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2411 Benning Road NE, Washington (Washington DC), Washington, DC, Stati Uniti
38.897859, -76.971785 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (202) 387-1328
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96% Guest Reviews

Very helpful host!
The good -- 1 minute from bus station that takes you right to the White house and museums; Cheapest hostel in the area; lots of street parking with no restriction on weekend and weeknights; free wifi/cable tv/phone/locker; 2 pay parking slots available. The bad -- The neighbourhood is a bit sketchy, frequently meet people asking for money; 15 minutes walk to Metro; hostel is old and a bit rundown (it is still clean though); 7 blocks from major grocery. Conclusion -- Not for the faint-hearted, paranoid, nor the high standards. If you are just looking for a roof, a clean bed, then this is the place for you (and for me).
Age 33, Canada
Bill -- The best host I've ever met!!
I personally think the best place to live is the one that makes you feel at home. Especially to have a considerate, friendly, talkative and helpful host! Bill is such a person that you can totally trust in. I would not be more grateful because when we were in a hurry to catch the bus, he gave us a ride to the bus station. And when I left my nice camera there, He took his time to help me find it in the hostel and took his time to mail it to me! He was not supposed to do that and just left it alone, but he is so nice to help me on this. And here, you can help yourself to have some breakfast for free. You can talk with Bill to know as much as you can about Washington D.C., you can also get a lower price if the price goes down on the day you reserved even though you have already reserved. You don't need to pay as a deposit for the keys in advance. All is about trust. So trust me, you will be comfortable to stay here in Capitol hostel.
Cozy like a home
Bill is very inviting and details oriented. I didn't read directions to the hostel very well (my fault) but the location isn't too far from the Mall (blue/orange Stadium Armory stop plus a 15 min walk). There's a 7-11 and some take out places close by which is nice. The vibe is laid back and chill with the tv always on, along with free peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Bathroom was private and clean and the beds (at least mine) was huge queen size. This place is homey and about 15 bucks cheaper if you don't mind the commute.
Age 32, usa
Great host in Bill! Clean and relaxed atmosphere. Feel comfortable
I felt totally relaxed and comfortable here. Bill, the manager, was totally friendly. I just arrived from Vermont and did not know my way around. Bill took time to give me "the lay of the land" so to speak. I realized I was in a poor neighborhood but never felt uncomfortable. The bus to the downtown is right across the street. A public school is nearby and catching the bus in the morning was a great opportunity to see the community! Children were running to school before the late bell. People going to work or just traveling. The guests were all friendly and from all over the globe! Living conditions are almost what you would find in a family setting! Very relaxed and again Bill was always available if you needed something! A fantastic host and kept low key at night letting everyone a chance to mingle or be private if you want! I highly recommend this hostel to those who like to socialize and meet great, interesting people! Clean and friendly!!! I will be back!!
Rod Munroe
(United States)
Home away from home
When it is this cheap did you expect some grand hotel? And bill is awesome and welcoming and friendly. You get to choose your comfortable clean bed, there is nothing wrong with the bathrooms. It is really just like a house, sofas and a tv and wifi with computers always available. highly recommend staying here, one bus straight to the heart of DC.
Jonny Cornish
Don't even think about going here!!
Alright, here comes the review of a honest German. The place was really hard to find, not even the locals around knew about the "hostel", it is more like a private, unprofessional, old, stinky and dirty house. Nothing to feel comfortable at all. Yes, there is Wi-Fi (very slow) and "breakfast" (which means just milk), but rooms are so much not taking care of, it was terrible. When I saw the dirty, unclean and tiny bathroom (for about 10 people one bathroom!) I just wanted to leave. When I tried to talk to the manager Bill about not feeling comfortable in the house especially because of the not-being-taken-care of or not-cleaned bathroom, he just said this is not a Hilton-hotel and he asked us to leave!!! At least he gave us our money back, but he was really not helpful at all and very stubborn. NEVER EVER AGAIN. I wouldnt even want to stay there if somebody would pay me for that. Good for us that we found an awesome place to stay through a couch surfing website (for free!!!).
Long term multiple stays-awesome.
The proprietor of this establishment is extremely compassionate and helpful. Don't just take my word for it when you arrive you will see the testimonials of the multitude of guests praising Capitol City. Next the freebies, bread milk, tea and peanut butter and jelly are always available and always free -- fantastic bonus for a weary and hungry traveler. The beds are perhaps the best I have ever slept on in a hostel. Wide enough for two people to sleep comfortably and they are clean. The atmosphere is very laid back and hostelers truly treated with respect here. The management will go out of there way to find you things you may be missing. If you need a shirt, power cord, or other random things just ask. Some other traveler may have left something behind and they save everything in case they can help a guest. The neighborhood does look dicey however I have stayed here for a total of about 7 months and never had a single crime committed against me. The guest are top notch because they don't accept anyone unless they have a passport or a student ID. This makes for better guest than usual since criminals dont usually have either. Also I have left valuables laying about from time to time and never had anything come up missing. The place is cleaned regularly and if it is dirty its mostly because of other hostelers. Its for backpackers its not the ritz, but if you are looking to feel at home in washington and meet some great people then book a room.
Dan H
Homey, Friendly, Fun
I stayed at this hotel for almost 2 weeks due to unforeseen circumstances. The hostel was better than what I had planned. Due to it being homelike, it had every facility you'd expect to have in your own home, laundry, fast internet, full kitchen. I would definitely stay here again and the owner always goes out of his way to ensure you are getting what you want from your stay. Definitely stay here if you want an affordable, comfortable, and peaceful stay.

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