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Kavera, Arorangi, Avarua, Rarotonga, Isole Cook
-27.059126, -161.015625 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+ (682) 21847
+ (682) 21848
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Terrible Manager Tisa, but lovely guests
Red flags went up from the very beginning when I arrived at this hostel. Manager refused to show me the room before I paid, and began to cursed at me when she finally chose to do so. Later went behind my back and told my roommates (who I had just met) to "watch out" because I was a "rude, arrogant person." They were very amused by this and continued to joke about it for days. The manager's name is Tisa. Do not expect any level of professionalism from her. Leaks everywhere. Incredibly dangerous puddles at the top of the staircase. Filthy kitchen, with very few utensils. Receptionist is rarely present. Authoritarian rules with arbitrary "bed time!", no guests allowed up to rooms (even to retrieve items). The good -- the place is cheap and there are great guests, some of whom are doing scuba work on the island.
Age 22, Australia
Clean, fun, and friendly
The entire hostel was cleaned daily. Really easy to socialise with everyone and the staff are great. They had loads of fun things to do, so your never got bored. Ali's optional meals were delicious, inexpensive, and a godsend if you just couldn't be bothered to do it yourself. I'm definitely coming back and recommend this to any traveler that likes a fun, laid back atmosphere.
Ewww, dirty dirty dirty
very unclean, toilets and showers were not cleaned all week, they charge for everything, and treat the backpackers book swap like they own them.
sarah n paul
Social and relaxed
Don't listen to those saying this place is rubbish. It's brilliant. It's so, so relaxed and it is very easy to socialise with everyone, including the owners, who are really friendly. It's also really easy to sign up for the plentiful activities they offer. The bathrooms are good, the kitchen is good, and general cleanliness is good too. The only reason I didn't give it five out of five is that in places it seems a little shabby and the cockerels make a massive noise in the morning. But definitely stay here.
(United Kingdom)
  I only stayed at this hostel for a night but I was amazed by how friendly and relaxed it was. As soon as I exited the airport I was greeted with a smiley face. Our host kept us entertained throughout the transfer to our accommodation. The hostel is not five-star, but the rooms are comfy and the kitchen is big. I made so many friends in such a short time. Thumbs up for the free shuttle bus into town and back -- Banana Court rocks! It is also right on the beach where you see loads of fish, the beach is deserted so you could be sunbathing alone on a tropical island. What more could you ask for?
  Had the time of my life. The place was spotless and there was always something to do. They drop you off and pick you up on nights out in town for a small fee, cheaper than a taxi like the rest of the hostels. There's a cafe only two minutes on the scooter, that make a really scrumptious breakfast, excellent for hangovers. Tesa's a laugh and entertaining. She's always there to help. Best of all was the friends I made while I was there and Ana's curry night. I'd recommend this hostel to everyone, it was the best week of my eleven-month holidays. I only left three days ago and I'm already missing it.
  this is the best place to stay in raro, i stayed there for eight days and it was the best eight days ever. they helped me save so much money by asking around for the best dive course. and as for people saying it was dirty, they are chatting marbles. tesa was funny, helpful, and always joked about everything. whenever we wanted to go on a night out they had a bus for us and they picked us up. not many hostels on the island do that. there is a brilliant mix of people staying there -- mind you if you are snobby and can't leave your little circle of friend to integrate with fellow travellers then this place aint for you. i had a brilliant time, and i would recommend it to anyone. it's like a home away from home in the sense you know they will help you if all goes pear shaped. and it is cheap as chips, so dont listen to all the negative crap.
  Stayed for 3 nights, found it to be friendly, well located and clean in the most part. Rooms could be bigger and mossie nets are somethimes not as good as they could be. Kitchen and bathroom are clean though.

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