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37 Tavistock Place, Russell Square, Londra, Greater London, Regno Unito
51.525924, -0.124760 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+44 (0)207 388 7666
+44 (0)207 388 7644
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Do not stay here.
If you're thinking of staying at the Generator London, can I just say turn around and run as far away from it as you can. If I could do my trip over, I would stay literally anywhere else than this hostel. Literally. Anywhere. Else. I arrived at the check-in time of 2pm, and was pretty horrified to see that my bedding had not been changed from the previous guest. When I went to reception to request fresh bedding, I was given what can only be described as an interrogation. When did I check-in? How long was I staying? When was I checking out? All I wanted was clean sheets, I really did not think that it would be such a big deal (maybe it's just me, but I don't particularly like sharing my bedding with strangers). And that was just the beginning. One of the reasons I chose the Generator London was because it seemed to offer fairly good amenities. How wrong I was. A communal bathroom was something I was expecting; what I was not expecting was how few there were. There was one bathroom per floor, and in our particular one we had just five showers to service all the girls on our floor. And these showers were pathetic. The website describes them as "private", but they are nothing more than a thin curtain covering a cramped shower. You've got nowhere to put your belongings other than a single hook outside of the shower. I was pretty horrified one night to come out of the shower to find that my jeans had been stolen off the hook while I was in there, and when I went to reception to report this, I was greeted by the most uncaring, unsympathetic response I have ever received from any hotel or hostel. Quite simply, she did not care at all. She acted as though it were my fault I was hanging my clothes on the hook outside the shower (although she never suggested where else I was supposed to put them?). All I wanted was to let her know there was a thief running around the hostel, but I should have saved my breath. And that gets me onto the next point: The staff. Wow. I'm not sure why any of them are working in hospitality, since the vast majority of them seem to despise customer service. There was only one security guard who was friendly to me, the rest could barely muster a smile as I came and went, and often seemed to think they were prison guards rather than security at a youth hostel. I have never been so excited to check out of accommodation in all my life. In fact, my time at the Generator London was so unpleasant that I ended up crashing on friends' floors and couches a couple of nights just to get a break from it. I stayed in an eight-bed dorm, and every bed was filled most nights. Despite this, our room only had four mirrors, four power-points and one table that was covered (and I mean covered) in rubbish left behind from previous guests. You can probably imagine the carnage in the morning as eight girls struggled to get ready for the day in front of four mirrors. And you can't exactly go to the floor's one bathroom, because that's always full too. The Generator London is constantly noisy, constantly cold and constantly inhospitable and unwelcoming. When I did finally check-out and head to the airport, I realised that I had left a personal item in my room. I sent an email to the Generator London as I was boarding my flight, asking if they could please check under the bed and under the mattress for the item I left behind (it was a charm bracelet, I had kept it on the headboard and I can only assume it fell behind the bed as I slept because I didn't see it there in the morning). I understand fully that it is my fault that I left my bracelet behind, it's pretty inevitable for me to leave something behind when I am rushing to make a flight, what I can't understand is the response (or lack thereof) that I got from the Generator London. I got no reply to my email whatsoever, not even to say that the bracelet hadn't been found. Once I had landed back in Australia, I called the Generator to see if anything had shown up. I was put through to the Travel Shop, and the lady working there assured me my email would be printed, taken to reception, and investigated. A couple of days pass, and I hear nothing from the Generator. I knew it was a low shot that it would be found, but I at least thought I'd get a reply to say as much. So I gave them a call back. I asked reception if they could please check under the bed for me, and in response I was hung up on seven times. Seven! I've never had a hotel or hostel hang up on me before, and the Generator London certainly made up for it. On my eighth phone call I ended up in the Travel Shop again, and the lady there assured me she'd look for the bracelet personally. She was the only employee I got any semblance of care or help from, and honestly she deserves a raise for that simple fact. I was willing to pay a reward for the bracelet (it's irreplaceable) and of course pay for return postage, and the staff at the Generator London made it clear they did not care at all about me or my custom. The only good thing about this hostel is its location -- it's located within easy walking distance of three tube lines, which is good because you're going to want to get as far away from this hostel as you can while you're staying there. I go to London (fairly) regularly. I have friends who travel to London for work and pleasure. I will never stay in the Generator ever again, and I will be encouraging everyone I know to stay far away from it. I'd rather stay in a less "hip" hostel and get good service than ever feel that unwelcome at the Generator London ever again.
