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300 Carroll Street NW, Washington (Washington DC), Washington, DC, Stati Uniti
38.974745, -77.016415 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (202) 291-9591
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A Very Old, Dirty Place
Every room in this facility was stinking of tobacco. Pillows were dirty with stains. [Had to get creative and use my pants and a towel as pillow.] Rooms were filthy with no air condition. Mattresses were old, disfigured, and some even had tapes on them. Dead roaches in living room, probably because people are allowed to eat anywhere. Booked for a week, but didn't stay longer than one night. Owner (or owner's wife) is very unprofessional and disgusting. Definitely would never stay there again, or recommend that anyone stay at this place. The only good thing about this place is the location -- right across from the train station (Red Line), but everything else is terrible. Did I mention security -- There isn't any security to this place. Anyone can walk off the street and directly into your room. Windows are left open and rear doors are always unlocked.
Needs work
This place has gone downhill since I stayed here three years ago. The same people are running it, and they are visibly tired of it, and I don't think they've repaired anything in that time. The building is deteriorating and the heat is kept on to balance the drafts from the leaky single-pane windows, so on cold days there's a draft of like 30 degrees between the radiator and the window. Smoking is allowed in the public areas, which thanks to the drafts means that there's smoke in the bedrooms. Other people have commented on the lack of security, but let me add that there is no bike rack, and the back yard gate is only openable from the outside. That's right, if you put your bike in the backyard, you can't get it out, but anybody can get in. That said, it's still a great location and a great price, and the guests are very nice and interesting. But I found myself envying the people who were staying at another hostel downtown, which was not the case five years ago. All this place needs is a little love and it could be great again.
Very, very good
The Victorian House is very impressive! Clean rooms, very kind staff, free barbecue, good facilities, very nice people. I would really recommend this hostel.
Fun and Quirky Crowd
I have to admit I had a good time the four nights I stayed here. A Halloween Party, Friendly staff and owners, a great group of visitors. I loved the area the hostel is located in, quick Metro ride to everything and I always felt completely safe. My only problems -- the smoking and the bathrooms. First I didn't realize that You could smoke and as someone who doesn't I really hated the smell it left on everything. The Bathrooms are very clean but for a place that sleeps forty -- three toilets and two showers made for very long waits and uncomfortable first thing in the morning! I will recommended it to some of my friends but maybe not to others.
Party all night long
This place is fantastic! Although not exactly being the cleanest place I've stayed in I would recommend this place for all who are traveling on their own and want to meet a bunch of great people and have a good party. I stayed on Labor Day and was -- first thing -- invited to a BBQ in the hostel's garden, which is really nice. All of Washington's attractions are about a fifteen-minute train ride away, but the train station is just outside the hostel. By the way, the liquor store -- which you will surely have to visit when staying -- is just as close.
  Let me be honest about this hostel -- it rocks! If you're looking for a five-star hotel, with white gloves, room service, and VIPs everywhere, dont you dare go to Hilltop and wreck it for us all! This place is awesome, there is free internet for those of us who don't have a laptop, and for the lucky ones, free wifi. It's clean, warm, and friendly. The only con would be the lack of lockers in the room, but eh, if you truly are a backpacker, you wouldn't even think about traveling without one, would you now? Special thanks to the staff. fair enough, the owner is a drunk, but it's really the other guys who run this hostel, and make it so awesome! Don't change a thing!
  I chant along with others -- this places rocks! but with an earthly warmth that one craves so when traveling, especially on business. As a peoples lobbyist, I loved leaving the pressure of policy wonks behind at the end of the day and chill out, watch TV, and listen to good music. Having easy access to the Internet beats all the fancy hotels hands down! The house is charmingly decorated in a slightly updated version of mid-'70s hippie style. Very clean, comfortable, and secure. Staff is responsive but not intrusive. Cordial and cooperative relationships amongst the guests make the place hum -- even when you end up waiting a bit for the bathroom. Caution -- lots of stairs, so pack light and keep in good shape in order to enjoy this hostel to the max! I have hesitated to post such accolades for fear that they'll be completely book next time I call.
Donna Conroy
  I stayed here in October 2006, It had quite a friendly atmosphere/ its right next to the metro station which have trains downtown every ten minutes or so which only take about a quarter of an hour at most to get you to the monuments. Takoma is a quiet suburb with a few restaurants and take aways which are handy as well. the sofas on the balcony are also a unique experience.

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