backpackers. HOWEVER, the people are rude and aggressive towards backpackers. I am not sure why they are in business. I have been to many hostels and these people are just not accommodating. Especially the owners daughter. She has a real attitude. Avoid her at all costs. The Lagoon is really nice. The kitchen is disgusting! Only take a shower after they clean them in the morning. Overall, you will find cool people here if you are a young traveler because it is cheap. If you don't like the French, allez-vous!
Kevin Around the World
  As camping places go I thought it was pretty good. It's in a good location, very close to a small shopping centre and several food stores. There are also several hostels/hotels right along the road so there are always plenty people around to make friends with. Souvenir and art shops are a plenty and they sell some beautiful things, particularly the pearls, although theyre not necessarily for the budget buyer. The water is lovely and warm as it's in a lagoon but there are many many rocks around! Advantage is though you can walk out into the lagoon for pretty much miles and you'll still only be chest deep. Further down from Nelson there's a stunning snorkeling patch with rockpools full of beautiful creatures. And there's also a regular current that runs right outside Nelson so swim one way and float back to where you began! The kitchen is good, loads of room to eat and store food in fridges. Beware the chickens though! They're evil, as are the cats, although slightly less so. They're just noisy! As it has been well documented, the buses aren't exactly what you'd call reliable. Everything stops on sundays, virtually nothing is open apart from the food shops and even that is only when they fancy it. There are several internet cafes close by, not really cheap, but if you go to one that's next the the small centre and in a shop, the man there speaks very good English and if you go often enough, may offer you a discount as he did me. By the way, I fully reccommend the burger bar that's also just outside the shops. Very tasty if you fancy something fattening and lazy. I definitely reccommend the cheeseburger. Nelson definitely gets the thumbs up.
  We took the ferry from Tahiti to Moorea and found it to be a much more relaxed and a nicer island. Camping Chez Nelson catered for what we needed, the only downside was no fan in the room which can be difficult as it is very humid. But all in all it was very nice and set in the most beautiful place I've ever seen. Beware of the buses though as it's possible they will not arrive at all and you could miss a ferry and have to fly back to Tahiti as we did.
Ciara march 2006
  Compared to other options, this place is very nice. It's very low-key, but clean enough - good for a simple beach holiday. Don't trust the buses, though! They often don't turn up.
  Considering the standards in French Polynesia, we found that this place was very nice and clean. It's situated near a shopping center and a grocery, and you can walk around and find many services. There's a bus stop just in front the campsite. We would go back anytime. The owners are not very communicative, but they are helpful and honest.
Carole (Canada)

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