Breakfast was a rip off and non refundable
Too big to care about their guests, feels hollow and cheesy. Expensive and crowded.
Age 22, Australian
Great for socialising, not so good for sleeping
Stayed at the Generator about a week ago. The hostel was very clean and modern and had a great bar, cafe and travel shop. It was great for socialising, however, as the hostel does not have air conditioning we found it very difficult to sleep even with the windows open and blinds open.
A disorganized big business
The Generator Hostel gets two stars. When I checked in they had placed me in a 10 bed mixed dorm even though I had booked an 8 bed female dorm. With some effort this was corrected. While I was there it seemed that the hostel was taking multiple bookings for large groups of children and this meant the hallways were loud. A room next door to mine played loud music until 4am and the staff didn't seem to be able to stop this. I had also paid for a late check out, however the staff then checked someone in that morning and I was woken up at 11am with the next guest standing over me, somewhat confused. The Generator would be ok if you plan only one night and spend most of it outside of the room.
I just complain about the staff
The GENERATOR has the worst staff ever, especially the guy whose whose name I don't know. He insults and acts as if the hostel were his. He lacks education, culture and since the hostel has this policy that you as a guest, must treat the staff well, or else you can be expelled, they abuse and mistreat THEIR CLIENTS badly. This hostel MUST teach those uncultured subhumans that they also need to respect and not to behave rudely with the ones who at the end, leave their money there.
Rude, inconsiderate, discriminatory.
The place is noisy to say the least. Staff are apart from being purely trained rude -- probably to cover up their deficiencies. Management (a certain "wise gentelman" from the Orient) does not hesitate to call guest liars to cover up their one deficiencies. The policy of no under-18s is discriminatory to parents traveling with their children.
Best Hostel in Europe
The Generator is AWESOME!! It is definitely very big, but that allows you to meet a huge amount of people -- they have a bar with events each night, a lounge room and another room they call the Turbine where you can relax, play pool and meet other travelers. I have stayed in hostels all over Europe and 2 others in London and this was definitely the best I found. The staff were great, the rooms were fine, and the free breakfast is excellent. All in all a great place to stay on a budget in London. You wont want to leave.
Evan Daily
A dirty nineties dump with rude staff
Lose the neon lights already! As someone previously said, it's weird to eat breakfast in the same blue neon lit bar that you partied in the night before. Yes, it is. That's why there should be normal lights during the day! I can't understand the hype about this hostel considering it's not cheap to stay there either. Bathrooms were just crap. Dirty, slippery floor and for sure contaminated with foot warts. Wear flipflops in the bathroom at all time! Toilets would not flush. Staff was not very service-minded even regarding simple requests and inquiries. Worst of it all, though, was the room. A tiny, smelly jail-bunker with the dirtiest, dirtiest carpet on the floor causing my (not particularly severe) allergies to go all in. Could not breathe normally through the night. I was lucky to have a tiny window next to my bunk. Otherwise this "inn" would've done me in. Having seen the pictures on their website where there were rooms with no carpet on the floor we thought it would be an easy match to just switch rooms. So we thought. No luck there at all. This place is crappy with bad service. The breakfast was reasonably ok though. Although there were no healthy (let alone organic) alternatives you could at least have a cup of tea for breakfast or some cereal. I would not recommend this place to anyone else and I would not stay there again even if paid money for it.

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